The smart home will be open to everyone in the future, with the goal of making the home a hub for technology

Eve for Android: Google Home APIs for Smart Home Device Makers, Smart Lock Maker Yale Access, and Dimming the Bedroom Lights

Google has announced that it’s opening up API access to its Google Home smart home platform. This means that any app maker — smart home-related or not — can access the over 600 million devices connected to Google Home and tap into the Google Home automation engine to create smart solutions for their users inside their own app.

Smart home device maker Eve is using the APIs to bring its app to Android for the first time “and build helpful automations like lowering the blinds when the temperature drops at night.” Additionally, Google Pixel devices will use the APIs to bridge “the digital and physical worlds so that bedtime mode can not only dim your screen but can also automatically dim your bedroom lights, lower the shades and lock the front door.”

He mentioned the workout app that could cool you while you are working out, and an app that could adjust the house to make it easier for people to come and go.

Van Der Staay said smart lock maker Yale is using the Automation API to allow its users to set lights to turn on when the front door is unlocked at night through its Yale Access app. The company may not include a small set of devices, for example, cameras, in V1.0 because it plans to make all devices accessible via the Home APIs.

Hundreds of device manufactures and smart home platforms support Matter.

The second-gen, mid-gen, and third-gen home Hubs will all be upgraded with a new ability called Home runtime.

The hub will be able to direct commands from the Home app to the customer’s Matter device when the phone is on the same network as the hub. He said that this means you will see improvement using local control via a hub for Google Home.

“The highly anticipated app will allow Matter devices to be added, controlled and automated directly and without any proprietary connection mechanism or fragile cloud-to-cloud integrations,” the company said in a press release. Eve forAndroid will provide more advanced functions such as measurement of energy appetite and generation for Eve Energy solutions, as well as the ability to make heating and cooling schedules for roller blinds in the Eve Blinds Collection.

While Eve hasn’t provided a date for the launch, the company says it will be once the Google Home APIs are publicly released. The first apps built on the Home framework will be in the App Store and Play Store this fall.

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