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The Fate of Gaza’s Hospital, According to a Joint United Nations Assessment and UN/Hamilton Report on the Eleventh Day of Operation

TEL AVIV, Israel — Piles of medical and solid waste fill the crowded corridors of Gaza’s largest hospital, according to the World Health Organization. And at least 80 bodies lie in a mass grave by the hospital’s entrance.

A joint United Nations humanitarian assessment team, led by the WHO, gained the first outside access to Al-Shifa hospital Saturday and saw first hand the dire circumstances of the facility, the groups said. The team only had to see the hospital for an hour.

Several patients have died over the past two or three days due to the medical services shutting down in the facility, according to the WHO. And now there are just 25 health workers for the 291 remaining patients, including 32 premature babies in “extremely critical condition.”

The remaining 2,500 people are on the Al-Shifa hospital grounds. The WHO said that civilians, patients, and hospital staff were evacuated by the military before the UN team arrived.

The Israeli military has told Palestinians in Gaza to evacuate further south along a so-called safety corridor. Evidence shows that Israeli air attack and fire happen in the same areas as Israel claims are safer for civilians. Attacks on schools, residential towers and overcrowded U.N. shelters have happened.

Over 200 people were kidnapped in the attacks on Israel by Hamas. There are still talks about a cease-fire that would allow people in Gaza to move about safely and also allow hostages to be returned to Israel.

The Washington Post reported a deal had been reached between the U.S., Israel and Hamas.

The Up First Newsletter: The Melting of Rosalynn Carter, Jimmy Carter, and the Death of Milei Carter in Plains, Georgia

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The former first lady died yesterday at her home in Plains, Georgia. She was 96. Carter was remembered for being a mental health advocate and humanitarian. Jimmy Carter has been in Hospice care since February.

Milei was elected as the country’s next president by a wide margin. Argentina’s economy minister was defeated in the election by a populist. The style of Milei has been compared to that of Donald Trump.

Source: Up First briefing: Remembering Rosalynn Carter; [Sam Altman heads to Microsoft](

Sam Altman: OpenAI Co-Founder and CIO, Steve Jobs and the Art of Black-Most Open-Aided Intelligence

OpenAI co-founder is a key player in the community. Sam Altman will be leading the artificial intelligence team at Microsoft. The statement came after Openai’s board of directors had a dispute over how to balance safety with the release of new tools.

Billy Porter is the first openly gay Black man to win an Emmy. He also has a Grammy and several Tonys under his belt. Porter says that he was told his queerness was a liability when he first came to prominence. Now, the artist is singing on his own terms for his newest album, Black Mona Lisa.

The artist was living in Israel when it was attacked by Hamas. When her family was rescued and evacuated to a hotel at the Dead Sea, her artwork wasn’t a priority. The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has a special display on her work.

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