In 2008, GeorgeSantos admitted to using stolen checks in Brazil

A Brazilian shop clerk allegedly defrauded out of more than $150,000 dollars in 2008, according to a CNN interview with Jocon José Manuel Santos

On June 17, 2008, at a shop in Niteri,Santos used stolen checks to make purchases. When making the purchase, he used an ID card with the checkbook owner’s name and a picture of himself, according to police documents.

Police had suspended an investigation into Santos because they were unable to find him for nearly a decade. But law enforcement officials in Brazil will reinstate fraud charges against the New York Republican, CNN reported Tuesday.

In the past three years, police have called Santos several times to speak to them. The police were told in November 2010 that the checks were stolen from her purse and that her son had used at least four of them. Santos’ mother was Costa Alemao’s nurse prior to his death.

Bruno Simes, a friend of Santos, said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday that he had forged the signature of the account owner on at least two checks to pay for merchandise.

The manager of the store told the police in 2010 that the clerk had to pay a portion of the purchase in installments and that some of the payments were waved by the store. The manager said that after the sale they were able to contact the bank account owner on the phone. He said he had closed the account in 2006 after losing the checkbook.

At one point the clerk was able to track down Santos using social media and, he said, Santos promised to pay him back but never did. The clerk turned over the pictures he found on social media. Screenshots of the conversations between the clerk and Santos are included in the documents obtained by CNN.

In June 2011, investigators filed a request with the Civil Police to take immediate judicial measures against Santos. He was summoned by a judge to respond to the complaint. Neither Santos nor an attorney ever responded. Three months later, authorities tried to deliver a summons for Santos at the prior home of his mother but he was not able to be located and she no longer lived there.

The prosecutors in Rio de Gerais will make a formal request for the US Justice Department to notifySantos of the charges when they confirm his location, according to CNN. The request will be filed on Friday, according to the prosecutor.

A Brazilian former shop clerk allegedly defrauded out of more than $1,300 by George Santos has a message to voters who cast ballots for the Republican congressman-elect: “Don’t feel guilty, he does that really well. He is a professional liar.

“You’re not going to be suspicious of someone who is well-spoken, educated, gentile… Simes said he disarmed people with those skills so that he could execute his frauds.

How to be frustrated with the business owner of a Brazilian jeweller: a candid account of the case of George Santos in Brazil

When it became clear they were fraudulent, the shop’s owner demanded Simões, then in his early 20s, pay the damages – roughly equal to four months’ salary. After the shop owner excused the remaining amount, Simes paid in installments.

“I was very frustrated. Simes said being deceived is a terrible feeling. It is worse to be mugged by someone with a gun but deceived by someone who is in bad faith to steal from you, to me.

“Unfortunately, I’ve been robbed in Brazil when I was younger, by someone armed… and I can guarantee you that I felt more frustrated in George’s case, who abused my good faith,” he continued.

In a 2009 social media exchange with Simões, Santos promised to repay him, saying, “I know I screwed up and I want to pay up.” “Santos never made good on the pledge and, barring a court order, I don’t have high hopes of seeing the money again.”

Even after he confessed, he never looked me in the eye to pay his debt. Simes told CNN that the debt was high when he took it.

People who make mistakes and regret them can end up living their lives as a fraud. I believe that is the case with George,” Simões said. I don’t think the chances of me getting this money back are very high.


Gerge-Santos: He Defrauded a Republican in the U.S. Capitol During the 2006/2007 Reionization Summit

On Wednesday in Washington, the embattled New York Republican was trailed by reporters through the hallways and tunnels of the US Capitol as the scrutiny and condemnation over his fabrications intensify.

“He [Santos] acknowledged having been responsible for forging the signatures on the checks, also confirming that he had destroyed the remaining checks,” authorities wrote in an inquiry report about Santos.

“It’s important to remember that in his statement to police said he got a checkbook, used only two checks and threw the rest of the checkbook in a manhole,” Simões said. “I don’t believe that, I believe he defrauded other companies and other people.”

Simes said it was important for him to let the world know that he is a liar and a fraud.

While he was a candidate he told a lot of lies about himself, but has refused to address them. After reports of his falsehoods first surfaced,Santos told the New York Post he had embellished his resume. He denied that he was involved in criminal activity.

Simões said he did not initially realize that same man he went after for defrauding him almost 15 years earlier had been elected to Congress in the US. But after a local reporter pointed him out, Simões searched Santos’ name online.


An Amish dairy farmer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, meets a New York congressman on an exchange deal with a dog-broadening business

“Honestly, it was a mix of shock and a comical scene,” he said of the revelation that followed. I was somewhat surprised to see him in a suit.

“I saw his photo and I remembered very clearly the photos I had seen of him when he was 19 years old. I wondered if it was possible for a criminal to be elected as a congressman. To me that was truly unbelievable.

A little more than five years ago, an Amish dairy farmer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, welcomed a nervous, fidgeting man onto his property to discuss the sale of puppies that the farmer breeds as a side business.

I said I don’t take checks. The only thing I can take is cash. And he said, ‘You expect me to carry that much cash to buy a bunch of puppies on a trip like this? I do not have cash. The only thing I can give you is a check,’” the farmer recounted. “I thought to myself, it looks like I am done!”

His instinct was correct. The check was bounced. The name on the item is “George”, and he is a recently elected Republican congressman from New York.

The charges centered on a series of nine checks totaling more than $15,000 that went to the dog breeders, according to Tiffany Bogosian, a childhood friend of Santos and personal-injury lawyer who said she assisted Santos in February 2020 after he was served with an extradition warrant.

Bogosian said she sent an email to a Pennsylvania state trooper, a copy of which she provided to CNN, on Santos’ behalf, outlining his contention that one of his four checkbooks had gone missing before the bad checks had been written. Speaking about the episode more recently, Bogosian said she no longer believes Santos’ story

In the farmer’s account, Santos was accompanied by an unnamed woman, described as an assistant, and asked to purchase a pair of German shepherds. A deal was reached inside the farmer’s milk house. The assistant quickly grabbed the dogs and left for the car.

Days after the exchange, Santos participated in an adoption event at a pet supply store in Staten Island, New York, according to the business’ former owner, Daniel Avissato.

Avissato told CNN he had written a check to the charity but when he looked at the bank transaction online, he noticed that the organization’s name had been crossed and replaced with a different one ofSantos’.

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