There are delays for the live reunion of Love is Blind

Learning to Stream Live the Reality Dating Show Love Is Blind: The Journey Through the Looking-Face of a Blind Single’s Anatomy

Fans waiting for the live reunion of the fourth season of the reality dating show, “Love is Blind,” were left waiting for over an hour.

The company is new to airing live events like most of its competitors. Chris Rock’s standup special was streamed live on March 4, the only live show to air on the streaming service. That streamed without a hitch.

But Netflix has been notoriously resistant – not because of technological hurdles, but because the company has repeatedly said live broadcast rights, particularly for sports, come at a high cost. Still, Netflix had a rough 2022, losing subscribers as consumer behavior shifted. As the media landscape changes, the company started experimenting with live broadcasts.

The series, “Love is Blind,” features couples who propose before they see one another. It helped the company solidify its reality TV chops when it started streaming three years ago, at a time when traditional network and broadcast television were essentially the only places to get a reality fix.

The show had been promoted heavily for several days by the company and it changed its website to reflect the cast members of the show.

Netflix Annihilation Decelerated After Two Years and a New $4.99 Per Month Plan With Ads & Free Prescriptions

One user said, ” This can’t be the same company that keeps raising prices and trying to hold our private passwords hostage while offering less in quality and quantity, could it?”

Netflix has undergone a series of changes since last year. In April, the company announced it lost subscribers for the first time in a decade. In October it said it had gained 2.4 million subscribers in the third quarter and that it would be introducing a $6.99 per month plan with ads. Over 450 people were laid off across two rounds of layoffs.

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