At least 59 migrant deaths from Italy were recorded in a crash off the coast of Calabria

The explosion of a wooden boat crashing into rocky reefs in ROME, Italy, at the dawn of Sunday’s dawn: “Melonsoni’s fight against human traffickers”

ROME — At least 43 migrants perished when their overcrowded wooden boat smashed into rocky reefs just off southern Italy at dawn Sunday, the Italian Coast Guard said.

The fire brigade from Italy told CNN that around 80 people were saved from the water. The survivors were from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, they added.

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni said that the migrants were crowded into a 20-meter (66-foot) -long boat in “adverse weather conditions.” She expressed her deep sorrow for the many human lives torn away by human traffickers.

She is going to use her leadership to press fellow European Union leaders to help Italy in its fight against human traffickers.

There was a chunk of the boat along with piles of splintered wood on the beach at Steccato di Cutro. Some of the survivors tried to keep warm, wrapped in what appeared to be colorful blankets or sheets.

A Coast Guard motorboat rescued two men suffering from hypothermia and recovered the body of a boy in the rough seas, it said in a statement. Firefighter boats, including rescue divers, recovered 28 bodies, including three pulled by a strong current far away from the wreckage.

An Address to the victims of the Calabrian disaster on Sunday, July 14. The Vatican Council recommends urgent measures to protect the most vulnerable citizens in the Mediterranean

Pope Francis spoke in Vatican City on Sunday about the victims of the accident and prayed for them, as well as for the other survivors. I want to thank the people who are helping and the people who are giving assistance. May the Virgin Mary help these people.

It was also not clear where the boat had set out from, but migrant vessels arriving in Calabria usually depart from Turkish or Egyptian shores. Many of these boats, including sailboats, often reach remote stretches of Italy’s long southern coastline unaided by the coast guard or humanitarian rescue vessels.

The Central Mediterranean route is the most fatal migration route, according to the International Organization for Migration.

The death toll is not final and may go up. Bad weather in that part of the Mediterranean sea is hampering search efforts by making the field of debris larger.

New measures must be instituted to reduce perilous journeys according to Matteo Piantedosi. It’s essential that every effort is made to stop departures and discourage crossings in a way which will benefit from the illusion of a better life.

The arrivals from sub-African regions: Where are we? Where are the we coming from? How far are we from the continent?

Only 8.3% of arrivals are from Pakistan, 6.7% from Afghanistan and 0.7% from Iran. The rest are primarily from Africa, with 17.3% of arrivals from Ivory Coast alone, 13.1% from Guinea. Other African nations, including North African countries, make up most of the rest.

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