Gaza residents break into a UN warehouse to get supplies

The Emergency Medical Emergency Room of Kamal Adwan: When the Electric Generators Go Out, Life is Difficult to a Gazan Hospital

We made a plea to the rest of the world to send aid to Gaza through that hope. In order for hospitals like Kamal Adwan to continue functioning, we desperately need more resources — especially fuel for our generators. If we cannot turn the lights back on and keep lifesaving equipment running, too many of our patients will end up needlessly dying.

As I was about to finish operating on a girl who had lost her leg, my wife stepped into the hallway and hugged me. Our home, she told me, had been destroyed in an airstrike on an adjacent building while I was in surgery. The only place we can call our home is the hospital. I close the door at night in my office to cry out in pain for my patients and family.

The hospital is close to disaster, as I write this. We are down to the last gallons of fuel necessary to run the electric generators, despite our most stringent efforts to ration it since the start of hostilities. Patients are carry between floors when the lights are out, elevators are out and the lights are not on. When the fuel runs out, we won’t be able to function at night. The tools and equipment used to run a modern hospital will no longer be useful. We will be forced to practice medieval-level medicine when the generators fall silent. If there is no urgent replenishment of fuel, the lights will have to go out forever and the hospital will turn into a mortuary.

Gaza Residents Break into U.N. Warehouse for Supplies as Israeli Barrage Continues” — the Red Crescent, the Red Cross and the Gaza Strip

The fighting in the north of the Gaza Strip continues, and we will do what’s necessary to achieve the goals.

The Red Crescent said on Sunday that it received warnings from Israeli authorities to evacuate the hospital in the Gaza Strip.

“Since this morning, there has been raids 50 meters away from the hospital,” it added in a statement on Facebook. Israel wouldn’t comment on the claims.

Meanwhile, an official said Israel is aiming for a significant increase in aid to Gaza in the coming days, calling on Palestinian civilians to head to what he described as a “humanitarian” zone in the south of the territory.

Meanwhile, President Benjamin Netanyahu, following backlash from Israeli politicians, was forced to delete an online statement saying that he’d had no warning of the Oct. 7 attack It was seen as pinning blame on security chiefs.

Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip were intense overnight. The IDF said it had struck more than 450 terror targets during the past day and that it continues to expand ground activities. An officer of the IDF was injured by a mortar shell.

“This is a sign that civil order is starting to break down after three weeks of war and a tight siege on Gaza,” the organization said in a statement.

Source: Gaza residents break into U.N. warehouse for supplies as [Israeli barrage continues](

Gazans break into warehouses and distribution centers of the United Nations Palestine Refugee Agency: “Micropolice” and “Rigidity”

Thousands of Gaza residents broke into warehouses and distribution centers of the United Nations Palestinian refugee agency, grabbing flour and “basic survival items,” the organization said on Sunday.

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