Republicans are angry at DirecTV because they think itcensors conservative voices

The DirecTV-AT&T Case: Why Cable Broadcast Broadcast Newsmax is a Free Market, Not a Tech Company

Several Republican senators unleashed on the satellite carrier Wednesday over its move to drop the right-wing channel Newsmax from its lineup, adding to mounting pressure DirecTV has faced over the matter. The senators wrote in a letter to the company that they were deeply disturbed by the decision.

Republicans have pushed a theme that Big tech and the media dislike conservatives, and want to whitewash their voices from the public conversation.

Of course, rarely is reality in sync with that narrative. And, in this case, Republicans — who purport to embrace a pro-business posture and support the free market — are ignoring glaring facts to effectively help bully a private company into paying for a product it doesn’t want or believe would be financially prudent.

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In fact, all signs point to this escalating in the weeks and months ahead. And if history is any guide, we could soon see Republicans drag executives from DirecTV and AT&T, whose shareholders own a majority of the company, before Congress over the dispute.

The right-wing talk channel launched on Tuesday a satellite carrier which refuses to pay millions of dollars to promote its low rated programming.

Donalds said that they had an issue with a lot of the media companies and that they were doing everything they could to end it.

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