The new MacBook Pros are compared to the old MacBooks

Unified Memory in the Cases of Three M3-Powered iMacs and M3 Max Laptops: The Case for 3rd Generation Pentaquarks in the Apple Era

Beyond price and some aesthetic changes, though, the real changes take place under the hood. The Max and Pro chips have more unified memory. The M3 Pro chips now have a maximum of 36GB of memory, up from the M2 Pro’s 32GB maximum. Meanwhile, the M3 Max boasts up to 128GB of RAM as opposed to the previous 96GB, which is a first for an Apple laptop.

In addition to a new iMac, Apple announced new M3-powered versions of the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro during its “Scary Fast” event on Monday. The new laptops can be configured with either the M3, M3 Pro, or M3 Max chip, all of which should offer larger performance gains than the last-gen M2 chip. The M3 and M3 Pro models will ship on November 7th while the M3 max will be delivered later, but there are still available to purchase each MacBook Pro at a discounted price.

The M3 chips have a few features new to Apple silicon. The first, a feature Apple calls dynamic caching, enables the processor to allocate memory for each task dynamically, dialing the allocation up or down as needed rather than cordoning off a set amount of memory for the task to use whether it needs it or not. A more efficient use of resources can be found with the result. Graphics intensive games and apps useray tracing and mesh shading, two of the new features. Game developers can utilize ray tracing to more accurately illustrate lighting elements like reflections and shadows. Meanwhile, the hardware-accelerated mesh shading helps visually elaborate scenes within games appear smoother and without skips.

Unlike its predecessors, which are built on 5-nanometer process technology, all three new chips are now built on a 3-nanometer process—this packs more transistors into a smaller space and enhances both the speed and power efficiency of the chip.

The New MacBooks: The MacBook Pro, M3 and Max Series with the Touch Bar ding-dong! What We Know So Far about Macs and Models

Like previous generations, the 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,999 (preorder at Apple) with an M3 Pro chip, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M3 Pro starts at $2,499 (preorder at Apple). Both models are also set to land on November 7th, with the M3 Max configurations coming at an undisclosed date later in November.

It’s ding-dong! The Touch Bar is dead. The 14-inch MacBook Pro M3 was the reason for it. This new entry point into the MacBook Pro line takes the chassis of the two previous models and cuts the price by reducing RAM and incorporating the base M3 chip. The previous models only had Pro and Max chips. It’s here to replace the out-of-place MacBook Pro 13 with the M2 chip and its dated Touch Bar.

The iMac is the lowest barrier to entry for the new M3 processor, and has a modest refresh. The all-in-one desktop comes in seven colors and starts at around $1,299, with eight-core processors, 8GB of RAM, and 128gigabyte of storage. It can also be configured with a 10-core GPU for an additional cost. As for ports, it’s just like the M1 version from 2021, meaning the base model features two Thunderbolt / USB-4 ports while the $1,499 model gets an extra pair of USB-3 ports. Both configurations are now compatible with the 6E.

Most of the computers will be arriving on the 7th. We will review the new Macs when they are ready, but for now you can buy them from this place if you want to get on the ground floor.

We have put together a list of everything we know so far about the new laptops and the M2 models, based on statements from Apple. We will let you know how well the laptops stack up against Apple’s claims in our full reviews.

In addition, the gray laptop in the Pro and Max series has been replaced by a black shade, which Apple says is built with material that should reduce fingerprints. (You can also still get it in silver as well.) The base model doesn’t come in black, but is available in gray and silver.

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