It hopes the artificial intelligence model it has created will help it take down GPT-4

Bard Advanced vs. Gemini Pro: A Smarter, Faster, More Flexible, and Self-Improved AI

Right now, Bard is still just a chatbot: you type, it types back. There is a new version of Bard that could be more than what we currently have. Next year, Google is planning to launch a preview of “Bard Advanced,” powered by Gemini Ultra, which is the most powerful and capable version of Google’s new large language model. The multimodal version of the model that can accept images, audio, and video in addition to just text is called the Gemini Ultra.

Bard is now running Gemini Pro, the middle tier of the Gemini series. Ultra is the biggest and slowest but the most capable, Nano is small and fast and meant for on-device tasks, and Pro sits right in the middle. It’s meant to be the Goldilocks version of the model, really: fast and efficient while still as capable as possible.

Right now, Gemini’s most basic models are text in and text out, but more powerful models like Gemini Ultra can work with images, video, and audio. And “it’s going to get even more general than that,” Hassabis says. “There’s still things like action, and touch — more like robotics-type things.” Over time, he says, Gemini will get more senses, become more aware, and become more accurate and grounded in the process. “These models just sort of understand better about the world around them.” These models still hallucinate, of course, and they still have biases and other problems. But the more they know, Hassabis says, the better they’ll get.

Google, which declared a “code red” after ChatGPT’s launch and has been perceived to be playing catch-up ever since, seems to be still trying to hold fast to its “bold and responsible” mantra. As we get closer to the ultimate Artificial Intelligence that is self-improving, smarter than humans, Hassabis and Pichai are not willing to move too fast just to keep up. “As we approach AGI, things are going to be different,” Hassabis says. “It’s kind of an active technology, so I think we have to approach that cautiously. Seemingly, but optimistically.

The starting point of the larger project and step change is apparent from talking to Pichai and Hassabis. Even though it had been waiting for a long time, it may have had the right model before Openai and CHATGPT took over the world.

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