Eliminating the people from Gaza is its own deal

The Trump Organization in New York: a criminal trial after the Hamas attack on Israeli civilians in the early post-Newtonian era

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With all of Israel’s borders with Gaza closed since Oct. 7, the day the militant group Hamas launched a brutal attack on Israeli towns, the only operational crossing into Gaza is Rafah, along the territory’s southern border with Egypt. Even that border has largely been closed; only aid trucks have been allowed through.

Donald Trump Jr. is going to testify in a New York civil case. His siblings and former president are expected to testify in the next few days. The Trump Organization has been found guilty of fraud by the judge presiding over the case. If it was committed on purpose and the amount the defendants should pay is determined, the trial will start.

The Children of Gaza: The Story of an Israeli Militian Attack and the Misfortunes of Gaza’s Children and Grandparents

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The other night, we accepted an invitation to visit the Israeli military spokesman’s office. My friends Reena Advani and me observed how young everyone seemed. Israelis commonly perform compulsory military service after high school. Many others have returned to service for this war, but with the exception of a few senior officers, they were not out of their twenties.

We’d come to see the latest version of an Israeli government video showing the Hamas attack on Oct. 7. On screen, many people were young. One scene, taken from security cameras in a home, shows two boys in their underwear, having been surprised in bed by the early-morning attack. Their father tried to get them into a shelter but was killed in front of them.

Doctors at Gaza’s hospitals say they are overwhelmed by the number of people injured and killed by Israeli airstrikes. Hundreds of American citizens have been stranded in Gaza since the war began, along with thousands of other foreign passport holders.

How Many Gazans Did You Cross? The Impact of the Israeli Ground Operations on Gaza’s Communications Outage and Implications for the Future of Israel

War is usually conducted by the young, and older people typically send them. It often is inflicted on the young, who are not consulted beforehand. There’s a special irony of this conflict in that it turns on arguments over land that stretch back generations — even centuries — long before any of today’s participants were born.

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The announcement followed a 34-hour communications blackout in Gaza over the weekend that coincided with the start of Israel’s “expanded” ground operations.

The activity at the border took place as internet and phone service in Gaza was out again Wednesday. The Palestinian telecommunications company Paltel attributed the outage to “international routes that were previously reconnected being disconnected again.”

59 aid trucks entered Gaza on Tuesday, which was the largest amount in one day since the aid began crossing. Israel is still blocking the delivery of fuel. Dozens of additional trucks were expected to enter Gaza Wednesday.

Photos from Gaza on Thursday showed scores of people waiting at the crossing, and Egyptian television showed people pushing luggage carts on the other side of the checkpoint.

Hisham Adwan, the Rafah crossing’s Gaza spokesman, said that more than 340 foreign nationals had traveled through the crossing on Thursday, along with 21 wounded people and 21 others escorting them. Additionally, 45 aid trucks had crossed into the battered enclave, he said.

The sound of an airstrike made a crowd at the crossing jittery, and a piece of metal appeared to fall from the sky.

In a text message, Al Husseini wrote that reaching the Rafah crossing was the most dangerous trip of his life.

Reached by phone on Thursday after arriving in Cairo, he said that he had not been able to find any taxis or people who would drive him to the border because of a shortage of fuel in the Gaza Strip, and because phones were not working. Eventually he found a ride, but he and the driver were terrified while driving from central Gaza on the enclave’s empty streets.

Mr. Al Husseini said he feared that simply being next to a place that Israel considered a Hamas target could get him killed. “You could be collateral damage any time,” he said. I was scared to death.

Mr. Al Husseini said that the scene was chaotic. He said that people who weren’t allowed out were among the crowds that were trying to leave.

Family members of people that could leave were sometimes prevented from leaving because they did not have foreign citizenship or the necessary documents.

Lama Eldin was born 30 years ago in Bulgaria and has a citizenship that allows her to leave Gaza with thousands of other people who have legal ties to the outside world. But Ms. Salah, her husband and their 20-year-old twins do not. They were required to stay behind.

Matthew Miller, a department spokesman, said the State Department had been in contact with around 400 Americans who had expressed a desire to leave. With their family members, the total number is around 1,000, Miller said.

A Ugly Muslim Activist’s Journey Through a Border-Sealed Gate. The Misleading Case of Lena Beseiso

He is hoping they will all eventually be able to get out. The situation is beyond imagination, he said. The death, bombing, and bloodshed.

Lena Beseiso, 57, an American who had come to the crossing repeatedly only to find it closed, was finally traveling through it on Thursday with her family. Her feelings were not always positive.

After hearing it might open, some people went to the crossing multiple times, only to be turned away. Rumors and confusion abounded as news spread that the crossing was open this week, prompting many people to head there even though they were not yet scheduled to depart. The lack of internet and spotty phone connections meant some people may not even have heard that they were on the list to leave this week.

But reaching safety was hardly as simple as showing up at the border, foreign passport in hand, as several evacuees described in interviews with The New York Times.

Ms. Salah called from the city of Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, to tell her that she should leave. To be in a state of safety.

The Israeli-Federal Interaction Between Hamas and the Israeli Army: Resolution of the Israeli War-Fire Controversy

A new list of passport holders approved to depart — all of them foreign citizens or dual national Palestinians — was issued by the border authority overnight. It included around 400 Americans. It was unclear how many would be able to cross Thursday.

Israel’s airstrikes are ongoing, and its ground campaign inside Gaza has intensified. There have been multiple skirmishes between the Israeli soldiers and Hamas fighters, as well as the entry of Israeli troops.

Calls for a cease-fire have grown from human rights groups, international leaders and left-leaning members of the Democratic party. The White House, once steadfast in its support of Israel’s opposition to a cease-fire, has shown support in recent days for what officials have called a “humanitarian pause.”

“I think we need a pause,” he said, speaking to a crowd of supporters after giving a campaign speech. A brief cessation of military operations could “give time to get the prisoners out,” he added, which the White House later clarified to refer to hostages held by Hamas.

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