The one ring that would rule the landscape is the GALAXY RING from SAMSUNG

Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6: Two new spherical models of a smart watch in Samsung’s sixth generation

Alongside the Ring are the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6—new versions of Samsung’s folding phones that are now in their sixth generation. The company showed off some of their new devices in the audio department. The two sizes for the watch are large and small. There’s a new watch named the GALAXY WATCH Ultra. It takes a lot of inspiration from the Apple Watch Ultra and, like Apple’s premium wearable, it targets more serious athletes. Samsung paid a portion of our reporter’s travel expenses at its media event in Paris.

It was thin and 7mm wide, but when worn right next to my Oura Ring, it felt like a bigger person. It is lightweight, but not as so as other smart rings. The size varies between 2.3 and 3g. There are nine sizes, ranging from a small to a large.

The A Ring of Smart Sensors: A New Health Feature for Smart Phones and Galaxy Iso-connected to the O2 Experiment

Those include the new Energy Score and Wellness Tips features. The former uses Galaxy AI to determine how you’re feeling based on sleep, activity, sleeping heart rate, and sleeping heart rate variability. Similar to the various readiness metrics other health trackers incorporate over the past few years. Oura Ring and other competitors offer personalized insights into your well-being, which are very similar to the ones delivered by the latter. Other health features include cycle tracking, high and low heart rate alerts, live heart rate readings, auto workout detection, and inactive alerts.

You can use a double Pinch gesture to control your phone’s camera or dismiss an alarm, which is cool. It’s basically the same as the double tap gesture (aka pinchy pinch) for the Apple Watch. Is it a one trick pony? I was impressed by how cool it was when I tried it. Getting the gesture right takes a little trial and error, but I’ve yet to see this on any other smart ring. Unfortunately, it’ll be limited to the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 at launch. I was told it will be coming to the S 24 very soon.

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