What to expect at Apple’s upcoming event

What to Expect at Apple’s WWDC 2024: Rumors about an M4 Chip in the Next Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android

Apple’s redesigned iPad Pro launched in May with a new AI-focused M4 chip — marking the first time an M-series chip did not come first to a Mac. I’m not going to debate what a computer is, but I’d wager we’ll see M4 chips in Macs soon. The MacBooks are all offered with M3 chips, while the Mac Studio and Mac Pro are still using M2 chips.

New and enhanced versions of Apple’s apps are expected to be part of operating system updates for the Mac, iPhone, iPad and beyond. The Calculator app is set to be refreshed and will be coming to the iPad, as well as a password manager, and other redesigns of the settings and control center, according to rumors.

Apple may finally be about to let users arrange their apps. It has been reported that you will be able to leave blank space between apps in iOS 18. It’s believed that Apple will integrate a theming system into the OS so that you can change the colors of icons.

The default fallback for iMessage is likely to be Rich Communication Services (RCS), which will likely be included in the upcoming iOS 18. This means that, soon, iPhone and Android users can set aside their blue and green bubble differences and instead send each other longer text messages and higher-quality photos — hopefully all while remaining end-to-end encrypted, too.

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What Will I Learn From Apple at WWDC 2024? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: a Tale of Two Faces

Apple looked into third-party partnerships in order to improve its artificial intelligence prowess. The company was reportedly talking to Google and Anthropic, but it sounds like the one deal it’s locked down is with OpenAI, which recently showed off a powerful personal assistant-like conversation feature for ChatGPT. Some sort of ChatGPT-like chatbot is now headed to Apple’s devices, according to Bloomberg.

The Worldwide Developers Conference will begin with a presentation on Monday, June 10th at 1PM. Here’s what you can expect at Apple’s WWDC 2024 keynote.

We should be skeptical about whatever claims Apple makes for Siri. A decade ago, Schiller boasted that Apple had created a better voice assistant, but it hadn’t. The same might be true now, as the hype for AI continues to move a lot faster than the actual technology. One of the hottest topics in the summer is agent, but no one has proven that it is ready yet.

Siri’s inabilities have been all the more frustrating because everything it needs to be useful is right there on your phone. Why can’t my digital assistant check my email when I order food, openDoorDash, and pay with one of my bank cards, and it will be done with it? If I have a busy day, the next thing I’ll do is to use Siri to get everything done quickly. If Siri could take over my phone like one of those remote access tools that lets someone else move your computer’s cursor, it would be unstoppable.

The second reason Siri never quite worked is simply that neither Apple nor third-party developers ever figured out how it should work. How do you ask for what you want and how do you know what it is? How are developers supposed to work with the virtual assistant? Even now, if you wish to add a task to your to-do list app, you cannot just use the one that’s on your phone. You have to say, Hey Siri, remind me to water the grass in Todoist, which is a weird sentence that makes no sense and, in my experience, fails half the time anyway. If you want to do multistep action, you only have to muck around in a very powerful tool, but it does not require you to write code. It’s too much for most people.

We were promised that we’d get to see the real Siri, but if Apple has cracked something here, this could be the first time we see it. Maybe in the next commercial, Deschanel’s tomato soup will just magically appear at her house, and the Headspace app will fire up to bring Malkovich some inner peace. Maybe, finally, we’re going to get the Siri Apple always wanted to make.

Apple may be able to end the problem with the help of artificial intelligence. A system, called Ferret-UI, was published in a paper earlier this year by its researchers. The researchers show how an app can work with the aid of Openai’s GPT-4, as well as Ferret, which can understand small regions and details. That might mean one system said, “This is the Ticketmaster app!” And the second person said, ” That right there is the buy button.”

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