A grand jury did not indict the officer who shot and killed the man

Jayland Walker, 25, was killed by 13 Akron officers after a shooting at a black man with a gun in the back of his car

A special grand jury in Ohio declined to indict the Akron police officers who fatally shot Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old Black man, dozens of times after a car chase and foot chase last year.

Police said that he was not armed at the time he was killed, but that he shot at police from his car. He had a gun in his vehicle at the time of the shooting. Yost said that the weapon found in Walker’s car was the same one that was recovered from a nearby road.

He raised his hand in the air and reached for his waist as he turned toward the officers. The officers fired because they believed Mr. Walker was firing again at them.

His death prompted an investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, as well as protests over racial injustice and police use of force, resulting in damage to local businesses.

The narration video shows parts of body camera videos from 13 police officers at the scene of the shooting.

The police shared some pictures from traffic cameras that showed a muzzle flash along the driver’s side of the car.

After several minutes, Walker’s vehicle slowed and Walker exited and ran, police said. Several police officers got out of their patrol cars and chased him, and officers deployed Tasers to stop him, police said, but were unsuccessful.

They were re-instated by October 10, according to comments I made to WEWS. The officers weren’t in uniform or respond to service calls while back at work.

The investigation of a shootout between a Fairfax County police officer and a son of his father, Timothy Johnson, was killed by an unarmed officer

The criminal investigation against a former Fairfax County Police Sergeant is related to the shooting death of Timothy Johnson.

Johnson was suspected of stealing items from a shopping center that day, Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis told reporters.

Shifflett’s attorney, Caleb Kershner, told CNN that the grand jury’s decision should be respected. He said that his client felt horrible about what was happening, but feared for his life.

The body cam footage shows the officers running after the suspect inside the shopping mall and a parking garage, while yelling at him.

One of the officers yells, “Get on the ground,” and then two gunshots can be heard in the video. An officer fired another shot after telling him to stop reaching.

“Earlier this morning, I sat with Timothy Johnson’s family and told them I expected an indictment to come today in the killing of their son, so I can only imagine their pain and shock when they received the news that the officer – who shot and killed their unarmed son – was not indicted,” Descano said in a statement.

No prosecutors were allowed to be present when investigating officers spoke before the grand jury, so he “can’t say for sure what information was conveyed,” the prosecutor said.

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