An old hate opens on the new right

An Old Hate Cracks Open on the New Right: America’s Progress Has Not Been Formed Prior to the Founding of the New World

American progress was not always inevitable. Courage is what it took for us to move to the more just, more fair country we live in today. We can’t presume that progress is permanent. It never is. No one is more aware of that than America’s most marginalized and vulnerable communities. When we take steps backwards, they feel the effects because we are taking steps towards our own sin.

America is not an exception. From before the founding, our so-called new world has been plagued by all the sins of the old. The central declaration that all men are created equal is part of the great ambitions of the founding.

Evolution is a concept that applies to biology, not human nature. Humans do not grow out of darkness. It needs to be fought by all generations. We are neither imprisoned by darkness nor fully captured by light.

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Pat Buchanan: Why Barack Obama Wronged Against Antisemitism in the New Right and When Elena Kagan Would Win the Supreme Court

The Owens-Shapiro confrontation was an obvious cause of the New Right posting the comment, “Christ is king.”

Hostility unmoored from character quickly turns conspiratorial, and the world of conspiracy theories is where antisemites live and thrive. And finally, the term “America First,” popular with the New Right and the older, Lindbergh right, has always been misleading. It means that some Americans are the real Americans, while the ideological enemies of the New Right are not.

Everything about the New Right mind-set told us that this devolution was inevitable. It scorns character, decency and civility in the public square, often turning cruelty into a virtue. This was a necessary precondition for the entire enterprise. Decent people can be wrong, but they don’t care about hate. cent people don’t like bigots.

Buchanan is no minor figure. In the 1990’s, his presidential campaigns predicted the present moment in Republican politics. The party “traded Reaganism for Buchananism,” she contended. The evidence that she was correct grows by the day.

More recently, we see the influence of Pat Buchanan, a former Richard Nixon speechwriter and so-called paleoconservative whom William F. Buckley Jr. denounced for his antisemitism in 1991. A central part of the case against Buchanan once again related to matters of war and peace. Buchanan said there were two groups, the Israeli Defense Ministry and the American amen corner, that beat the drums for war before the first Iraq war. That was a benign comment, compared with some of his later statements. In 2010 he wrote that if Elena Kagan were to be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, “Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats. Is this Democrats’ idea of diversity?”

The ghost of Charles Lindbergh: Does the American right support Israel? The apocalyptic Christian Zionist pastor John Hagee, who once accused Adolf Hitler of killing Jews, apologized for his remarks

The ghost of Charles Lindbergh is haunting us. Lindbergh, readers may recall, was the hero aviator who flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. He later grew to admire German fascism and gave a famous speech in September 1941 in which he accused Jews of attempting to push America into World War II.

What is going on? The Republican Party has been a strong supporter of Israel for many years, and this reputation has been criticized by some evangelical voters. In my years as a Republican and a conservative lawyer, I never witnessed a trace of antisemitism. The answer to my question, however, is clear. The American right is not new at all. The rejection of Reaganism is a way of returning to the darker forces on the right.

There is a mirror image of this slippage on the right, with defenders of the Jewish state willing to make excuses for antisemites so long as they support Israel. The apocalyptic Christian Zionist pastor John Hagee, for example, has said that Adolf Hitler was sent by God to drive the Jews to Israel, “the only home God ever intended for the Jews to have,” and claimed that the Antichrist would be “partially Jewish, as was Adolf Hitler, as was Karl Marx.” He apologized for his insensitivity, even though he said he couldn’t deny the tenets of his faith. Despite his inflammatory words about Jews, Hagee was invited to speak at the March for Israel in Washington last week. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has regularly embraced nationalist leaders who deploy antisemitic tropes, Donald Trump chief among them.

He has been flirting with antisemitism, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that he talked about it. He compared the liberal Jewish billionaire to the X-men villain who was a Jew who grew to hate humanity during the Holocaust, and accused him of seeking nothing less than the destruction of western civilization. Musk welcomed West back to Twitter after he said he would go to prison for life for making death con 3 on Jewish people. He has been trying to get rid of the Anti-Defamation League since he blamed them for the decline in his company’s ad revenue. The investigation by Media Matters for America found that the X company was advertising next to white nationalist and neo-Nazi content. X sued Media Matters on Monday, accusing it of manipulating the platform’s algorithms to force a situation in which brand ad posts appeared next to fringe content. I was not surprised by Musk’s words. Musk won praise from Jewish leaders simply by promising to remove pro-Palestinian language after his antisemitic comments. The sordid episode was a reminder of the moral rot that comes from conflating the state of Israel with the Jewish people, a rot we see on both sides of the ferocious fight over Israel’s future.

He said that he is deeply disinterested in giving the smallest shit to western Jewish populations because they are coming to the depressing realization that those minorities do not like them very much.

“White genocide” is a term of art on the racist right and is linked to the so-called great replacement theory, the notion that leftists (including Jewish progressives) are trying to import people of color to replace America’s white majority. The theory that triggered the shooter at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh was based on this. It is false, evil and very dangerous.

On Nov. 3, Owens posted on social media, “No government anywhere has a right to commit a genocide, ever. There is no justification for a genocide. This is considered the least controversy to state and I can’t understand why it needs to be said. Many of her followers thought this was a criticism of Israel, and she was later caught on tape saying Owens’s behavior during the war has been “disgraceful.”

Daily Wire drama should be of little interest to anyone outside The Daily Wire, but what happened next was truly alarming. The leading personality at TheBlaze accused the guy of having multiple loyalties. He loves America, but he loves Israel too. And maybe he loves Israel and he loves America too.” Owens, he said, “is a bit more America first. She only has one loyalty.

The owner of X was able to get this approval without apology for boosting the antisemitic conspiracy theory that led to the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. It is hard to figure out who is more cynical in Musk or the Jewish leaders koshering him.

Last week a self-described Jewish conservative named Charles Weber took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to address the “cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and posting ‘Hitler was right.’” Weber dared the troll to say it to him. One X user took him up on it.

Across every corner of this company, we’re working to create a platform for everyone. X is working hard to protect free speech, but it is not always easy. It has to do with the fact that we’re doing matters and invites criticism from people who do not share our beliefs.

Forbes reports that advertisers are urging Yaccarino to resign as well due to the company’s past support of antisemitism. Yaccarino, a former NBCUniversal chairperson with close ties to the ad industry, was brought in to restore relationships with the companies that make up the majority of X’s revenue. Advertisers were already concerned about their paid content showing up next to bigoted, antisemitic posts, but they are now even more worried, because the platform’s owner seems to be actively stoking conspiracy about the Jewish community.

Matt Madrazo and the Stars of Hollywood: The Implications of Musk’s Antisemitism Dispatch on X

Let’s keep putting our values to work and lean on one another. I am extremely proud to be on the front line with you all — and I’ll see you all at the office tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, Semafor reports that Yaccarino has enlisted her son Matt Madrazo to reboot X’s political advertising business, in hopes to make up for the revenue lost by the “temporarily paused investments” of what previously were some of the company’s biggest clients.

Addressing X employees in a company-wide email, Yaccarino expressed her enthusiasm about the company’s current direction. In the memo, first published by The Hollywood Reporter and obtained by The Verge, she claimed that advertisers had “temporarily paused investments” — an interesting way to phrase major advertisers like Apple, Disney, and IBM pulling their business from the platform because of Musk’s seeming endorsement of antisemitism. She blamed the articles that had been manipulated for damaging the platform’s reputation. The data will tell the real story, probably a reference to Musk’s post, where he used a screen grab to indicate that he was planning to file a lawsuit.

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