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OpenAI: Generating AI Images for IM, DM, and GPT in the World, or How Apple Will Look to Apple

Apple’s AI can help with writing emails, reports, and personal text messages. The AI can also generate images inside Messages that are informed by the context of the conversation you’re having. When you’re talking about throwing a rooftop party, it’s a good idea to give a picture of what it might look like. It can even generate AI images of the people you’re talking to. So if you’re texting your mom, the AI can sync with any photos you have identified as showing her face and then use those to generate an illustration of her. (If your mom is anything like mine, she will deeply hate this.)

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, is very happy to be partnering with apple in integration of chatgpt into their devices later this year! You will really like it.

There had been rumors that Apple was working on a deal. On the face of it, Apple and OpenAI would seem particularly unlikely bedfellows. Apple tends to move cautiously and carefully with new products, emphasizing attention to detail, obsession with the user experience, and stunning design. OpenAI is best known for throwing a powerful but experimental new AI technology into the world and watching what people do with it.

Creating a Story for a Six-Year-old to Laugh with: Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud, Apple’s Promise

“Suppose you want to create a custom bedtime story for your six-year-old who loves butterflies and solving riddles,” Federighi said. “Put in your initial idea, and send to ChatGPT.”

AI has experienced a lot of growth but also a lot of setbacks. Chatbots and AI assistants have been beset with issues including hallucinations, plagiarism and incorrect or biased results. There is allegations that Openai copied the voice of an actor without her permission.

Since the beginning, Apple has not been in the headlines about generative Artificial Intelligence. Apple has apparently been biding its time, developing a comprehensive strategy that touches on many of its products and services.

But when AI features need to go to the cloud, Apple says they will go to what it calls “Private Cloud” and that data will never be stored on the servers, and Apple says it will never be able to access it. Apple’s claims will be verified by independent experts.

Apple says that users will be able to speak to Siri much more naturally in iOS 18. The company stated that you will be able to type to get things done rather than simply talking.

Overview of Apple’s New AI Features: A Comprehensive Review of the Apps and Operating Systems Announced at the WWDC 2017 Keynote

Apple Intelligence has advanced tools that can change the tone of a work email to help you avoid saying something you might regret, and it can also generate full emails.

Apple is rolling out a bunch of new AI features across its apps in iOS 18, including a way to summarize emails and generate responses. A new feature called Genmoji, which lets you create a custom emoji based on text prompt, was one of the new features the company showed off.

Additionally, Apple is bringing AI to the Photos app. You can already search for objects pictured in your library, but Apple says it’s improving how this works in the future, so you can search for things like a person who is doing cartwheels. Features like the ability to wipe away a person from a photo were added.

Apple says Siri’s updated design makes it more prominent across the device, displaying a glowing multi-colored border on the screen when in use. Siri is also more capable of understanding users when they stumble on their words while speaking to the assistant and can maintain the context of the conversation between requests — making an event for a specific location after providing weather information about that place, for example.

Users can continue their actions via both voice and typing, if they double tap on the bottom of the screen.

Apple says that it will be possible to ask for recipe advice with the new integration of thechatg pt. Siri will ask users if it can utilize ChatGPT to complete a request and will present that information directly on the device screen if granted user approval.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote has come to a close — and the company had a whole lot to share. We got our first look at the AI features coming to Apple’s devices and some major updates across the company’s operating systems.

A new control center is part of the new Apple operating system. It is launching a new way to put app icons on your homescreen. The company will also let you lock certain apps on your phone, preventing other people from using them.

iMessage is getting some other upgrades, too, including the ability to schedule texts and support for SMS messaging via satellite. Apple is also rolling out colorful Tapback options and will let you bold, underline, and italicize text.

The 13 Biggest Announcements: Apple WWDC 2024: the New iOS, MacOS, VisionOS and Windows Graphs

The new Apple TV Plus feature will allow you to look at the actors and characters on your TV or Movie screen with a flick of the remote. You can find the current song that is playing in your Apple Music collection by searching for it. When you mute a show, the Apple TV Plus will automatically show subtitles.

Apple has just released a new Passwords app that will allow you to keep track of your login details across different devices. The app will allow you to create and store LastPass and 1Password-like passwords. Passwords will be available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, visionOS, and even Windows.

The iPad is finally getting a Calculator app more than a decade after its release. It has a new feature called “Math Notes” that allows you to write equations with the Apple Pencil on your iPad, and have the app solve it for you.

Apple is launching a Smart Script feature as well, which uses machine learning to improve the appearance of your handwriting and spell-check your notes.

You will be able to mirror your phone to your mac in the next macOS update. You can listen to audio from your mobile device and view notifications from your Mac when you have an Apple device.

Source: Apple WWDC 2024: the 13 biggest announcements

What Apple Inclusive Software and AI Will Say in the Apple Era at WWDC 2011: Implications for Privacy and Cloud Intelligence

There are a ton of new features coming to watchOS 11, too, including a new capability that automatically adds widgets based on when you need them. Apple is launching a new Vitals app that will let you “explore your most important health metrics with just a glance” as well as new cycle tracking features, Live Activities, and support for Check In, allowing your loved ones to track you during your workout.

Apple has announced visionOS 2, its first major update for the operating system. One of the new features coming to the Vision Pro uses machine learning to bring depth to an existing photo. The update will also introduce support for an ultrawide virtual Mac display, more intuitive gestures, and support for travel mode on trains.

In the next iteration of its software, Apple will let you shake your head yes or no to respond to Siri’s announcements. Voice Isolation is a thing that the AirPods Pro are getting.

Here’s everything Apple announced at WWDC. Most of the features will become available in the fall, when Apple usually updates its software for each device.

While many generative AI programs, including ChatGPT, run in the cloud, Apple says Apple Intelligence would primarily use AI models running locally on its devices. The private cloud computing technology that it has developed will keep your data secure, as well as a way to determine whether you need to give a query off to a more powerfulai model in the cloud.

“We think about what it means for intelligence to be really useful, it has to be centered on you,” Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, said at a briefing after the WWDC keynote presentation. “That requires some really deep thoughts about privacy.”

Federighi said that it solved a profound challenge. “Cloud computing typically comes with some real compromises when it comes to privacy assurances. Even if a company makes some promise, ‘We’re not going to do anything with your data,’ you have no way to verify that.”

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