We have 15 movies that we can’t wait to see in the year 2023

New Movies in Hollywood: The 15 Most Predicted Movies That Come To Tonight (plus a Tribute to Magic Mike)

Blockbusters are back, baby! Between the early returns on Avatar: The Way of Water and the $1.5 billion that Top Gun: Maverick brought in globally, everything old is new again (again) in Hollywood. That could be a very good thing for studios in the coming year, which promises some very-long-awaited sequels, hot Willy Wonka, superheroes galore, and several minutes of Tom Cruise running. The slate of movies being released in 2023 is jam-packed; these are the 15 we’re most excited to see.

The idea of Steven Soderbergh directing a stripper drama with his own story still seems preposterous ten years later, after one stage musical, reality show, and soon-to-be three movies. But it works! And Tatum’s ready to slip into—and out of—his tearaway pants one more time. Magic Mike’s third installment finds Mike Lane (Tatum) broke and bartending back in Florida, where he meets a socialite (Salma Hayek) who convinces him to take his pelvic gyrations across the pond, though her reasons for luring Mike to London aren’t purely for the love of a proper floor-humping. The amount of water splashed on dancers makes the trailer stand out compared to flashdance.

Creed III: From the Rocky Franchise to the Quantum Realm, or “Guardians of the Gladiator”, or How Paul and Paul Rudd Get Their Oasis

The most delightful series in theMarvel Cinematic Universe is the one that is not profitable, Ant-Man. A man named Paul. Rudd is not on the show. The most likable man in Hollywood plays petty criminal turned Avenger Scott Lang, who has a suit that allows him to shrink or grow. In the movie, Lang and Hope are swept into theQuantum Realm to face off against Kang the Conqueror, who is also a time-traveling baddie.

Just when you think the Rocky franchise has played itself out, it gives you a compelling reason to keep rooting for it. In the case of Creed III, which centers around Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), son of the original series’ Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), it’s the chance to witness Jordan’s directorial debut. The film revisits themes of a fraught relationship between Creed and Apollo, as Adonis and Dame Anderson work together to end a feud between the two.

This is much like “Guardians of the Gladiator” with a lot of weird characters, a lot of strange design, and lots of production design.

The film bears little resemblance to the original “Ant-Man”, or even its sequel, because of the comedy and smaller plot.

The third movie in the franchise was directed by Director, Peyton Reed, and the movie begins with a similar sense of humor, but it is not as similar as the first one.

Majors invested him with quiet menace and majesty, even though he was in the TV series, because they thought audiences would not be prepared for the threat that he represents. If Kang is destined to become the central antagonist as the next batch of movies again build toward an Avengers-sized showdown, Majors is the one thing to emerge from “Quantumania” on which anyone could hang their hat.

The structural problem is that when it comes to the hero-villain romance, the power and scope of their evil plans make it feel like a mismatch, which Majors will need to get over. It’s a point overtly made by Kang himself, who sneers at Ant-Man, “You’re out of your league.”

A global pandemic, obviously, significantly altered the theatrical playing field for everyone in Hollywood after Marvel’s smashing success with “Avengers: Endgame,” but the studio hasn’t felt like quite as much like a big-league player since that climactic event.

The third ‘Ant-Man’ has taken a necessary step toward something bigger due to its emphasis on the role of Kang, and will be followed by the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘The Avenger’s’ sequel this year. It is a small step, and similar to much of the recent work of the company, only makes the movie bigger in the future.

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