GeorgeSantos is under scrutiny for his resume discrepancies

Why did Murray Sustain himself in 2018? A CNN View of the Impact of Santos on Republicans and the Democratic Legislating District

However, Murray offered no facts, evidence or documents to contradict the Times article, which also found Santos appears to have fabricated key details of his business career.

There have been many investigations over his finances and he has lied about his resume and biography. In November, he flipped a Democratic seat in a redrawn district, helping Republicans seize a narrow majority in the House.

D’Esposito said of Santos’ impact on voters: “I think that there are people that are upset, they’re hurt, they feel like they’ve been duped.” He added that Republican officials need “to mend those fences” with voters to help them understand “there are good people that represent New York that they sent to Congress, and we’ll be their voice until we have a new one for the Third” Congressional District, which Santos represents.

On a biography of Santos on the National Republican Congressional Committee website, he claimed he received degrees from New York University and Barcuch College. CNN found that Santos specified in at least two separate interviews in the fall of 2020 that he received an MBA from NYU, adding in one interview that he had “zero debt” from his undergraduate and graduate studies. A review of his campaign websites, however, does not show references to a master’s degree.

CNN’s confirmation of his salary of $750,000 this year and last at the Devolder Organization comes on top of what he reported on his financial disclosures in the past.

The Devolder Organization has been temporarily deemed “inactive” by the state of Florida after failing to submit the required annual reports. There was no website or profile onLinkedIn that could be found, and he did not report any clients he served in his financial disclosure.

The alleged actions of George Santos during his second run in the New York Democrat district: Addressing the roiling recriminandals in the city

In the newly drawn district, which includes parts of Queens and some Long Island suburbs,Santos defeated Robert Zimmerman, flipping control of the House to the GOP. The state GOP chair should step down, since the GOP mini-wave outside the city set off roiling recriminations among New York Democrats.

It was Santos’ second run – he lost to Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi in 2020 – and most of the criticism he faced centered on his attendance of former President Donald Trump’s rally in Washington on January 6, 2021, and a video in which he claimed to have written a “nice check” to help alleged rioters with their legal fees.

Joseph Cairo Jr., chairman of the Nassau County’s Republican committee believes that George Santos will be given an opportunity to address the claims detailed in the article.

“Every person deserves an opportunity to ‘clear’ his/her name in the face of accusations,” Cairo added, saying he looks forward to hearing Santos’ response.

“It’s no wonder that congressman-elect Santos has enemies at the New York Times who are trying to ruin his good name with these allegations,” said Joseph Murray.

“Only in this country does somebody who comes from a basement apartment in Jackson Heights, like I did, is able to rise to become a successful businessperson, to then run for United States Congress.”

According to the gay man in the interview, his employees died in the attack at thePulse, a gay night club in the state of Florida.

“I happened to, at the time, have people that worked for me in the club,” Santos said. “My company at the time, we lost four employees that were at Pulse.”

In an editorial before the election, the North Shore Leader newspaper endorsed Santos’ Democratic opponent, Robert Zimmerman, and voiced skepticism about Santos’ credibility.

Giant Rep.-Elect George Santos is a “worsefully unqualified Extreme MAGA Republican” in Nassau County, NY

Besides making a referral to the House Ethics Committee, other potential options for dealing with Santos include not giving him any committee assignments, which would be up to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Discrepancies on New York Rep.-elect George Santos’ resume are “serious” and the GOP politician “deserves an opportunity” to clear his name in the face of accusations, a top Republican in Nassau County said Monday.

In a statement to CNN on Tuesday, incoming House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries called Santos “a woefully unqualified Extreme MAGA Republican who is clearly unfit to serve.”

Josh Lafazan, a member of the Nassau County Legislature in New York, and a former candidate for New York’s 3nd Congressional District, said Tuesday thatSantos should resign immediately.

Lafazan said he plans to write letters to the House Ethics Committee requesting an investigation and called on the attorney general’s office to look at “potential wrongdoing when it comes to campaign finance violations.”

U.S. Rep.-elect George Santos of New York was under investigation by Long Island prosecutors on Wednesday, after revelations surfaced that the now-embattled Republican lied about his heritage, education and professional pedigree as he campaigned for office.

Santos also claimed he founded and ran his own charity called “Friends of Pets United.” But no such organization was found in the IRS’ searchable database, nor in the registered charities in New York state and Florida.

Santos has apologized for some of the lies but has attempted to downplay the scope of the fabrications, arguing last week he only put “a little bit of fluff” in his resume.

The Failure of Rep. Omar and other House Democrat Members to “Pursuit the Path of Honesty”: The Case of Mr. Santos

Democrats have cited the mounting false statements and scrutiny facing Santos as an example of hypocrisy for Republicans booting Omar and two other House Democrats – California Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell – off committee assignments. While Schiff and Swalwell were able to be ejected from the House Intelligence Committee unilaterally by McCarthy, Omar’s position on House Foreign Affairs will need a vote on the House floor, one that Republican leaders have yet to force.

GOP Rep.-elect Nick LaTora said in a statement that as a Navy man he believes a full investigation by the House ethics committee and law enforcement is needed.

Another incoming GOP lawmaker from New York, Rep.-elect Anthony D’Esposito, condemned Santos’ false statements and called on him to “pursue a path of honesty,” although he stopped short of calling for an investigation.

The House Republican leadership is not likely to refuse to seat the congressman who is going to be sworn in next week. The House has the power under the Constitution to expel any member with a two-thirds vote, but doing so is extremely rare and only five lawmakers have been expelled in US history.

In the past, the California Republican has shown little appetite for punishing members for bad behavior, particularly from before they were a member of Congress. McCarthy has also declined to weigh in when members are under investigation, arguing he will let the probes play out before determining how to proceed.

In an interview posted on the City & State website Monday night,Santos said that he will continue to be an effective member of the United States Congress.

Nassau County Republican Committee Chairman Joseph G. Cairo, Jr., said Tuesday that Santos “has broken the public trust” and “has a lot of work to do to regain the trust of voters.”

Cairo said in a statement that he was deeply disappointed with Mr. Santos and that he expected more than an apology. His lies have caused damage to many people and especially those who have been impacted by the Holocaust.

The life story that was invented bySantos came under scrutiny, including claims that his grandparents “fled Jewish persecution in Ukraine, settled in Belgium and again fled persecution during WWII.”

But Santos described himself as a “proud American Jew” in a document shared with Jewish groups during the campaign, which was first reported by the Forward and confirmed by CNN.

The Republican Jewish Coalition on Tuesday said the incoming congressman had “misrepresented his heritage” and “will not be welcome at any future RJC event.”

Nassau County District Attorney’s Office is Investigating Congressman-Elect Santos For a Reply to the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice

He admitted to lying about working for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, as well as having earned a degree in finance and economics from Baruch College in New York.

The Nassau County district attorney’s office said Wednesday that it is looking into fabrications fromSantos as CBS News first reported.

“The numerous fabrications and inconsistencies associated with Congressman-Elect Santos are nothing short of stunning,” said Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly.

She said that residents in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, which covers parts of Nassau County, “must have an honest and accountable representative in Congress. No one is above the law and if a crime was committed in this county, we will prosecute it.”

According to case records from the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice there was a charge against him for swindling in 2011. According to the records of the court, the charge was archived after they were not able to locateSantos.

The incoming Republican from New York called for his fellow GOP colleague to apologize and cooperated with any investigations. Lawler added that by downplaying action’s, Santos is “only making things worse.”

Even though there is doubt about his fitness to hold federal office,Santos has shown no signs of stepping aside.

Niny-Rep-Elect George Santos is Being Investigated for Lying About His Past Success: An Analysis of a New York Post Interview

When the U.S. House returns, he will be sworn in next Tuesday. If he assumes office, he could face investigations by the House Committee on Ethics and the Justice Department.

The Republican has admitted to lying about having Jewish ancestry, a Wall Street pedigree and a college degree, but he has yet to address other lingering questions — including the source of what appears to be a quickly amassed fortune despite recent financial problems, including evictions and owing thousands in back rent.

Brendan Brosh, a spokesman for the Nassau County district attorney’s office, said that they were looking into the matter. The scope of the investigation was not immediately clear.

The narrative that was presented to voters bySantos during his successful campaign for a congressional district that straddles the north shore suburbs of Long Island and a slice of Queens came under scrutiny by The New York Times.

In an interview with the New York Post earlier this week, Santos apologized for his fabrications but downplayed them as “sins” over embellishing his resume, adding that “we do stupid things in life.”

He backtracked on his original claim that he was Jewish, which would have made him more appealing to Jewish voters in his district.


The Loss and Crimes of George Santos: Why he is Going to Congress? The Trump Campaign in New York and a Call for his Removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee

In its opposition research on Santos, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised several red flags about the Republican’s record — but also accepted some of his assertions, including his educational record, as fact. The January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and his support for baseless allegations of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election are included in the 87-page dossier. The report also sought to depict him as a far-right candidate. He had thousands of dollars in debt and was struggling with his financial standing after being evicted many times.

During his losing campaign, he tried to raise Santos’ misrepresentations, but it did not gain much traction.

Rep.-elect George Santos of New York is scheduled to be sworn in to Congress on Tuesday as he faces mounting scrutiny and condemnation over lies about his biography and amid an investigation by federal prosecutors into his finances.

All incoming members of the 118th Congress are scheduled to be sworn in following the vote for House speaker at the US Capitol, which is set to begin after noon ET on Tuesday.

In recent days, Santos has faced a series of questions regarding his campaign finances, including inquiries about donors as well as campaign disbursements, including dozens of expenses his campaign has reported at exactly $199.99, one cent below the threshold above which the campaign is required to retain receipts.

Prosecutors said they will seek a “formal response” from Santos related to a stolen checkbook in 2008, after police suspended an investigation into him because they were unable to find him for nearly a decade.

Rep. George Santos told the House GOP conference on Tuesday behind closed doors he wants off of his two committees until his issues are resolved, three members told CNN.

Small Business Committee Chairman Roger Williams, a Republican from Texas, said that he thinks Santos “probably made the right decision” to step down from his committee assignments until the questions about his past and his financial irregularities are resolved.

“He just felt like there was so much drama really over the situation, and especially what we’re doing to work to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee,” Greene told CNN.

His disbursements were described as odd and seemingly impossible by the Campaign Legal Center in a complaint. One of the $199.99 expenses was said to be for a hotel stay at the W Hotel South Beach in Florida, where the cheapest room would have cost more than $700.

Two years after he reported having no major assets and claiming to have a $700,000 loan to his campaign, questions have arisen about who the source of the money was.

“You Don’t belong here”: Sen. Mitt Romney and a Teaser Fox News Report on Santos’ “Exploitation for the Democratic National Committee”

“We just got out of conference and George has voluntarily removed himself from committees as he goes through this process,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik, who chairs the GOP conference.

Williams said that there is a threshold where he feels like he doesn’t have an issue anymore and that he wants to get back on committees.

The press used to ask me where I’d put him. “I was asking him, ‘Can he do this?’ – it became about him.” “It’s not about him, that’s for sure.” When he is ready to get back on, we have so much to do, and it is about our committee. and he’s met the thresholds that he’s set or whatever, then let’s go.”

“Half-measures like voluntarily taking himself off his committee assignments are not good enough for the people of New York’s third congressional district, or for the American people,” Torres said in a statement. “He was a disgrace yesterday. He’s a disgrace today. And he’ll be a disgrace tomorrow. He should resign from office immediately.”

“He doesn’t belong in the Nassau County Republicans, nor should he serve in public service, either,” he said. He’s not welcome at any of our events or at the Republican headquarters.

“The voters have elected George Santos,” McCarthy said during an early January press conference. “If there is a concern, he will go through ethics. If something is found, he will be dealt with that way.

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah told GOP Rep. George Santos of New York: “You don’t belong here,” according to a member who witnessed the tense exchange in the House of Representatives chamber Tuesday night.

Some Republican senators have waded into the mess, with no stakes in the game. During the State of the Union address, Sen. Mitt Romney was incensed when he spotted Santos in the center aisle, which would put him in a position to shake hands with the president and other powerful officials.

He said that the president should be sitting in the back row keeping his mouth agape and not parading in front of people.

“He says he, you know, that he embellished his record. The senator pointed out that embellishing is saying you got an A when you got an A-. “Lying is saying you graduated from a college that you didn’t even attend and he shouldn’t be in Congress.”

“And they’re gonna go through the process and hopefully get him out. .. If he had any shame at all, he wouldn’t be there.

The New York Rep. George Santos: Trying to Stick It Out in Congress Even if he’s Indicted on Criminal Charges

Embattled Rep. George Santos is contemplating a nightmare scenario for House Republicans: Trying to stick it out in Congress, even if he is indicted on criminal charges.

The Federal Election Commission askedSantos if he will run for reelection in 2024 after he crossed a post- election threshold that now requires him to make a formal declaration by March 14. His office declined to comment about campaign matters.

The freshmen GOP members from the New York delegation, who were pivotal to winning the GOP majority in 2022, have taken extra care to distance themselves from Santos, and were among the first Republicans to call for his resignation.

“George Santos will not be on any ticket in 2024,” said Rep. Marc Molinaro, a New York GOP freshman, who has said he’d vote to expel Santos if a resolution to kick him out of Congress came to the floor.

“For the good of the country and for the Republican Party, he’s got to go as quickly as possible. I don’t think he will do it on his own. He is not a good candidate for the Republican primary. If he runs again, he’ll get destroyed,” said former GOP Rep. Peter King, who represented a Long Island district when he was in Congress.

The longer he stays in there, the worse it is for Republicans on Long Island. We don’t want to be doing anything that George Santos might be interested in.

“There’s a process in place. The process is going to work itself through. Then we’ll see where we are,” said Rep. Richard Hudson, who chairs the House GOP’s campaign arm, which has an official policy of staying neutral in primaries. They are on the record where they stand, and members who have concerns are one of them.

The seat was already a top target for the Democrats, as voters there went for Biden in 2020 by the highest margin of any House district currently represented by a Republicans.

A special election is being planned for in the near future, and multiple top political officials in New York think an indictment could come as early as the spring. If one were to happen, the state’s law would allow the Republicans and the Democrats to handpick their nominees instead of holding a primary.

Jay Jacobs, who serves as the Nassau County Democratic chairman in addition to being the state Democratic chairman, said he would not expect much drama around the process, if it comes. Jacobs said he expected to consult with the neighboring county chairman, Queens’ Rep. Gregory Meeks, given that about 13% of the district is contained there, and with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, as both the House Democratic leader and a New York member of Congress himself. But Jacobs said the buzz about the return of ex-Rep. Tom Suozzi, who previously held the seat and trounced Santos in the 2020 race, was “certainly interesting.”

When asked about a return to Washington, Suozzi didn’t reply.


What Has Happened to Jack Martins and the Nassau County Count Comptroller Elaine Phillips In The Last Three Decades?

“If there’s any chance he will be the nominee, you’ll be able to see it in the campaign finance filings – I’ll contribute to his campaign,” he said, while also predicting that the damage Santos has already done with voters in the district would hurt efforts to recruit anyone else.

Republican chatter about alternatives, either in a special election or next year, has largely circulated around Jack Martins, a former Republican state senator who lost to Suozzi in 2016. Martins did not return a request for comment.

Some speculation has also circulated around Nassau County Comptroller Elaine Phillips, but several other prominent local Republicans have already passed, officially or in private conversations.

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