The people were waiting hours to see the trial

The DONALD TRUMP Trial Crowd: An Experience with a People’s Hush-Money Suspense

I’m just curious, you know? We have the chance to see him because of this object of my anger for eight years. “On days that I’m not working, I’ll try to come over to watch what’s going on, it’s fascinating.”

Mary-Ann Trippet, who lives in the Bronx, has also been at the trial for several days, but got to be in the courtroom the day Trump had a gag order hearing.

“I didn’t know him very well, so I started … slowly learning, and now I really strongly support him … because I really think his policy is good for the world and good for America,” Mohan said, noting that in 2016 she voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton. “America comes first, I really believe that. Every president of each country should think about their country first.”

The trial itself is being interfered with by Trump’s campaign, who pleaded not guilty. The presumptive GOP nominee has both supporters and opponents in the crowd.

Neil Mandt paid for a line sitter to get his spot close to the front of the line. A former ABC producer on the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, Mandt said he was curious to see another big trial.

Cauffman said that it’s difficult to get to New York City from where he lives, but he thought he would do it. I haven’t read any of the transcripts or got a sense of what the mood is like, but I have been following the trial closely. So I want to just have that experience with it.”

The opportunity to witness the proceedings firsthand was enough for several people to pay for dedicated line-sitting services. Cauffman spent more than $400 on line sitters for his four-hour train journey from Massachusetts.

Source: These people waited hours to see the Trump hush-money trial up close. Here’s why

First Look at Donald Trump’s Criminal Trial in Manhattan During a Conference with Eileen Lucuski and her Son, Andrew, at the Front of the Line

“It’s history.” It’s kind of great, too, to make sure to see things like this,” Eileen said. I wanted to see how the system works, and how it’s going.

Craig and Jessica Weinstein weren’t the only family members. Near the front of the line Eileen Lucuski waited with her son Andrew, who was home from college for a few days after finishing finals at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa. They arrived downtown at 3 a.m.

People line up outside a Manhattan courthouse to catch a glimpse of Donald Trump’s criminal trial in one of two rooms. Some are from out of town on vacation and others are line sitters and repeat visitors, according to NPR.

The first day of Michael Cohen’s testimony: a New York City protest against the anti-democratic agenda in the era of the Internet age

“We always like to do the historical events,” Weinstein said. “Last game at Yankee Stadium. There was a game at the stadium. We do anything that’s big. This is our thing.

Craig Weinstein and his daughter Jessica were among those in line on Monday — the first day of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s testimony — visiting from California for Mother’s Day. They arrived in downtown New York at about 5 a.m. Eating their oatmeal and fruit breakfast far back in the line, they hoped to at least make it into the overflow room to watch the proceedings.

This is going to be the only trial before the election, so I’m very upset. So something went wrong, in my opinion,” Weinstein said, describing herself as a “Rockefeller Republican.”

She said she was betrayed because she knew he was New Yorker and she didn’t like how he ran the government. Donald Trump has not followed the rules. I hope that New York City shows itself here.

The press assemble outside the courtroom daily and Trump speaks to them. In front of cameras, he used his time to be vocal about his opinions on a judge, the court staff and even the public officials that brought charges against him. He also uses these appearances to talk about the issues he is running on, like the jobs report, foreign policy and congressional debates.

His campaign regularly sends out fundraising emails, falsely boasting that he has “stormed” out of the courtroom after unfavorable rulings and he brings his closest allies to the courtroom itself.

Guests who attend court to support President Trump are not invited by his campaign, according to an official from his campaign.

These are not the first high-profile political guests he has hosted. To kick off Cohen’s testimony, Trump came with the company of Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.), Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.), Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird.

Trump said that he has a lot of surrogates who are speaking well. “They come from all over, and they’re highly respected and they think this is the biggest scam they’ve ever seen… election day cannot get here soon enough.”

A Defense of Donald Trump and his “Friend” Stormy Daniels: The First Day of Cohen’s Witness Testimony at the Trump Organization

Johnson, who came into the courthouse with Trump and the others, did not enter the courtroom itself and instead delivered remarks outside in defense of his friend, Trump.

“The system is using all the tools at its disposal right now to punish one president and provide cover for another,” Johnson said. “They’re using this trial as a hook. It’s so corrupt and everybody knows it.”

The second day of Michael Cohen’s witness testimony saw the arrival of the escort. Once also a staunch Trump “protector,” he testified to Trump’s knowledge and involvement in hush money payments made to an adult film star and the reimbursements paid to Cohen that constitute 34 felony charges of falsified business records.

Bird was one of the legal experts Trump said his guests came to show up, and that they view it as a scam.

Meanwhile Tuberville called the courtroom “depressing” and said it is putting Trump through “mental anguish,” reiterating that he was here for his friend.

Scott came for the morning of the second day of questioning for Stormy Daniels. Scott called the trial political persecution and supported his friend on the Fox News show. Before that, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined Trump.

Eric Trump, one of the former president’s sons and current executives of the Trump Organization, has been the only family member to regularly attend the proceedings. Tuesday’s group also brought in Lara Trump, who now co-chairs the Republican National Committee.

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