Judge doesn’t think that GOOGLE’s argument in the case is valid

“We’re walking on new terrain”: How Epic can push back against the Google Play Inequality in the High-Dimensional Case

There are some remedies proposed that are too vague and open-ended, which should cause a lot of headaches for Mountain View. According to the speaker, an illegal monopolist will have to pay some penalties. “This case is about the opportunity to compete generally. I am not looking for relief that is going to give a helping hand just to Epic. We are lifting the barriers and leveling the playing field.

Epic is hoping the court approves several remedies it had previously submitted, which Google claims are over the top and would “harm the privacy, security, and overall experience of consumers.” All eyes are on Judge James Donato, who heard both sides of the argument and gave some hints as to how he was leaning.

Rival app stores such as those from Amazon and Samsung also have struggled to persuade developers to list their apps outside of Google Play, because maintaining apps in multiple stores takes extra work. To even the playing field, Epic proposes that Google be required for six years to provide rival stores a way to list apps that are hosted on Google Play. That would allow people to browse alternative stores without feeling they are missing out on popular apps, giving the store a better chance of success in the long term.

We’re walking on new terrain for a while. That’s the consequence of broken antitrust laws, we need to do things a different way.

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