Minor updates and higher prices are included in the GALAXY Z FOLD 6

The Galaxy Digital Camera System of the Z Fold 6 and Flip 6: Upgraded Screen, Lenses, and Cover, and Dual-Similar Care Plus

The Z Fold 6 added a millimeter to its screen in order to address problems with the phone being close to the ground. The inside display is only 7.6 inches when unfolded, but takes the display from a 6.2-inch one to 6.3-inch one. The phone is 239 grams lighter than the Z Fold 5. All (tiny) moves in the right direction.

Both phones use a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset specially tuned for Samsung, and like the S24 series, they both include seven years of OS and security update support. They’re both a little bit sturdier, claiming better resistance to drops thanks to improvements to the hinge design and materials. The inner flexible glass is also more durable, and both phones are now rated IP48. The IPX8 rating indicates a lack of dust resistance but the 4 rating indicates the devices are protected against foreign objects, not against dust.

As for the camera system, the Z Flip 6 gets an upgraded 50-megapixel wide-angle main sensor with a 2X optical zoom and up to 10X digital zoom with AI-assisted enhancements. The sensor is the same as before.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a phone launch in 2024 without AI. The full suite of AI features introduced with the S24 series are present on the Z Fold 6 and Flip 6, but Samsung would very much like you to know that the Z Fold’s big inner screen is great for using all of its AI features. There’s also a new “sketch to image” feature that uses AI to turn S Pen doodles into images, and interpreter mode gets an update to take advantage of the foldable form factor to display translations on the cover and inner screens.

You’ll get the 12-month Samsung Care Plus benefit for purchasing a carrier model directly from Samsung, plus up to $1,000 toward its cost with qualifying trade-ins. You’ll also get double the storage (up to 512GB) when preordering from Samsung and its retail and carrier partners by July 23rd.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 Review: How Much Of A Screen Will I Get With My Galaxy Z 6?” An Intrinsic Review of the Galaxy Z Series

The 5.8 inch display of the new model is slightly larger than last year’s model, but it’s still less than the 6.3 inch display on the previous model. The internal display has the same 7.6-inch size with a small jump inpixel density but also gets a significant boost in brightness.

Best Buy is currently offering a $200 digital gift card with Galaxy Z Flip 6 purchases, which you’ll receive via email soon after receiving your phone. You can save another $100 on your purchase if you choose a retailer that will handle carrier activation for you.

You may find your carrier of choice has more appealing trade-in and financing terms for the Galaxy Z 6 series, plus bonus offers when adding more devices. We are currently seeing a small number of numbers.

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