Boeing will plead guilty to fraud and a hurricanes lands in Texas

Biden is Going to Michigan for the White House: Kicking Trump’s Ass in an Election and Seeking Out a Way to Survive

On Friday, Biden heads to Michigan to campaign, hitting the third “Blue Wall” state in a week, after Pennsylvania on Sunday and Wisconsin on Friday. The states are seen as critical to the Democrats’ victory in the election.

Five House Democrats went public with their calls for President Biden to step aside from being the presidential nominee in the year 2024 after his performance in the debate against Donald Trump. Many others privately want him to withdraw, worried he could upend Democrats’ chances to retake the House and keep control of the Senate.

He attempted to show that his debate gaffe was only a bad night and not a sign of something more serious. He went to Sunday services at Mount Airy Church of God in Christ, where the praise band belted out the worship song “I need you to survive”, and the bishop urged the group to unite.

Felton said that they needed to forgive them for allowing the enemy to drive wedges. “Because if we ever lock arms and come together, there’s no election that we cannot win.”

At a campaign field office, Biden spoke about the economic issues important to voters and gave high-energy remarks.

“Dark Brandon’s coming back,” Biden said to the group of about 150 cheering volunteers — referring a superhero-like meme his campaign uses to mock his opponents. They are going to get a good look at who Donald Trump is in 120 or so days, he said.

Biden was flanked by Sen. John Fetterman and Rep. Madeleine Dean. “There is only one person in the country that’s ever kicked Trump’s ass in an election —and that is your president,” Fetterman said. He is going to do it again.

The virtual meeting was an opportunity for top Democrats in the House to convene before lawmakers return to Capitol Hill on Monday. Top leaders have generally avoided taking a position on Biden’s future as members grapple with a president and a party at a crucial crossroads.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said he wants Biden to “seek out people with some distance and objectivity” as he weighs his decision. He noted that an interview Biden did with ABC on Friday “didn’t put concerns to rest” about his candidacy — particularly Biden’s assertion that — even if he loses to Trump in November — what matters most is that he gives it his all.

Earlier Sunday, Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., said on CNN she was hearing some constituents urging Biden to step aside and others saying he needs to remain at the top of the ticket.

Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Calif., said he had spoke with Biden on Saturday. The president talked about what he’s seeing in internally polling data, and what his plans were for coming days. “He is so excited to be part of the campaign that I want to make sure he’s taking it seriously,” Padilla told MSNBC.

Biden faces a critical week in Washington, as his party’s lawmakers return to Congress — and world leaders come to the city for a NATO summit, where Biden is set to give a rare solo press conference, where he will be faced with answering more questions about his age and abilities.

Tom Brush believes the current state of the Democrats is sad and that the president should step aside for the sake of the party.

“My experience is that people can reach a stage in their life when they’re not is vital as they once were,” said Brush, 90, a long-time Democratic voter, in an interview at his home.

Joe Biden and the Republican Party: What Should We Don’t Know Before He Walks on the Hill? An Analysis of Biden’s Debate Performance

Biden blamed his poor debate performance on exhaustion, and insisted that his medical checkup found no indication of a serious condition. Biden told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he was sick prior to the debate with a “really bad cold.”

On the House Judiciary committee, the top Democrat is Jerry Nadler of New York.

After reports of Biden not doing events past 8 p.m. last week, the House Democrat spoke candidly about internal party discussions. Time is running out for a graceful exit of Biden if he chose to do so and Democrats don’t have much time for him.

Some Democrats were against calls for Biden to step down. Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson said Democratic “leaders” calling for Biden to quit the race need to stop listening to the pundits.

Indeed, many Democrats are still publicly supporting Biden, even as anxiety grows within their ranks. The issue is causing panic within the party just over a month before their August nominating convention in Chicago.

“Personally, I love Joe Biden, I don’t know that the interview on Friday night did enough to answer those questions,” he said. “So I think this week is going to be absolutely critical. I think the president needs to do more.”

He said in a social media post that the presidency of Joe Biden has laid the groundwork for a more perfect union. Four years ago, Mr. Clyburn endorsed Mr. Biden and he went on to win the South Carolina primary and become the Democratic nominee for president.

Mr. Clyburn caused some hand-wringing among Democrats last week when he discussed the possibility of a “mini-primary“ to replace Mr. Biden before the Democratic National Convention next month should he withdraw from the race. But he quickly moved to clarify that he considered the idea strictly hypothetical.

But Mr. Jeffries has done little since then to tamp down on what appears to be a groundswell of sentiment within his ranks in favor of replacing Mr. Biden at the top of the ticket. He did not speak up during the high-level private meeting on Sunday — which was billed as a listening session — to try to defend the president or rally Democrats around salvaging his candidacy, and he gave no indication to lawmakers about whether he believed Mr. Biden should continue in the race.

“The reality is Joe Biden has confronted and had to come back from tragedy, from trials, from tribulations throughout his entire life,” Mr. Jeffries said during an interview with MSNBC. “So the moment that we’re in right now is a comeback moment.”

The Biden campaign was able to take solace in the support of Black Democrats, who have been an important force in the Capitol Hill and in the party. It chose a Black church in Philadelphia as the backdrop on Sunday for Mr. Biden to make his case.

Mr. Biden told the congregation at Mount Airy Church of God in Christ that he had always been optimistic about America’s future if we stick together.

“I don’t care what anybody says — it ain’t going to be no other Democratic candidate,” Representative Maxine Waters of California told audiences at the Essence festival in New Orleans over the weekend. It will be Biden.

“The choice for American leadership and our democracy is clear,” Representative Joyce Beatty of Ohio, a former chairwoman of the Black Caucus, said in a social media post late Sunday in which she lauded Mr. Biden’s record as a defender of democracy.

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Boeing has agreed to plead guilty to a criminal fraud charge stemming from two fatal 737 Max crashes in 2018 and 2019, the Justice Department said in a court filing on Sunday. As part of the plea deal, Boeing will pay a $243.6 million fine, invest upwards of $450 million toward safety and compliance programs and be on probation for three years.

After a historic turnout in the snap elections in France, the far-right party fell far short of securing a majority. The country recorded a big voter turnout.

The National Hurricane Center said that there was a Category 1 Hurricane in Texas this morning. More than 100 Texas counties are under a state disaster declaration, according to the lieutenant governor. More than 2,500 responders have been dispatched across the state.

Source: Boeing will plead guilty to fraud and Hurricane Beryl lands in Texas

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