Sports streaming companies are working on a app

The Sports Streaming Platform: Bringing the Biggest Sports Networks together in the U.S. and Beyond, and What It Means for Sports Fans

There will be a sports streaming platform in the fall which will include offerings from at least 15 networks and all four major professional sports leagues.

The move to bring together some of the biggest sports networks could create an even larger selection of streaming options for viewers that aren’t limited to just specific types of sports and leagues. It could create the kind of super sports streaming service that sports fans navigating the awful current environment would appreciate — or it could just be a more expensive, incomplete, and bug-ridden version of what we already had with cable TV.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the launch of the new streaming sports service is a major win for sports fans and an important step forward for the media business. It means that the full suite ofESPN channels will be available to consumers in addition to the sports programming of other industry leaders.

Sports streaming has become increasingly fractured as some leagues opt to continue airing games on traditional cable networks, while others have struck deals with streaming services. Last year, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max streaming service launched a live sports add-on for an extra $9.99 per month.

Amazon Prime Video has a deal to stream games on Thursdays, and Apple TV Plus subscribers have a Major League Soccer season pass. Paramount Plus and NBC’s Peacock also offer select live sports streams. Local blackouts due to regional sports streamers are another issue the combined app will have to deal with.

The NBA: What’s triggering all this TV, and what’s happening when TV gets bigger, bigger, faster, cheaper and bigger?

“To me, the thing that’s triggering all this is the NBA. We see time and again that the NBA is the second-best franchise on TV behind the NFL,” Krim said. “You’re sort of staring at that renegotiation and new bids coming in that could include Google, Amazon, Netflix, Apple and others. It’s a good way to team up and stay competitive.”

TheNBA rights will expire at the end of next season, and both Discovery and Warner Bros. are in negotiations to get a new deal.

“I think knowing the cast of characters and knowing the original concept, that worked out really well for us, so that’s what I think.” So let’s do that again. “For live sports streaming,” he said.

The president and CEO of EDO compared the three companies teaming up for sports with how some networks did when they started on ABC and NBC.

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