There are 7 best conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift

The Eras Tour: When Taylor Swift showed up at the Kansas City Chiefs, she showed up again at the end of the Super Bowl

Misinformation and deceptive practices are bad. Government conspiracy theories, lies about vaccines and false internet posts are all huge problems that are poised to get worse with the advent of generative Artificial Intelligence. There are some exceptions. The best of these came to light over the weekend when Taylor Swift showed up at a Kansas City Chiefs game. Sports internet and Swiftie internet crashed in a matter of seconds.

Kelce wore a bracelets to the show and put his phone number on it. He tried, but failed, to get it to Swift. After Kelce talked about his attempt to contact Swift, there was a breakthrough in this case.

This one isn’t so much a conspiracy theory as “people know how PR machines work now,” but on Tuesday, September 26, Swift announced that the concert film Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour would be screening in more than 100 countries starting October 13 and that tickets were on sale. Perhaps some football fans might be inclined to buy one now?

There are a couple of Super Bowl theories here. One, there’s idle speculation that the NFL is playing up Swift’s attendance at Sunday’s game and her new affiliation with the league in an attempt to coerce her to bring that Eras Tour energy (and hype) to the halftime show. The football team changed its bio on TikTok to say that Taylor was here. There is a theory that the move is reminiscent of Swift’s time in the Reputation period, when she was feuding with Kim. (It’s too much to try to explain in this piece, but start here.) Why? “The NFL gave [Swift] more attention than they gave Kim Kardashian announcing Usher as the halftime show.” Honestly, we kinda buy this.

Kelce’s chemistry with quarterback Patrick Mahomes has helped the Chiefs win two Super Bowls. There were rumors this summer that a possible connection might be forming between the elite tight end and Swift.

This is always the theory. Whenever there is rumors that Swift is dating someone new, there is always speculation that she is just trying to have another relationship that she can use in the future. Hey, if a fling with a football player leads to some Folklore-esque songs that sub in varsity jackets for cardigans, that isn’t the worst thing. Also, “Style” is about her relationship with Harry Styles and is one of the best pop songs of the past decade.

From Single Album to Taylor’s Eras: Travis Kelce’s NFL Performance at the Collapsar in Kansas City, NPR reports

“On Sunday, Travis Kelce was one of the top 5 selling NFL players,” the company told NPR, “and saw a nearly 400% spike in sales throughout the Fanatics network of sites, including”

“It started in July, when Travis Kelce went to one of Taylor’s Eras Tour shows when she was in Kansas City,” as Nora Princiotti, staff writer for The Ringer and host of the music podcast Every Single Album, told All Things Considered.

The pop star’s earlier tours saw her perform in front of crowds in various stadiums, including FedEx Field and the FirstEnergy Stadium.

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