Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will be shown

The Paul-Fury fight in Saudi Arabia versus the previous two fights in the Supersymmetric Ultimate Heavy Ion Collider: A candid interview with Frampton

Sunday’s fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is one of the most hotly anticipated in the sport’s modern history – not necessarily because of their relative qualities, but because of the bad blood between the two.

The future of the sport itself will be changed this weekend if Paul and Fury exchange blows in the ring in Saudi Arabia.

The card will get underway at 2 p.m. ET (10 p.m. local time), with the eight-round cruiserweight bout scheduled to start at about 5 p.m. ET (1 a.m. local time).

It is also a massive fight for Fury – who has not fought since beating Daniel Bocianski in April – as he has for years had to live in the shadow of his brother and also faced criticism for not achieving more in the sport to date.

Paul only began boxing in 2018, but has since gone on to record six wins – including four knockouts – against a variety of sporting names, including victories against MMA world champions Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva.

“The build-up has been years and years in the making. We have been trying to make it happen for so long that there is more media out there that want to see it.

Since the beginning of the year, people from all walks of life have stepped into the ring, ranging from music stars to kids with TikTok.

Former two-weight world champion Carl Frampton said that at first the Paul vs. Fury fight did grate, but that he has come to understand the appeal of the event.

“At the very, very start, I was kind of like: ‘What is this?’ And as a boxer who’s dedicated his life to the sport,” Frampton told the BBC, “if I’m being honest, it did annoy me at little bit at the start that these guys were getting so much attention.

The World Boxing Congress’s biggest fight: Paul Fury vs. Mike Tyson in the Eight Round cruiserweight bout at Diriyah Arena

In an unprecedented event, the World Boxing Council – one of boxing’s four major organizations – announced the winner of the fight will receive a top 40 cruiserweight ranking.

The decision to allow the bout to go on has been criticized by the boxing community, but gives the bout a legitimacy that it did not have before.

A special commemorative belt has been created by the WBC. The winner of the fight will get the title, with the World Boxing Congress saying that the fight helps grow the sport by attracting thousands of new viewers.

Two of the three judges decided in favour of Paul at the end of the eight round cruiserweight bout at the Diriyah Arena near Riyadh, while the third judge gave the fight to the Englishman.

“In my first main event, 23 years old, I had the world on my shoulders, and I came through,” Fury said after the fight. This is a world title fight, to me. I trained so hard for this. This was my path.

Millions of fans were expected to tune into the fight, the latest pay-per-view bout involving a YouTuber to generate a social media buzz as promoters played up the bad blood between the two fighters. Just like a genuine world title fight, there were plenty of stars in the ring, including former champ Mike Tyson and comedian Kevin Hart.

Both had points deducted – Paul in the fifth for pushing his opponent’s head down while clinching and Fury in the sixth for too much clinching, a defensive tactic that’s often only allowed for short periods of time.

Don’t judge me by my wins, don’t judge me by my losses, all the respect to Tommy. After the fight, Paul said he believed he deserved a second fight and would come back.

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