Two years later, the Cybertruck is still crazy

The Case for the Cybertruck: Why I’m Clued, but Why I Don’t Want to Tell You What I Saw Before I Left

Some people get to drive theCybertruck first, and that is fine with them. But I’m happier here, stuck behind a rope at a Manhattan showroom, squinting at a very large windshield mirror, because my boss has developed an unnatural fascination with it.

I will not try to get the wiper to confirm that it is two or three in nature as Nilay claims. I don’t want to get arrested for assaulting the Cybertruck. Nilay promises to bail me out if it came to it, but despite these assurances, I chicken out.

The Cybertruck is there. It’s a big, shiny, apparently extremely difficult to manufacture electric truck. Elon Musk wanted something straight out of Blade Runner, and the Tesla design team certainly delivered. Most people want to see these features in their trucks, so it is likely that it is also bulletproof, arrow-proof, and even able to float.

Tracy said the Cybertruck are basically the same thing that are being delivered to customers as these production spec versions. They are meant for the showroom floors. They look attractive because they are intended to get customers off the street.

How I Met Your Grandchild in the Super-Hard-Rolling-Small-Steel-Half Fury: What Happens When I See Them

It is certainly working. At 5PM on a Tuesday, the Tesla gallery is sort of bumping. It had more people than the Fisker showroom which was completely empty, but it did not have the same number of people as the Apple store.

An employee of the company asks what he should see, as if he is asking a real question. She sees her eyes light up when I tell her the Model Y is for funsies. She stares blankly at the distance while I fill out a form on her iPad, and then I laugh and say, no, I am here for the truck, what else.

Guys and their girlfriends are filming each other with their phones. (I was one of the dudes filming, but it’s literally my job, so I feel a little exonerated but also a little embarrassed.) There is an old man flirting with the young Tesla employee. My theory that the blade is two or three blades is being challenged by a couple of nice people.

The Cybertruck is in its super-hard cold-rolled steel glory, sitting there. No one can buy it yet. You can just look. This will be the case for a couple of years. An object at remove is fascinating to some.

Outside, two cops were walking by in the cold. One notices the Cybertruck and asks his partner whether they should go take a gander. Maybe take a few selfies. Naw, the other says. We can see it through the window. That’s close enough.

Tesla Fined for Air Pollution Violations Related to the Production of Stainless Steel Exoskeleton in a Reactor

The vehicle’s stainless steel exterior panels, which Tesla dubs an “exoskeleton” because it provides crash resistance from the outside, likely created production obstacles not present in vehicles made of more conventional materials finished with a coat of paint. The expensive process of painting can damage the environment and that’s where thestainless steel comes in. The company’s factory was fined by the EPA for air pollution violations related to its paint shop.

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