The Maine shooter’s body was near the scene that had been searched by police

A Game-Changing Approach to Deer Hunting: Collaborative Action Against A Newly Shooting Sergeant in the Bowdoin Woods

Pingree says those on the ground include a mix of traditional, small-town police who are used to being in the woods looking for lost hikers and hunters, as well as “the serious professionals from out of town who unfortunately are used to these kinds of searches.”

The start of deer hunting season on Saturday may complicate those efforts even more. Sauschuck said investigators are talking with local leaders to figure out how to protect woodsy search sites from hunters.

Lewiston and the area around it are under shelter in place orders. School districts and many local businesses are closed.

Authorities have not said what they believe Card to be armed with. Surveillance video from the night of the shooting appears to show Card holding a semiautomatic rifle.

It’s not clear how he was able to gain possession of the weapon, a question that many people are wondering since he has been dealing with mental health issues.

Card, an Army reservist, was at a National Guard training facility in New York over the summer when officials there became concerned about erratic behavior. They called the police and transported him to a hospital for evaluation, though it’s not clear what if any treatment he received.

Authorities on Friday declined to say whether law enforcement had been notified of warnings about Card’s behavior that would have triggered Maine’s “yellow flag” law. They also declined to say whether Card’s family was cooperating with the investigation.

Law enforcement officers swarmed the perimeter of Card’s home in Bowdoin on Thursday night, surveilling the property with drones and blaring warnings through a bullhorn over the course of some two hours.

Public safety officials said they did not know for sure whether Card was in the house, but that loudspeaker announcements are normal when executing search warrants.

Sauschuck reiterated on Friday that just because teams are at a particular location doesn’t mean they expect Card to be there too, but they approach those situations as if he could be.

And he sought to temper expectations that any police activity noted in the area should be taken as a sign of hope. He said that if a helicopter is hovering over a building, it doesn’t mean the suspect is inside.

“I think that every minute that this goes on we’re more and more concerned, because what’s the next thing that’s gonna happen?” he said. We understand that, and that’s one of the reasons we’re working around the clock to bring this individual to justice and try to bring some sense of closure to our community.

We know that bringing this individual to justice will have an impact on the healing process.

She spoke with U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday about the federal officers being sent into the area, which she says include the team that helped locate the Boston Marathon bomber (after a four-day manhunt in 2013).

More than 300 law enforcement officers from across the country are involved in the hunt for Card, according to the member of Congress from Maine.

Ssauschuck said he can envision teams eventually moving inland and to the land on the other side of the river to conduct ground searches. In the meantime, there will also be a “line search” in the area near the boat launch of officers looking for evidence along the shoreline.

He explained that investigators and the company that operates two dams on the river are cooperating to help with the search.

Source: Police are searching the river near where the Maine shooting suspect’s car was found

The Lewiston Shooting Robber-Cart River: A Digital Tip Line Organization for Detection by the Maine Shooting Suspect

The posters were used to point out areas where investigators will be looking on Friday, though they stressed that they were just a small part of the picture.

Residents of Lewiston, Maine and the surrounding area are on their second full day of sheltering in place as law enforcement continues searching for the man suspected of fatally shooting 18 people and wounding 13 others at a bowling alley and restaurant on Wednesday night.

Authorities describe 40-year-old Robert Card as armed and dangerous, and are asking residents not to approach him. They are encouraging people to report anything suspicious to 911 and share any potential evidence through a digital tip line.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the country are working around the clock to find Card and keep the community safe, according to the Lewiston Police Chief.

Commissioner Mike Sauschuck said that investigators were continuing to search for evidence in the case of Just-in-Time Recreation.

Law enforcement officers are also working on affidavits for digital media, including phones and computers. Sauschuck said that police are investigating over 3000 leads and tips from around the community, as their credibility “varies greatly.”

Teams are physically searching multiple locations for evidence that might lead them to Card, with Sauschuck stressing that investigators have “many irons in the fire.” One emerging focus of those efforts is the area near a boat launch where officials found a vehicle registered in Card’s name.

Source: Police are searching the river near where the Maine shooting suspect’s car was found

A New Look at a Shooting-Induced 23-Year-Old Shooter’s Body Near a Scene That Had been Found by Police

Authorities plan to hold briefings every morning and some afternoons, more than 36 hours after the shooting, so they seem to have settled in for the long haul. The clock is not running according to Sauschuck.

The trailer next to the car park had previously been cleared by police teams, but another team found Card’s body with two guns inside a trailer.

A self-inflicted gunshot wound was the apparent cause of his death, after a two-day manhunt prompted by the latest U.S. mass shooting — at a bowling alley and bar — that left 18 people dead and 13 wounded.

Sauschuck told reporters in Lewiston that police had recovered another weapon, that he called a “long gun,” inside the suspect’s car, but did not provide further details on the weapon.

A note found during the investigation had been addressed by Card to a “loved one,” Sauschuck said, and though it was not an explicit suicide note, it did include access codes to his bank accounts and a cellphone that investigators are currently trying to examine.

The names of all 18 victims of the Wednesday night gun rampage were released by police on Friday. The dead ranged in age from a couple in their 70s to a teenage boy.

The city’s police chief told Maine Public that he and his officers knew some of the victims or their families in the close-knit community.

“Seeing these pictures come up on the board, I know a couple of them myself,” said Lewiston Police Chief David St. Pierre, speaking at a news conference Friday with the photos of the victims shown on a screen behind him.

Many local communities were put on lock down, with shelter-in-place orders issued to everyone, and Card described as “armed and dangerous”, which was relief for local and state officials.

Across the most forested state in the nation, hundreds of officers were called to help look for the suspect.

Source: Maine shooter’s body was found near a scene that had been searched by police

Why Card was killed in a gunfight: President Biden’s apology for his “sad two days” for the entire country

Since the shooting people were able to attend events online but now they will be able to attend in person.

Janet Mills acknowledged that though Card may no longer pose a threat, there would be many people who didn’t feel comforted by his death.

After it was learned that the suspect had died in a gunfight, President Biden issued a statement saying it was a sad two days for the entire country.

“Americans have been devastated by gun violence and Congress needs to do something to help end the epidemic”, Biden said in his statement. Americans should not have to live like this.

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