The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapses while the SCOTUS takes on the abortion pill case

The Up First Report of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse: What Do U.S. Senators Really Mean about Israel’s Mission to Gaza?

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Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, a major transportation route for commuters and truckers, collapsed early Tuesday morning, leaving six people unaccounted for and presumed to be dead.

The US abstention from the UN vote on Gaza cease-fire resolution led to the cancellation of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Washington talks. An Israeli delegation were going to travel to the U.S. to talk about Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip. The abstention was a sign of the growing rift between the two allies. The Biden administration is puzzled by Israel’s objection to the resolution. There is a

Do You Need to Be Afraid of Me? And What Can You Do About Me? An Empirical Conversation with Catherine Combs

The homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided yesterday by federal agents. Homeland Security Investigative officials could not say whether or not Combs was a target of the raids. The purpose of the ongoing investigation is unclear. The 54-year-old rapper is accused of sexual harassment and assault in several lawsuits. One suit states that he was the leader of a criminal enterprise that could qualify as a dangerous criminal sex trafficking organization.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, last week revealed she was undergoing cancer treatment in an emotional video. Many have speculated about her whereabouts since December. She explained that she wanted to make her children feel comfortable with her. What does a reassuring conversation with a child about cancer look like? Health experts give their advice.

People describe something as “unforgettable” I can tell you that, because of how well she is a dancer. I first saw her perform two decades ago with the Dance Theatre of Harlem, and later with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre after overcoming a debilitating autoimmune disease.

She has a face that can make people happy and sad. Her body is lissome, almost lanky, though always in exquisite control. She has remarkable arms and hands, effortless extensions and wonderful feet.

You couldn’t ignore the fact that she’s tall, gorgeous, and you couldn’t help but notice her. And it’s a shame that there aren’t more videos of her performances out there for you to see for yourselves. But what you can see is her impact on shaping future dancers.

In 2018, she became the first Black woman to lead Juilliard’s dance division, introducing new styles and voice training, promoting self-care, and empowering students to pursue their passions regardless of gender or body type. I think her greatest attribute might be the breadth of her life experience: not only excelling in classical ballet and modern dance but also recovering from a major injury, earning a BA and MA, and building her own family.

She doesn’t just dance. She takes care of resilient people. It is not known what they’ll achieve. You can’t take your eyes off her. Listen to our conversation.

The Baltimore Public Works Department is investigating the Key Bridge Collapse: Six More People Are Still Missing and the U.S. Coast Guard is Suspended

Authorities say eight people, all construction workers who were repairing potholes on the bridge, fell into the Patapsco River below after the collision. Two were rescued, with one person in critical condition while the other person refused medical treatment, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said.

The six people are still missing. The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its search and rescue efforts late Tuesday night and said the six people are presumed to be dead, given the amount of time that had passed since the collapse and the temperature of the water. Recovery efforts are expected to resume Wednesday morning.

The ship, which is nearly 1,000 feet tall, lost power in the middle of its move toward the bridge at 9.2 miles per hour. Those onboard issued a mayday, which gave authorities time to stop the flow of traffic on the bridge.

The ship has had 27 previous checks. The hull of the vessel was damaged when it hit a dock in 2016 while leaving a port in Belgium. A maritime safety site stated that last year the ship had a problem withpulsion and auxiliary machinery.

The Key bridge, which is four lanes, 1.6 miles long and carries about 11.3 million vehicles a year, was fully up to code and had no structural issues, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said.

Source: What we know and don’t know about Baltimore’s Key bridge collapse

The Baltimore Port of Baltimore’s Industrial Connection is Close to the Route 487 International Linear Interferometry Bridge – A First Look

“We’re gonna get it up and running again as soon as possible,” Biden said. “Fifteen-thousand jobs depend on that port, and we’re gonna do everything we can to protect those jobs and help those workers.”

The captain and how the ship ended up moving toward the bridge have not been given by authorities. The FBI, National Transport Safety Board and state officials are investigating.

The impact of the economy is not known. 850,000 cars and trucks travel through the Port of Baltimore each year. The state says that the port gives out about 15,000 jobs, with $3.3 billion in personal income, 2.6 billion in business revenue and $400 million in tax revenue.

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