The GOP Presidential debate will be live on the internet

The GOP Presidential Debate Is Livestreaming on Rumble, Home to White Nationalist Nick Fuentes (with an introduction by Jeremiah Ghoules)

Tonight, the third GOP presidential primary debate will take place in Miami. The Anti-Defamation League says antisemitic incidents in the US have risen by over 300 percent since last month’s Israel-Hamas war.

While the Republican National Committee (RNC) has partnered with NBC to broadcast the debate on TV, the event will also be livestreamed for the third time on Rumble, the YouTube alternative that is home to what the Southern Poverty Law Center says is one of America’s most notorious white nationalists, Nick Fuentes.

Since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war in early October, Fuentes has used his channel on Rumble, which has 42,600 followers, to spread antisemitic conspiracies, claiming in one video that the Israeli government had created the Hamas attack as “atrocity propaganda” to advance “Jewish interests.”

The show is bigger than it has ever been, according to Fuentes, who told his 40,000 viewers during one of his livestreams last week. “If you look at the viewership on Rumble, it’s crazy. I’ve been getting really good viewership on Rumble like I haven’t since I was on YouTube … The replays have been insane.”

Source: The GOP Presidential Debate Is Livestreaming on Rumble, Home to White Nationalist Nick Fuentes

The Israel of Oct. 7: Where Israel is in Real Danger for Three Reasons – The New York Times (via SYJ&P)

Fuentes is a white nationalist leader of the Groyper movement. He attended the neo-Nazi Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, has openly praised Hitler, and repeatedly denied the Holocaust. He has also had dinner with former president Donald Trump.

People warned me before I came to Tel Aviv a few days ago that the Israel of Oct. 7 is an Israel that I’ve never been to before. They were correct. It is a place in which Israelis have never lived before, a nation that Israeli generals have never had to protect before, an ally that America has never had to defend before — certainly not with the urgency and resolve that would lead a U.S. president to fly over and buck up the whole nation.

How does a modern democracy survive with such a threat? This is exactly the question these demonic forces wanted to instill in the mind of every Israeli. They aren’t seeking a territorial compromise with the Jewish state. Their goal is to collapse the confidence of Israelis that their defense and intelligence services can protect them from surprise attacks across their borders — so Israelis will, first, move away from the border regions and then they will move out of the country altogether.

The hotel on the Dead Sea is where I met some of the hundreds of people left in Kibbutz Be’eri. It was one of the communities hardest hit by the Hamas onslaught — suffering more than 130 murders in addition to scores of injured and multiple kidnappings of children and elderly. Most of the survivors of the kibbutz have been moved to the Dead Sea and are now starting their own schools in the hotel ballroom.

But President Biden can only sustainably generate the support Israel needs if Israel is ready to engage in some kind of a wartime diplomatic initiative directed at the Palestinians in the West Bank — and hopefully in a post-Hamas Gaza — that indicates Israel will discuss some kind of two-state solutions if Palestinian officials can get their political house unified and in order.

Source: [Israel Is In Real Danger For Three Reasons]( – The New York Times

The israeli border town Kiryat Shmona, Israel: Where do Israelis come from? How did they decide to leave?

Kiryat Shmona is a town on the border with Lebanon. That father said his family had fled the northern fence line with thousands of other Israeli families after the pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia and Palestinian militias in southern Lebanon began lobbing rockets and artillery and making incursions in solidarity with Hamas.

When might they go back? They had no idea. Like more than 200,000 other Israelis, they have taken refuge with friends or in hotels all across this small country of nine million people. And it has only taken a few weeks for Israelis to begin driving up real estate prices in seemingly safer central Israeli towns. For Hezbollah, that alone is mission accomplished, without even invading like Hamas. Along with Hamas, they’re also Shrinking Israel.

I asked Liat Admati, 35, a survivor of the Hamas attack who ran a clinic for facial cosmetics for 11 years in Be’eri, what would make it possible for her go back to her Gaza border home, where she was raised.

She said that the main thing was to feel safe. I had total trust in the army before this happened. I think the trust is broken. I don’t want to feel that we are covering ourselves in walls and shelters all the time, while behind this fence there are people who can one day do this again. I don’t know what the solution is.

She said that before Oct. 7, they had built safe rooms so they didn’t know what would happen if rockets came. now that Hamas has burned the parents and kids in their safe rooms, who knows what is safe? She said the safe room was built to keep you from being killed by someone who would come and kill you for who you are. Some Gazans who worked on the kibbutz gave Hamas maps of the layout, which is depressing.

There are a lot of Israelis who listened to the recording, published by The Times of Israel, of a Hamas gunman who took part in the Oct. 7 onslaught, identified by his father as “Mahmoud,” calling his parents from the phone of a Jewish woman he’d just murdered, and imploring them to check his WhatsApp messages to see the pictures he took of some of the 10 Jews he alone killed in Mefalsim, a kibbutz near the Gaza border.

“Look how many I killed with my own hands! Your son killed Jews,” he says, according to an English translation. “Mom, your son is a hero,” he later adds. His parents can be heard rejoicing.

I saw a homemade sign in the French Hill Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem explaining that Israel was built so that such a thing could never happen.

The conflict is back to its primordial roots. This seems to be a time when the eyes and teeth are in close proximity. The morning-after policy thinking will have to wait for the mourning after.

Really? Consider this context: “According to Israel’s official Central Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2021, 9.449 million people live in Israel (including Israelis in West Bank settlements), the Times of Israel reported last year. The majority of those are Jewish (78%), Arabs (1%) and neither. The Palestinian Bureau of Statistics puts the West Bank Palestinian population at a little over three million, and the Gaza population at just over two million.”

So, Netanyahu is saying that seven million Jews are going to indefinitely control the lives of five million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza — while offering them no political horizon, nothing, by way of statehood one day on any demilitarized conditions.

Netanyahu commented on the attack on his army and intelligence chiefs in the middle of a war after coming under fire from the public. “I was wrong,” he wrote, adding that “the things I said following the press conference should not have been said, and I apologize for that. I have full support of Israel’s security services.

The damage was done. How much do you suppose those military leaders trust what Netanyahu will say if the Gaza campaign stalls? What real leader would behave that way at the start of a war of survival?

This society is so much better than its leader. It was too bad that it took a war to get that home. The founder and retired member of Israel’s elite special forces unit is a founder of Brothers in Arms, a coalition of Israeli veterans who fought to oppose Netanyahu’s judicial coup. Immediately after the Hamas invasion, Brothers in Arms pivoted to organizing reservists and aid workers to get to the front — left, right, religious, secular, it didn’t matter — many hours before this incompetent government did.

It’s a miracle that solidarity is still buried in this place, and that a different prime minister could open it up. When you get to the front, you are overwhelmed by what was lost.

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