In El Paso, one person is dead and three people are injured from a mall shooting

A 19-year-old man was killed in an altercation at the Mall of America, Minneapolis, on the last day of the holiday shopping season

A 19-year-old man was killed Friday in a shooting during an altercation at the Mall of America in Minnesota, the nation’s largest shopping and entertainment center, police said.

There was an altercation Friday between about five to nine people inside the store. A man pulls out a gun in a store and shoots a man.

The 30-year-old mall, about 10 miles south of downtown Minneapolis, has more than 500 stores, more than 50 dining options, dozens of attractions and two hotels, according to the owners.

“We have an incident where if someone decides that they want to pull out a gun and shoot somebody with complete lack of disrespect for human life, I still don’t know what we can do to stop that,” Hodges said.

When gunshots went off at the Mall of America, a singer was filming an episode of his show on his social media accounts.

The team was staying at the hotel next to where they were going to play the Vikings. Pat Hanlon, the Giants’ spokesman, told the Associated Press on Friday that the players who were at the mall had made their way back to the hotel and that everyone had been accounted for.

“Scary here @mallofamerica,” he tweeted Friday. There is a shooting in a mall. At the TwinCitiesGrill, there was a lock down. Two gunmen at least one victim.” Papa told him to leave the mall and go back to the hotel. Prayers to victim.”

Police said five people were arrested in connection with a fatal shooting at the Mall of America that forced the shopping center into a shutdown on the last day of the holiday shopping season.

At an evening news conference, Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges announced the arrests in connection with the Friday night shooting in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington and said all would face murder charges, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

Hodges said the arrested suspects were two men, 18, and three 17-year-old male juveniles, according to the Star Tribune, and they were taken into custody in the morning at a home in nearby St. Louis Park by SWAT team officers from three jurisdictions.

The chief says that one of the eighteen-year-old suspects might also have fired a weapon. A sixth suspect was still being sought.

Multiple gunshots injure four people in the Cielo Vista Mall of America, El Paso, Texas, the day of the shooting

“In Bloomington, if you come here and murder people at our mall, you get one of these at at Christmas,” the newspaper quoted Hodges as saying while holding up an orange prison suit.

The governor of Minnesota said the shooting at the mall was unacceptable. We are in contact with local officials to get the support they need.

There appeared to be some type of altercation between two groups that escalated into a fistfight, and someone pulled out a gun and shot the victim multiple times, according to police. The entire incident lasted about 30 seconds.

The lockdown lasted for about an hour before the mall tweeted that shoppers were being sent outside. People hiding in stores are shown in video posted on social media and an announcement warns people to seek shelter.

Since it opened in 1992, the Mall of America has been a tourist destination and community gathering spot. The premises ban guns but shoppers don’t have to go through metal detectors. The mall said in October it was testing a “weapons detection system” at one of its entrances.

One person was killed and three others were injured in a shooting Wednesday evening at a mall in El Paso, Texas, police said, sending patrons running or sheltering in a community scarred three years ago by a shooting massacre in a store just down the road.

Two people, both male, were taken into custody after the gunfire inside the Cielo Vista Mall, interim El Paso Police Chief Peter Pacillas said Wednesday night. Police have not commented on possible motives.

Surveillance video from a bar inside the mall captured more than a dozen people sprinting away from the sound of gunshots and, later, paramedics wheeling in a stretcher.

The four people were all male. Two of the injured were brought to the University Medical Center of El Paso in critical condition, the hospital told CNN. The third person who was injured was hospitalized, as is the case with the other two.

The mall sits next to a Walmart where a shooting in 2019 killed 23 and left nearly two dozen more injured. Last week, the 24-year-old gunman pleaded guilty to 90 federal charges as part of a plea deal.

The Wednesday shooting is yet another example of gunfire shattering the sense of security many Americans once felt in public spaces, like shopping centers, grocery stores and schools.

The United States has seen dozens of people killed in mass shootings so far in 2023, most recently Monday at Michigan State University, where three students were killed and five more were wounded. In January, 11 people were killed in the Los Angeles-area city of Monterey Park as they welcomed the Lunar New Year at a dance hall popular with older Asian Americans.

Marie Hall had just clocked in for her shift at a salad shop in the food court when she heard gunshots ring out, she told CNN affiliate KFOX. She ran to the back of the restaurant and hid in a walk-in fridge with another employee and two customers, she said.

“Nothing prepares you for that,” she told the affiliate. “I didn’t really feel safe (going to work) in the beginning because of the shooting in 2019. It is going to be more difficult to get to work.

A day after the Walmart shooting: How many people are going to get hurt in a Mexican drug factory? A congressman tells us how he feels like he is not alone

The Texas Department of Public Safety, the US Border Patrol, and El Paso police responded to the scene and worked into the night clearing the building and beginning a preliminary investigation.

Albert said that political leaders are not accepting the full scope of the situation and that he feels they are numb to what’s going on.

The same feelings came back to us on the day of the Walmart shooting. We are just wondering what to do after everything comes back. How many people are going to get hurt? He said it.

CieloVista Mall was still considered a crime scene, and would remain locked down until an investigation is completed, according to interim police chief Peter Pacillas.

It was across the parking lot from a Walmart where 23 people were killed in a racist attack targeting Hispanic people in 2019. El Paso is located on the U.S. border with Mexico, where people from both countries cross frequently.

Today’s Cielo Vista Mall shooting has brought back traumatic memories for many of us. “Hey you are not alone, please know that,” a Democratic congressman said on the social media site.

The FBI set up a website where the public can provide information about the shooting, and the agency is assisting El Paso police in the investigation.

The governor of Texas, a Republican, made a statement on his social networking site that he had spoken to the El Paso mayor and offered assistance from the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

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