Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are going to testify in a civil fraud trial

The Mueller Trial of Donald J. Cohen: An Overview of the Trump Organization’s Fraudulent Use of the Triplex, a Wall Street Address, and an Executive Vice President

Trump was already fined $5,000 for violating the same gag order after a Truth Social post about the judge’s clerk was made and stayed on the Trump campaign website.

A Forbes magazine article originally shed light on the discrepancy in 2017. Weisselberg testified that he didn’t pay attention to this specific property. He didn’t remember if he talked about the financial statements with Trump.

The triplex was marked as being 11,000 square feet in 1994, not the 30,000 square feet that was listed on the financial statements of later years.

Earlier in the trial, Engoron heard testimony from Weisselberg, a defendant in the trial. He is accused of signing off on fraudulent financial statements in question.

But Cohen’s past convictions, which include lying under oath to Congress and to a bank, along with his former guilty pleas to tax evasion and breaking campaign finance laws, were brought up by both the attorney general’s and Trump’s lawyers.

Cohen said that he and Weisselberg were responsible for reversing-engineering the different asset classes in order to achieve the numbers that Trump wanted.

The family will answer questions before New York Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the trial. Engoron has already ruled that the Trump Organization filed fraudulent statements of financial condition. However, several issues remain to be resolved at trial, including whether the fraud was committed on purpose and how much of a penalty should be paid if the defendants are found liable.

The former president is expected to take the witness stand next Monday, marking the first time he is formally called up to publicly testify in any of his pending trials.

His testimony will likely be followed by that of his brother Eric, who is also a vice president of the business.

The son of a former president and an executive vice president of the Trump Organization will give testimony in the New York County Supreme Court.

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