Everything Apple said at the conference

Apple AI Personalization: What it Doesn’t Happen To Itself, but It Might Change Its Growth, Says a Long Time Apple Analyst

Here’s everything Apple announced at WWDC. Most of these features will become available in the fall, when Apple typically updates the software that runs on each of its devices.

The company has not explained why it is limiting Apple Intelligence features to the newest and most expensive hardware, and industry experts say that less powerful chips might create a less performant AI and that Apple would draw the line at a lackluster tool. (At the time of writing Apple hadn’t responded to inquiries from WIRED.) But whether this limitation is a technical requirement or a product differentiation strategy, it might be Apple’s best shot at convincing customers to upgrade to newer iPhones this fall.

Apple’s AI can help with writing emails, reports, and personal text messages. The AI can also generate images inside Messages that are informed by the context of the conversation you’re having. If you are talking to your friends about holding a party on a rooftop, they can give you an idea of what the event might look like. It can even generate AI images of the people you’re talking to. If you send your mom a text with your picture, the machine will use any photos that show her face and then generate an illustration of her. If your mother is like mine, she’ll hate this.

Apple Intelligence also has advanced writing tools that can generate full emails or messages, or review what you’ve written to change the tone of a work email to help you avoid saying something you might later regret.

The iPad Pro and Air use Apple’s M1 chip, but Apple is limiting the new AI features to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and other Macs that use the A17 Pro chip.

A new phone that is powered by LLMs and focused on newai personalization features should change the growth trajectory of Apple’s business, says a long time Apple analyst.

The new feature is being rolled out as Apple’s sales of its phones have fallen. During the first three months of the year, Apple reported a decline in sales of its popular products, the biggest drop in sales since the summer of 2020 when factories had to close. The revenue decrease last quarter was due to a decline in the sales of the iPhones. The gross margin of Apple last quarter was healthy, but it was due to the growing services business.

Apple’s phone hardware has enabled plenty of new features and functions over the past several years, but some of these tools have become commoditized or are layered in abstraction. While its custom-designed chips can help sell top-of-the-line phones to the nerdiest or wealthiest consumers, it isn’t as good a selling point for people looking for cheaper phones. And while new iPhones have iteratively better camera systems each year, high-end phones from rivals like Samsung and Google also have advanced photo and video systems. The same is true of convenience features, like wireless charging.

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