There is a widespread herbivory cost in tropical tree species

Contribution of ecosystems to the ecology of symbiotic nitrogen fixers: a study of Oikos 115, a tropical rain forest

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The effects on caterpillar growth and defense of plant quality. Oikos 115 was published in 2006

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Comments on “Effects of climate and nutrient concentration on carbon cycle projections in a tropical forest” by O. Wright, O., Hernandz, A., and Muller-Landau

Some of the authors are Wright, O., Hernandz, A., and Muller-Landau. The Ecology 86 was published in 2005.

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A GLMMTMB package for zero-inflated generalized linear mixed models, Part I: Maximum likelihood estimations for variables and community diversity of herbs and plants

The work was done by M. E., with the assistance of the other authors. glmmTMB balances speed and flexibility among packages for zero-inflated generalized linear mixed modeling. R J. 9, 372–408.

Smithson and Verkuilen wondered about a better lemon squeezer. There’s a maximum-likelihood regression with variables. It is a Psychol. The method 11, 54– 71, was used.

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The effects of climate change and soil macrofauna on leaf litter decomposition during secondary succession in a tropical dry forest in Panama

Janzen, D. H. & Hallwachs, W. To us insectometers, it is clear that insect decline in our Costa Rican tropics is real, so let’s be kind to the survivors. There is a Proc. The National Acad. is the Natl Acad. The USA 118 was published by theSci. USA.

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The effects of Janzen–Connell are widespread and strong enough to maintain diversity in grassland. The numbers are 2399–2406 for ecology 89.

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The 50hectare Tropical Forest Plot on Barro Colorado Island, Panama has a dry season soil water potential of 50Hectare.


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