Consider this from NPR, which raises the question of whether Israel continues a cycle of radicalization or ends it

The fate of Hamas vs. the murder of innocent civilians: Why Israel needs to be wiped out before the Second World War is over

If this does not happen, Hamas will survive to fight and murder and rape another day — and its leader, Yahya Sinwar, will emerge from his hiding place declaring victory. And he will be right. To have a chance at peace between the Palestinians and Israelis, Hamas needs to be wiped out.

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But some experts — like Ambassador Dennis Ross, a former U.S. Middle East envoy — have warned that fully eradicating Hamas, or any terror group, is difficult.

The Health Ministry of the Palestinians says 33,00 people have been killed so far. H.A. Hellyer with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace believes that if there is a continued increase in the number of people, then Hamas could potentially be further radicalized.

The U.S. Army’s response to ISIS: An example of how difficult it is to win victory over an idea over Israel’s forces

Ross cites the U.S. military’s response to ISIS in the 2010s as an example of how difficult it is to win victory over an idea. He told NPR that the group could not be defeated by the military tactics of the U.S.

“We still have 3,000 forces in Iraq for one reason; to prevent ISIS from coming back. We have 900 in Syria to prevent ISIS from coming back. And the truth is, there are pockets of ISIS today, because ISIS as an idea has not been eradicated,” he said.

“With the civilian death toll being at where it is, I reckon Hamas will actually have a lot of people that will be willing to be recruited in order to defend themselves against further Israeli attacks,” he said.

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