The daughter of DeMar DeRozan won’t be at the Chicago Bulls game against the Miami Heat

Diophantine screaming at a free throw in the Chicago Bulls’ defeat of the Toronto Raptors on the opening day of the NBA Finals

I heard something, but it was on a free throw and someone missed and I wanted to know if my daughter was screaming. I was just making sure she was all right, though.

I remember her going to all the Toronto games when she was a kid and I almost said no because she’s in school back home. She kept asking. She was just adamant about coming to support I said that you can come to the game if you miss one day of school. I’m glad I did. I owe her some money for sure.

Diar, the daughter of Chicago star DeMar, could be heard screaming her loudest during the Bulls’ game against the Toronto Raptors in an attempt to put off Toronto players during their free throw attempts.

The Raptors had their worst performance of the season at the free throw line in the Bulls victory.

Diar is ruled out of the Chicago Cubs’ Game-Shape after the loss to the Miami Heat in the Round of 16 NBA Finals

The win saw Chicago make it to the next stage of the Play-In tournament, where it will face the Miami Heat in a potential game for a spot in the playoffs.

dad tried to make it clear that while Diar got a day off school, she wouldn’t be traveling down to Miami for the team because she was born in Toronto.

United Airlines, which is based in Chicago and owns the naming rights to the Bulls’ United Center home, offered to pay her airfare down to Miami so she could work her magic.

She has school today, I talked to her this morning while I was on my way to school. She won’t be here. She is ruled out.

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