The Maine authorities were in the middle of an investigation after 6 people were shot dead in a home and 3 others were shot while driving

Multiple fatalities and three injuries in Bowdoin, Maine, two days after the shootings began on I 295 with a man charged with murder

At least four people are dead and three others are injured in two separate shooting incidents that appear to be related in Maine, state police said.

BOWDOIN, Maine — Four people were fatally shot at a house in Maine on Tuesday shortly before gunfire wounded three others on a busy highway, in a pair of crimes that are linked, authorities said. Hours later, a man was charged with murder.

Police said the crimes began in rural Bowdoin where the bodies were found, and then went south on I 295 with gunfire. One of the three highway victims was critically wounded, police said.

The people were shot while they were driving, police said. Authorities stated that at least one of those three was in critical condition.

If someone has a hole in their vehicle, please contact us so that we can take care of it.

Keaten said a lot happened this morning between two scenes, and that authorities were continuing to work on several impacted scenes.

Associated Shootings on a Link in the Highway Shooti: A Case Study of a State Shooting in Bowdoin, Maine

In Yarmouth, traffic backed up on the interstate as police shut down the southbound lanes. The highway reopened later Tuesday, with the exception of one exit where the police were inspecting the car.

Police closed a portion of the interstate highway and residents and businesses in the area were ordered to shelter in place for about 90 minutes before authorities determined there was no threat to the general public.

A Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee; a bank in Louisville, Kentucky; and a Sweet 16 party in a small city in Alabama are all places where recent mass killings have shaken the community.

Police in Maine charged a man with four counts of murder Tuesday evening but did not identify the shooting victims or give a possible motive. Eaton was expected to appear in court later this week.

Law enforcement officers, some carrying long rifles, could be seen canvassing areas near the highway after the shootings. At one point, heavily armed officers at an off-ramp peered inside the trunk of a car that had apparent bullet holes in the windshield. A person of interest was taken into custody, and witnesses saw one person in handcuffs.

There was crime tape at the end of a long gravel driveway and a home where the shootings took place in the farming community of Bowdoin. There were about 10 law enforcement vehicles parked outside and investigators were moving about the scene.

“Like people across Maine, I am shocked and deeply saddened. She said that the acts of violence shook the state and the communities to the core.


A Roadside Emergency Medical Facility Near a Fleeing Market: A Story of Lenora Felker and the Water Treatment Equipment Inc.

The employees of Water Treatment Equipment Inc. locked their doors and put the shades on after they were told about the lock out, according to the manager. There were police cars, ambulances and fire trucks behind the cars on the highway.

Lenora Felker, who works near the highway at the market, said that when people started streaming in, there was a lot of law enforcement officers on the scene.

Felker said officers went to businesses to see if anyone had been wet and muddy fleeing. She knew all of the customers, and didn’t see anything strange.

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