There are reports of a gate opening at Gaza’s border

Donald Trump’s Sr. and His Son Donald Trump Jr. to testify in a New York State Civil Fraud Detection Case

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On the other side of the Rafah crossing from Gaza into Egypt stood ambulances, waiting to evacuate critically injured people from the besieged territory, where Israeli airstrikes have killed thousands.

Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. is set to testify today in a New York civil fraud case. His siblings and former president are expected to testify over the next couple of weeks. The judge presiding over the case has ruled the Trump Organization committed fraud by lying about the value of their assets. If it was committed on purpose, the trial will show if the defendants should be fined or jailed.

Israeli Military Service: How Many Palestinians Live in the Post-WWII Era? A Brief Review of Israel’s Response to the Israeli Airstrike

President Biden heads to Minnesota today to highlight his administration’s investment in rural America. He’ll be speaking in the home state of Rep. Dean Phillips, Biden’s newest challenger for the Democratic presidential nomination.

According to new CDC research, there has been an illness spread by sand flies in the U.S. for years. Texas has been the location of most reported cases. It is rarely fatal but can make you want to vomit.

We accepted an invite to visit the military spokesman’s office. My colleagues Reena Advani and Ziad Buchh observed how young almost everyone seemed. Military service in Israel is compulsory after high school. Many other people have been called back for the war, but hardly any of them were out of their twenties.

Another scene shows Palestinian attackers, mostly very young men, taking celebratory selfie videos, often showing the people they had killed in the frame. As Israel responds to the Hamas-led attack, much of the suffering has fallen on the young.

According to the Palestinian officials and doctors at the Gaza hospitals, Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 8,000 people and injured 20,000 others. Thousands of foreign passport holders and American citizens have been stuck in Gaza since the war began.

What Happens When War Breaks: Open-Enrollment Statistics in the First Year of Israel’s Ground Operations Over a 34-Hour Blackout

War is nearly always conducted by the young, though older people tend to send them. It often is inflicted on the young, who are not consulted beforehand. Nowadays, there are arguments over land that have been going on for hundreds of years, but back in the day, it was a special point of contention.

This is the first year for open-Enrollment for the Act. If you’re among the millions of Americans comparing benefits and prices, here are the changes you need to know about:

The announcement followed a 34-hour communications blackout in Gaza over the weekend that coincided with the start of Israel’s “expanded” ground operations.

Internet and phone service in Gaza was out again on Wednesday, and there was activity at the border. International routes previously reconnected were blamed for the outage by the Palestinian telecommunications company.

The largest number of aid trucks in a single day entered Gaza on Tuesday. Israel is preventing the delivery of fuel. Dozens of additional trucks were expected to enter Gaza Wednesday.

Live TV footage on the Palestinian side of the border showed crowds of people, including children, gathered at the terminal separating Egypt from Gaza, many of them carrying suitcases and some with donkey-driven carts loaded with luggage.

The Hamas Border Authority also said 81 “seriously injured” people would be taken to hospitals in Egypt for medical care. Emergency vehicles enter the terminal during live television footage. There was no detail on nationality of those people immediately available.

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