The 13 biggest announcements are from Apple

Probing AI in the Apple Store and in Openai: How to use ChatGpsty with a Free Account at WWDC

Apple typically uses the developer conference to announce new software and devices. But this year, Apple set aside the gadget talk and left plenty of room for what everyone expected would be the main topic of WWDC: all of the shiny new AI features coming to iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

You’ll be able to search for photos in Apple’s Photos app with the help of artificial intelligence. It is possible to clean up objects in the background of your pictures. Apple is adding new features to its Notes and Phone apps.

Anintegration with Openai’s chatGpsty was included in the bigai upgrade. There is a new integration that will determine if a query is better suited for chatgtp. Before sending its request, it will ask for your permission. You’ll be able to use ChatGPT through Siri for free and without an account.

Apple WWDC 2024: the 13 biggest announcements, a new calculator app, and a calculator app to keep track of your passwords

The Control Center in the new version of Apple’s operating system is more open and user-friendly. It’s also launching a way to freely place app icons on your homescreen. The company will also let you lock certain apps with the coming update, preventing other people from using them when you hand them your phone.

iMessage is getting some other upgrades, too, including the ability to schedule texts and support for SMS messaging via satellite. Apple is also rolling out colorful Tapback options and will let you bold, underline, and italicize text.

Apple TV Plus is getting a new feature that will let you swipe down on your remote to show the actors and their characters in the movie or TV show that you’re watching. You can find the current song and add it to your Apple Music collection by searching for it. When you uninstall a show on Apple TV Plus, it will automatically show subtitles.

As rumored last week, Apple has revealed a new Passwords app that will let you keep track of your login details across different devices. The app will let you generate and store passwords similar to other password managers like LastPass and 1Password. Passwords will be available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, visionOS, and even Windows.

A calculator app has been missing from the iPad since its launch more than a decade ago. It comes with a new feature that allows you to use the Apple Pencil to write equations on your iPad and have the app solve it for you.

Apple is launching a Smart Script feature as well, which uses machine learning to improve the appearance of your handwriting and spell-check your notes.

Source: Apple WWDC 2024: the 13 biggest announcements

An Overview of the Apple Updates for OS 11 and Beyond: New Software Updates and Viewpoints Including Siri Interactions, AirPods Pro, and Voice Isolation

The next update to Apple’s software will allow you to mirror your screen on your Mac. You’ll be able to interact with your iPhone directly from your Mac, letting you view notifications and hear the audio playing from your mobile device.

A ton of new features, including a new capability that automatically adds widgets if you need them, is coming to watchOS 11. Apple is launching a new Vitals app that will let you “explore your most important health metrics with just a glance” as well as new cycle tracking features, Live Activities, and support for Check In, allowing your loved ones to track you during your workout.

Apple has announced visionOS 2, its first major update for the operating system. One of the new features coming to the Vision Pro uses machine learning to bring depth to an existing photo. An update will also provide support for travel mode on trains, more intuitive gestures, and an ultrawide virtual Mac display.

Apple is launching Siri Interactions in its next AirPods Pro software update, letting you shake your head yes or no to respond to Siri’s announcements. Voice Isolation is being implemented on the AirPods Pro to improve voice quality and reduce background noise.

There were many Apple announcements at the World Wide Developers Conference. When Apple updates its software, most of the features will be available in the fall.

Apple Intelligence has writing tools that can change the tone and content of an email to help avoid saying something you might regret later.

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