A dangerous storm disrupt travel and cause power to be cut across the US

The U.S. Northeastern Rainfields Counted through a High-Temperature, High-Speed, Wind-Driven Storm

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People in the East can be forgiven for thinking that winter is over as they watch early blooms emerge. Monday’s temperatures in the central and eastern US were expected to be 15-20 degrees warmer than normal.

With confidence growing, the National Weather Service office in Burlington said that the first real fall-like system with gusty to strong winds and a period of moderate to heavy rain would hit the region.

New York and Boston will get 2 to 3 inches of heavy rain from the nor’Easter, but the storm system will pull away from the region Sunday.

There will be 2 to 4 inch totals across the region through Sunday with isolated areas getting up to 6 inches. Northern California could get up to 7 inches of rain.

The Weather Service says there is a chance of snow in parts of the Upper Midwest and freezing rain in northern New England by Thursday.

Though the storm is walloping some areas with severe weather, it’s forecast to track across drought-stricken areas, bringing much needed relief – including to the Mississippi River Valley area, where excessive rainfall is possible Wednesday.

The storm will bring mainly rain to the I-95 corridor, except for maybe a brief window of some heavy, wet snow on Friday night. The cold and rain will be a big deal in this area.

Most coastal communities will pick up 1 to 3 inches of rain through the weekend, and some areas of northern and central California could receive 3 to 5 inches of rain in total. Coastal erosion and flooded roadways will be the main concerns.

According to the NWS in Portland, there is a good chance of strong, possibly damaging, winds through at least 3 pm. Along the coast gusts are forecast 50 to 70 mph.”

Minneapolis could get between 15 and 25 inches of snow by Thursday. There are a couple of inches that have fallen there.

The Sierra Nevada’s Snowstrunk Runs Amok for a Good Start, and the State of California’s Water Supply is Growing Precious

If not impossible at times, travel in these areas will be very difficult because of the slippery roads and snow. Power outages will also be possible due to very strong winds.

There is a higher than average chance of tornado in the fall and winter in parts of the Southeast and Lower Mississippi Valley.

Damaging winds and rain are expected Wednesday morning through the afternoon in parts of Oklahoma into western Arkansas, across Missouri and western Illinois, according to the National Weather Service

The details for the areas most at risk from tornadoes will become clearer as the event approaches and smaller-scale trends become more evident.

California has got off to a great start with its key source of water, the snow covered Sierra Nevada, and it’s good news for some improvement in the situation in the state. The state of California was running more than 50% of normal by last week, according to the Department of Water Resources.

A winter storm warning was in effect into Sunday for the upper elevations of the Sierra from south of Yosemite National Park to north of Lake Tahoe, where as much as 5 feet (1.5 meters) of snow is possible atop the mountains, the National Weather Service said in Reno, Nevada.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation closed stretches of Interstate 80 and Interstate 76 in western as heavy snow and high winds made travel dangerous. The Nebraska State Patrol, which was called to deal with several crashes and jackknifed semitrailers overnight, urged people to stay off the roads.

MarkDeutschendorf, forecaster with the National Weather Service office in Reno, said that the snow level is more than twice what they would expect this December.

“It looks a lot like Christmas out here,” Deutschendorf said. “It didn’t come with a lot of wind, and it stuck to everything. It is similar to a picture postcard.

While he noted the snow totals so far are impressive,Deutschendorf said he iscautiously optimistic about this precipitation helping the state’s water shortage.

A Record-High Snowfall Total of 24 Hours in the Olympic Valley and the Anchorage-Missouri Department of Transportation (MN Weather)

The ski resort in Olympic Valley shared photos of thick snow on its website on Sunday, writing “We’re Buried.”

This storm is definitely going to stick out to you. We have received 7.5 feet of snow since December 1st. Plus, in just 24 hours from Saturday morning to Sunday morning, we received more than 35 inches of snow — the 6th largest snowfall total in 24 hours that we have on record,” resort operators wrote.

Travel through the area will be difficult Tuesday and Wednesday and possibly into Thursday according to the National Weather Service.

In Minnesota, the National Weather Service issued various winter weather alerts, including a winter storm warning, an ice storm warning and a winter weather advisory. The Minnesota Department of Transportation said in a tweet Monday, “Challenging winter weather could impact travel statewide all week.”

“The snowstorms that have hit Anchorage over the last week are historic in nature, bringing anywhere between 30-45 inches of snow to our city,” said Hans Rodvik, a spokesperson for the Anchorage mayor’s office, said in a statement to CNN Monday.

These areas have gotten relief from the dry season in the past week. In one week, the percentage of Tennessee that is under the extreme conditions has gone from 96 to 42%.

A tornado that traveled through the Oklahoma town of Farmerville, Alabama, after a 5 a.m. a day after the first tornado

Meanwhile, damage was reported in the Oklahoma town of Wayne after the weather service warned of a “confirmed tornado” shortly after 5 a.m. Tuesday. The video footage from Oklahoma TV station KOCO showed some damage to a home in Wayne, which is approximately 45 miles south of Oklahoma City.

A tornado that traveled through the town of Farmerville was rated an EF 3, with 140mph winds, according to the National Weather Service. At least 20 people were injured, and the tornado demolished parts of an apartment complex and a mobile home park, Farmerville Police Detective Cade Nolan said.

In Oklahoma, the city of Norman reported a tornado with police warning of downed power lines and debris.

“There’s no one traveling at the Flying J truck stop right now,” stated the manager of the truck stop. He said he got to work before the roads were closed, but likely won’t be able to get back home Tuesday. The first poles are outside and I can see them but not the rest of the lot. I’ll probably just get a motel room here tonight.”

The South Dakota Department of Public Safety tweeted Monday: “This is a ‘we are not kidding’ kind of storm.” People were told to stock up on essentials or stay at home.

According to the National Weather Service’s headquarters in Maryland, it will be a busy week while this system moves across the country.

Two people are missing after a tornado touched down on Monday morning in Utah, southwest of Keithville, and northwest of Wise County, where two people were injured

In northern Utah, a tour bus crashed Monday morning as snow and frigid temperatures blanketed the region. The bus flipped onto its side in Tremonton after the driver lost control while switching lanes, the state’s Highway Patrol said in a statement. The Highway Patrol said 23 passengers were injured, including some seriously.

In the South, a child has died after a tornado hit, and in Colorado and the Plains, interstates were shut down due to snow and high winds.

In Louisiana, a child who was missing after a tornado touched down in Keithville Tuesday was found dead, and a search for the young boy’s mother is ongoing, the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.

Roughly a dozen families displaced by a tornado in Liberal, Kansas, are being accommodated and about 10 trailers were also damaged, City Manager Rusty Varnado said. He said that one person was hurt by broken glass, but the injuries are not life threatening.

“It’s the worst damage I’ve seen in 17 years,” Nolan told CNN, describing seeing mobile homes lifted from their axles and frames and in some cases carried a quarter of a mile away.

There were several people who were injured while traveling in cars and first responders were still looking for them Wednesday.

In all, more than 200 million people in the US were under wind chill alerts from the Canadian border to the Mexican border and from Washington state to Florida, with below-zero wind chills expected in the Southeast by Friday. There are also winter weather advisories for ice, snow as well as flooding.

More than 3 million people in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas were under tornado watches early Wednesday. Possible tornadoes, hail, and gusts up to 75 mph are the main threats.

Videos showed destroyed homes and downed power lines after a storm hit.

In Wise County, two people were hurt and homes and businesses were damaged in Tuesday morning’s storms. One person was hurt when wind overturned their vehicle, and the other – also in a vehicle – was hurt by flying debris, officials said.

Tiyia Stringfellow told CNN that she was inside her apartment when the tornado hit. She was with her boyfriend and two young children and all of them survived without injuries, she said.

NWS metrologist Bill Taylor said the storm will stay in the area through the end of the week.

Travel is likely to be dicey across the Plains and then across the Upper Midwest through Wednesday because of freezing rain and sleet.

The Dallas Love Field Airport in Northeastern Flavor: Weather Forecasts Following a Monstrous Snow and a High-Violation Snowstorm

More than 1,300 U.S. flights were canceled Tuesday morning, and over 1,900 were delayed as of 11:30 a.m. ET, according to the flight tracker FlightAware. Dallas Love Field Airport is one of the airports that experienced the most flight disruptions.

A possible tornado blew the roof off the city’s service center — a municipal facility — and left pieces of the roof hanging from powerlines, said Trent Kelley, deputy director of Grapevine Parks and Recreation.

All roads in the northeast part of Colorado were closed. The severe weather in the ranching region could also threaten livestock. Jim Santomaso is a northeast representative for the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association.

In parts of central Minnesota, several inches of fluffy snow are expected Wednesday, followed by high winds, creating the potential for blizzard conditions. A blizzard is defined as having winds of at least 35 mph along with falling or blowing snow which reduces visibility to a quarter-mile or less, for at least three hours.

The monstrous storm that walloped much of the US this week has now brought nor’easter conditions as it moves across New York and New England ahead of the weekend.

In response to the massive storm system, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul warned residents of the hazardous road conditions the storm is threatening to bring as millions across in the Northeast are under winter weather alerts Friday.

“We urge everyone in the impacted regions to avoid unnecessary travel tonight and tomorrow,” Hochul said in a Thursday statement. “Work from home if possible, stay off the roads, and make sure you and your loved ones remain vigilant.”

In anticipation of what will be a week of travel nightmares, United, American, Delta, Southwest and Jet Blue have issued travel waivers for dozens of airports across the country from the South to the Northeast, because in addition to snow covering roadways, low visibility could make air travel dangerous.

Tornadoes in the South killed three people in Louisiana while also flattening many homes and other structures. Tens of thousands of people were without power in the week before Christmas, because of the fierce winds and snow that tore down power lines in the Upper Midwest.

Icing is possible in Louisville, Kentucky, while Charleston, West Virginia, can see ice up to a tenth of an inch.

Forecasts for the West Coast and Midwestern United States after the Calogero-Sutherland Superconductor and tornado tornadoes

In California, strong winds from the storm caused the power to go out to more than 130,000 homes and businesses, according to the Poweroutage website.

Meanwhile in Louisiana, Yoshiko A. Smith, 30, and her 8-year-old son, Nikolus Little, were killed Tuesday when a tornado struck Caddo Parish and destroyed their home, local officials said.

The NWS says that frostbite can be a risk for those trying to brave the cold. Subzero temperatures in some parts of the U.S. this week could lead to frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes.

There are places that will be warm but won’t be cold. The cold air will begin Thursday morning in the eastern Montana and the Dakotas. Current wind chills across Montana and the Dakotas are as cold as 50 to 60 degrees below zero and will fall even further after dark Wednesday.

Nashville and Memphis will also drop below freezing on Friday. The winds will make Friday feel like 3 degrees below zero in Nashville. They will only hit 26 on Christmas Day. Memphis could see their coldest Christmas since 1985 with a forecast high of 28.

Blizzard conditions occur when you have falling or blowing snow combined with winds of at least 35 mph leading to reduced visibility to at least a quarter of a mile for at least three hours.

Power outages will also be a concern for the Windy City as winds could gust as high as 50 mph on Friday. The storm will only get worse because the wind chills will drop to at least 20 degrees below zero.

“It’s night in the northern hemisphere Arctic regions and there’s snow and ice covering that entire area. So, you’ve basically got a source freezer sitting up there in the Arctic polar regions,” Greg Carbin, branch chief at the prediction center said. There is a lot of snow on the ground in the north-central United States, which makes the cold air can hold on to those characteristics.

An Outage Warning for Chicago, South Dakota and the First Snowfall of the Great Lakes Preseason Storm on Tuesday. Is It Still Possible?

Travel could be life-threatening later this week and be prepared to alter travel plans now. the weather service said.

Friday: The storm is expected to become a “bomb cyclone” Thursday evening into Friday. A bomb cyclone is when the storm gets so severe that the atmospheric pressure falls in 24 hours.

I-95 gets a lot of rain and that can be a problem for the areas that are currently seeing snow. “You can see some runoff melting, maybe even some flooding.”

This major storm is upping the chances of a white Christmas for millions across the country. There was snow on the ground and it was cold enough to keep it there.

“The probability is normally about 10% that the DC area will have at least one inch of snow on Christmas Day,” Carbin explained. In the next couple of days, if the pattern comes together the right way, I will increase the chance of that to 30% and it could go up a lot.

The city of Sisseton, South Dakota: In addition to the up to 4 inches of snow the state has already seen, snowfall up to 16 inches and winds of 45 mph are also expected.

northeastern Oregon, including Portland, is in a winter storm warning. The total snow and sleet amounts could be up to one inch and winds could be up to 55 mph. Wind chills as low as zero are possible, and frostbite is possible on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes.

Chicago is forecast to be one of the hardest hit cities, where a winter storm watch is in effect starting Thursday night through Friday evening. With blizzard conditions likely, holiday travel could grind to a halt for many seeking to celebrate with family and loved ones.

The weather service said water pipes will be at risk of bursting. A wind chill watch for Amarillo, Texas, is in effect from Wednesday night through Friday afternoon.

The weather service in Fort Worth stated that outdoor pipes will be at risk because of the cold and windy weather. “Make sure to cover pipes and let faucets drip!”

A “strong” high pressure system that swept down from Canada on Tuesday is expected to march towards the Southeast on Wednesday and Thursday, causing life-threatening weather systems across 17 states.

That may be good news for winter travelers. Many flights were canceled and delays were reported on Monday morning, most of them coming from the Great Lakes region.

Less than 6,500 customers in North Carolina had no power at the peak. Across New England, power has been restored to tens of thousands with just under 83,000 people, mostly in Maine, still without it. In New York, about 34,000 households were still without power Sunday, including 26,000 in Erie County, where utility crews and hundreds of National Guard troops battled high winds and struggled with getting stuck in the snow.

The Denver International Airport Snowfall Event Ends in a Category Three Hurricane and Declared the First State of State for a High Temperature Environment since 1990

Those venturing outside should dress in layers, cover their skin and change into dry clothing as soon as possible. But, experts say, the best prevention by far is simply to stay indoors.

The temperature at Denver International Airport was minus 24 degrees, the lowest since 1990. More than a quarter of all flights in and out of the airport were canceled Thursday. Nearly 480 more were delayed.

Snow could fall as far south as Jackson, Mississippi, Memphis and Nashville in Tennessee and as far west as Alabama on Thursday. Little to no accumulation is expected for most of the southern cities, however, Nashville could pick up about an inch of snow.

The storm is expected to reach the pressure equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane as it reaches the Great Lakes, with the weather service describing the strength of the low a “once-in-a-generation” event.

Still, strong gusty winds initially up to 60 mph accompanying the snow downwind from the Great Lakes will continue to make for extremely dangerous conditions on the road.

Governors in Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wyoming declared states of emergency. Governors in Indiana, Colorado and Missouri activated the National Guard.

The Kentucky Winter Weather Service is Ready and Reliable, and Governor Biden’s comments on Thursday night’s cold front in Cheyenne, Wyoming,

The governor told reporters the declaration will help ensure that essential supplies, especially propane, can be delivered for both commercial and residential needs.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear also declared a state of emergency, with wind gusts expected to reach 40 to 50 mph on Friday and minus 10 to minus 26 degrees wind chills expected on Saturday. Beshear asked residents to stay off roads and to have a backup heat source.

President Biden spoke to reporters Thursday morning in front of a national map of wind chill forecasts. “This is not like a snow day when you were a kid. This is serious.

The cold front has moved so swiftly that temperatures across the Rocky Mountains plunged at record paces. On Wednesday night in Cheyenne, Wyo., the temperature dropped more than 30 degrees in just nine minutes.

In Texas, where a 2021 winter storm overwhelmed the state’s power grid and ultimately killed more than 200 people, officials said they expected the grid would hold up as forecasts called for cold weather but little precipitation.

The grid is ready and reliable, according to Peter Lake, chairman of the state’s Public Utility Commission. “We expect to be able to provide sufficient generation to meet demand for the entire winter weather event.”

KCUR’s Last Name: A Memorandum with Pete Velasquez, Director of Aviation Operations in O’Hare and Midway

The city’s main airports, O’Hare and Midway, are the hub for major airlines and the crews were working around the clock to keep flights moving.

Andrew Velasquez, the city’s deputy aviation commissioner, stated that the individuals will have a large amount of snow removal equipment, deicer and salt at their disposal.

In neighboring Oklahoma, residents in Oklahoma City are under a winter weather advisory through Wednesday afternoon, with the expectation of seeing up to two tenths of an inch of ice.

Several area shelters had added beds this week; still, many reported being at or near capacity. Some people sought shelter on the streetcar after crews worked through the night to clear the route and platforms.

“The library is closed. So it’s only this or the bus, or you go into a parking garage, but you’ll probably get kicked out,” said Pete, who said he did not have a permanent place to live and declined to give his last name to KCUR. There is not a lot you can do.

Snowmobiles in Central New York, California, and Kansas City during the Superstorms of November 13, 2001: A Newly-Fixed Man’s Dead Body Found Outside a Motorhome

“We’re very hardy here,” said Lisa Carter, who operates a snowmobile rental business in West Yellowstone. “We deal with cold like this all the time. We’re not doing anything extra because we’re used to it. We don’t go outside.

Hank said he would be working through the cold to keep his hay out for his animals.

Reporting was contributed by Eric Adelson, Robert Chiarito, Ann Hi Manga Klein, EllenYan, and Sarah Maslin Nir from New York.

All modes of travel – planes, trains and automobiles – were being disrupted: There were hundreds of miles of road closures and flight cancellations were growing rapidly. In New York, flooding along the Long Island Rail Road forced part of the Long Beach branch to temporarily shut down.

Mick Saunders, a Buffalo, New York, resident, said that Christmas is canceled as he was two hours into the storm. It was agreed by everyone that it was safer this way.

The governor said that three people died in Kentucky because of the storm, two of them in vehicle crashes. The man’s body was found outside with no obvious signs of trauma and an autopsy would determine the cause of death, police said.

In Kansas City, one person died after losing control of their Dodge Caravan on icy roads Thursday afternoon, according to the Kansas City Police Department. “The Dodge went down the embankment, over the cement retaining wall and landed upside down, submerged in Brush Creek,” police said in a statement.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul, the Kitchen Sink Storm, and the Cancellation of Flights Associated with the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, which closed overnight due to the Snow

At a press conference Friday afternoon, Hochul said that he referred to the kitchen sink storm as a kitchen sink storm. Mother nature did not spare us this weekend, with ice, flooding, snow, freezing temperatures, and a lot of other things.

Emergency response efforts were rendered paralyzed by the storm’s fury, as Hurricane-force winds and snow caused whiteout conditions. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said almost every fire truck in the city was stranded Saturday. They said the airport would be closed through Tuesday. The National Weather Service said the snow total at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport stood at 43 inches (109 centimeters) at 7 a.m. Sunday.

“My mother lives about 30 minutes away and so does my sister and her family, in the other direction,” he said. “We always get together for Christmas Eve and Christmas, but we’re all hunkering down in our houses until it all stops on Monday.”

About 3,800 flights into or out of US airports have been canceled as of 7 p.m. ET Monday, according to tracking site FlightAware.i The total includes more than 2,500 flights canceled by Southwest Airlines, which canceled 70% of its flights.

An Ice-Driven Storm in South Central Michigan: It’s Cold in Nashville, Not in Los Angeles, But In Nashville, It Happens to Be Cold

There is still a chance of more light snow in some parts of southeast Michigan. Meanwhile, across the state, temperatures will be below freezing on Friday. Forecasters expect the weather to warm up by Sunday.

The ice caused the closure of runways at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where nearly half of flights going into and out of the airport were canceled, according to FlightAware. Sound transit’s express services were suspended Friday due to the icy conditions.

If you have a walk-in freezer and get naked and sit around for a while, it’s cold enough in Gillette, Wyo., where Randy has a 20,000-acre cattle ranch.

Just as painful was the cancellation of thousands of flights, leaving many weary travelers stuck in airport terminals realizing that they were not going to be home for the holidays as planned.

The flight home from New York was canceled and re-booked for Monday, according to Sharisse Wooding, a school principal from Memphis.

It was all “a little heartbreaking,” she said, lingering at La Guardia Airport as she tried to regroup. This is not how I want to spend my Christmas break.

In Nashville, a layer of ice and snow accompanied by zero-degree temperatures left the city’s normally boisterous downtown relatively quiet, without the usual throng of tourists for the holidays.

Steam rose into freezing air off the Cumberland River as Kyle Elliott, 29, trudged above it on a pedestrian bridge, a guitar strapped on his back. Fifteen minutes into the walk, he could no longer feel his feet.

“I’ve never experienced weather this cold before,” said Mr. Elliott, a native of Tennessee. I have never felt my facial hair grow cold. I have now.

WPLN’s Gina Pfleger reported that it was necessary for the Tennessee Valley Authority to ask local utilities to cut their electricity use due to the severe cold gripping the area. Customers in Nashville will experience 10-minute outages every few hours, until the power load stabilizes.

Warming a Buffalo Family Halving in Dark-Cold Homes During the First Storms of the First Moira Day of Winter. Response to the Chicago Harbor Flood

On Friday, Steve and Tara Agan had a pasture trail leading up to their farm that was filled with cows hungry for food.

Ms. Agan said that keeping her fingers warm while bottle feeding some of the calves was the biggest challenge. “But you don’t have a choice. You have to come out. The animals need the same amount of food in the winter as they do in the summer.

Goran Nedeljkovic, 59, a mail carrier in Chicago, said he was surprised that the postal service required letter carriers to complete their routes by foot on Friday.

“I have five or six layers on, so my body is OK, but my fingertips keep freezing through my gloves, my glasses keep fogging up and my scanner isn’t working because of the cold,” he said.

Many New Englanders reacted to the storm with a characteristic mix of stoicism and acceptance, even as downed trees and tidal surges knocked out power and closed roads. At the Landing, a brown-shingled restaurant at the edge of Marblehead Harbor, north of Boston, Dina Sweeney, the manager, stood outside watching the gray water heave and crash through the metal grates and railings at the harbor’s edge, scattering seaweed across the parking lot.

Inside the building, she said, flooding had caused significant damage, buckling the floor, despite the protective hatches built into the structure that allow the ocean water to pass in and out.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/12/23/us/winter-storm-snow-weather/in-buffalo-families-huddle-in-dark-cold-homes

In Buffalo Families Huddle in Dark-Close Homes During the Winter Storm Snow Season, a Los Angeles Times Report of Janie Linney

On Friday, Linney awoke at her parents’ house in Efland, which is about 40 minutes northwest of Raleigh, hoping to start her day with a yoga class.

Ms. Linney’s parents live on a 10-acre property and get their water from a well. Water could not be pumped because of no power. So on Friday afternoon, Ms. Linney, who had traveled from her home in Southern California for the holidays, was in nearby Durham, picking up Vietnamese food for lunch — as well as a good deal of bottled drinking water.

Ms. Linney was concerned that the power would not come back on again before the temperature plummeted to 9 degrees on Friday night.

“We’re going to keep the wood stove on,” Ms. Linney said. She said that if the power went out again, they would have to bunk down at another persons house.

At Ponce City Market, a trendy indoor-outdoor mall along the Atlanta BeltLine, the city’s recreation trail, most of the action was inside, as shoppers ran errands two days before Christmas.

At an outpost of Marine Layer, a clothing store, Jennifer Velasco, an employee, was waiting on customers in a poofy winter coat and a white wool hat. The wind and cold would come in whenever the door was opened. Ms. Velasco, who moved to Atlanta from Houston a few months ago, was not pleased.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/12/23/us/winter-storm-snow-weather/in-buffalo-families-huddle-in-dark-cold-homes

The Chicago O’Hare International Airport: The Fate of Central Florida Vehicles, a Highway Accident, and the Stability of Shelters

They opened emergency shelters for people who needed the basics but didn’t have enough money to pay for food and supplies.

The weekend weather is expected to dip into the 30s in Central Florida, a worrisome plunge for Keishaun Johnson, who has three children, a dog named Midas and no stable housing situation.

She went with her family to the homeless shelter in downtownOrlando to get supplies for the cold weather.

“We got jackets, blankets, all the hygiene stuff, clothes, socks, everything,” she said. I think this weekend is going to be better for me because it was really scary.

Travelers who went to the Chicago O’ Hare International Airport said they were surprised at the lack of chaos.

The Netzels were waiting to fly to Phoenix from Chicago, and Joe thought that they would not be able to get in the door. Our flight is on time.

At least six people have died in crashes, with at least four deaths in a pileup of about 50 vehicles on the Ohio turn.

Amtrak is Reducing Winter Power Failures in the South After the Great Lakes Blast Cyclone and Decaying Power Lines

WPLN’s Blake Farmer reported that as the front hit, parts of the South experienced wind chills of minus 20 degrees, and gusting winds knocked out power to thousands of homes across Tennessee and Kentucky. People were asked to stay home if possible by emergency responders.

And getting the lights back on has been no easy task, as utility crews are faced with dangerous weather conditions that made accessing the substations difficult, according to Hochul.

It can be difficult to access areas with downed power lines, downed trees and very icy roads. If the wind is over 35 miles an hour, bucket trucks can’t be used. “And so those combination of things will limit the ability of crews to get out there and get the power back on.”

Heavy rains and high winds caused flooding along the coast of New Jersey that was as high as 9 feet. The Hudson River flooded the interior locations.

“That affects anyone who has a connecting flight, and we’re going to see a lot of people missing connecting flights due to these delays,” Bangs said.

Denver International, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International and Chicago’s O’Hare airport were among the US airports most affected by delays and cancellations, according to FlightAware’s “Misery Map.” The airport was closed until Monday, December 26.

As it moved over the Great Lakes, the storm became a “bomb cyclone,” bringing blizzard and winter weather alerts along with whiteout conditions. Heavy snow left many emergency vehicles stranded in New York state and caused widespread power failures.

Amtrak said Friday morning that the severe weather “has caused Amtrak to make several service and cancellations from now through Sunday, December 25.” The train company said impacted customers should be able to take trains leaving at similar times or on another day.

On its service alerts page, UPS listed impacted states and zip codes. It had previously warned that “some delivery and pickup services” may be affected.”

FedEx said it had had disruptions at two of its processing hubs, but all FedEx Express locations have been impacted by the winter weather, and that there will be delays for package deliveries across the US.

As of Friday, the USPS said it had temporarily shut down 89 post offices, and Amazon said it “temporarily closed” some of its sites in the impacted areas.

An Emergency Emergency Emergency Management Plan for Erie County, New York City, During a Winter Snowstorm on December 24 During the First Day of Christmas

New York City saw record cold temperatures on Christmas Eve at several locations, including its JFK and LaGuardia airports. The high at Central Park was 15 degrees, marking its second-coldest December 24 in at least 150 years, according to the National Weather Service.

At least 27 people have died as a result of the storm in New York’s Erie County – many of them in Buffalo, which was buried by up to 43 inches of snow and slammed with fierce blizzard conditions that made for blinding drives over the Christmas weekend.

Customers in 13 states in the eastern half of the country were asked to conserve power and to set their thermostat lower after Saturday because usage was straining the grid.

PJM Interconnection serves over sixty million people in Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

The US Department of Energy declared an emergency Friday due to a shortage of electricity in Texas.

The frigid temperatures make it hard for the crews to repair a large water main break, which has caused a loss of water pressure for residents.

“We are grateful to the crews who are braving these frigid temperatures on this Christmas Eve night, while working to restore pressure to residents. The sacrifice does not go unrecognized and is appreciated by both the administration and the residents who are affected, according to the release.

As blistering blizzard conditions swept the region, about 500 motorists found themselves stranded in their vehicles Friday night into Saturday morning, according to Poloncarz, who described frightening conditions on the road.

New York State Police Counts Three Deaths in the First Month of the Great Walls Snowfall: State Police, Rescue Teams and Emergency Medical Response

The National Guard troops are helping in New York. State police had been involved in over 500 rescues by Sunday, including delivering a baby and helping a man with 4% left on his mechanical heart, the governor said.

Videos on the internet documented cars sliding on the roads and people slipping as they walked on the sidewalks in Seattle.

Hochul plans to ask the federal government for a declaration of emergency so that they can seek reimbursements for the extraordinary expenses of all the overtime. We have deployed individuals but also utility crews that come and make sure we have the vehicles we need.

Two people died in their suburban Cheektowaga, New York, homes Friday when emergency crews could not reach them in time to treat their medical conditions, and another died in Buffalo. Four more deaths were confirmed overnight, bringing the total to seven in Erie County. County Executive Mark Poloncarz warned there may be more dead.

When people are unable to get to medical attention because of a storm, it’s a crisis situation that begins before your eyes, and you realize that life saving ambulances and emergency medical personnel can’t get to them during a storm.

Colorado: Police in Colorado Springs reported two deaths related to the cold since Thursday, with one man found near a power transformer of a building possibly looking for warmth, and another in a camp in an alleyway.

The storm system is forecast to gradually weaken as it lifts into southeastern Canada, moving slowly during the next couple of days and pulling arctic air from Canada down into much of the eastern side of the country.

Western New York is drowning in thick “lake effect” snow – which forms when cold air moves over the warm waters of the Great Lakes – just one month after the region was slammed with a historic snowstorm.

By Christmas night into Monday, another low pressure system coming from the Pacific will deliver the next surge of moisture toward the Pacific Northwest and then into northern California, according to the Weather Service.

Monster winter storm through u-s claims at least 34 lives in the United States against the cold: A desperate decision to leave the car

Millions of people decided to stay indoors against the cold on Sunday, even as a storm that has killed at least 34 people across the United States claimed more lives.

Daylight revealed cars nearly covered by 6-foot snowdrifts and thousands of houses, some adorned in unlit holiday displays, dark from a lack of power. The National Weather Service warned that the additional 1 to 2 feet of snow was possible in some areas with wind gusts of 40 mph.

Some were found on the street, in the snow and in cars. “We know there are people who have been stuck in cars for more than 2 days.”

“There’s one warming shelter, but that would be too far for me to get to. I can’t drive, obviously, because I’m stuck,” Manahan said. “And you can’t be outside for more than 10 minutes without getting frostbit.”

On his way to visit relatives in Hamilton, Ontario, he and his daughters had their SUV trapped in Buffalo, which was why they were not allowed to leave. Unable to get help, they spent hours with the engine running, buffeted by wind and nearly buried in snow.

By 4 a.m. Saturday, their fuel nearly gone, Ilunga made a desperate choice to risk the howling storm to reach a nearby shelter. He carried 6-year-old Destiny on his back while 16-year-old Cindy clutched their Pomeranian puppy, following his footprints through drifts.

“I’m going to die here with my kids and I need to leave the car,” he thought. The family went through the shelter doors and he cried. It is something that will never be forgotten in my life.

Source: https://www.npr.org/2022/12/25/1145492047/monster-winter-storm-across-u-s-claims-at-least-34-lives

Wreaking in the Snow: William Kless and his Family in Buffalo, NY, during a Stochastic Christmas Day Weather Event on Sunday

PJM Interconnection’s utilities could take care of the day’s peak electricity demand on Sunday after some worried about rolling blackouts across eastern states. The mid-Atlantic grid operator had called for its 65 million consumers to conserve energy amid the freeze Saturday.

William Kless was up in Buffalo on Sunday. After calling his kids to wish them Merry Christmas, he took them to a church for a second day where they spent the night.

He brought about 15 people to the church in Buffalo on Saturday through heavy, wind-driven snow. He got a man in need of transplantation who had been stuck in his car for 17 hours and was only able to get to his home to be treated.

The snow is thick in many cities and towns. Over separate 24-hour spans, Baraga, Michigan, received 42.8 inches of snow while Henderson Harbor, New York, got 40.8 inches.

Emergency vehicles that were sent to help get stuck in the snow as rescue crews fanned out on Christmas Day. Eleven ambulances that had to be abandoned were dug out on Sunday, officials said.

Hochul said there was still a driving ban in place in Erie County through Monday, so he urged residents to stay home.

Hochul says that state and county plows have given up time to clear the roads of snow and have put themselves in danger.

“Think about looking just a few feet in front of you at a sheet of white for more than 24 hours in a row. That’s what it was like outside in the worst conditions,” he said. “It was continual blizzard and white outs such that no one could see where they were going. Nobody had any idea what was happening.”

Hundreds of vehicles were left abandoned in the snow as the storm howled in Buffalo, according to New York State Police Acting Superintendent Steven Nigrelli. He said that authorities were going door to door and car to car checking for people.

Buffalo’s Mayor said some people have been without power in their homes since Friday and the temperature inside went down to 40 degrees.

Buffalo will continue to see snowfall and frigid cold temperatures Monday, with a high of 23 degrees expected in the daytime and a low of 18 at night, according to the National Weather Service.

Most of the country will be under a deep freeze through Monday before the weather starts to improve on Tuesday.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown of the Niagara Region: “It’s a storm!” he told the NPR Business News Conference on Monday

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told NPR’s Morning Edition that his city’s emergency responders have gone “car by car” to perform hundreds of rescues of stranded motorists.

“This has been called a generational storm — a once-in-a-generation storm,” Brown said. It’s not something that the city of Buffalo is used to getting.

The number has fallen below 10,000 and we will work with the National Grid all day today to get everyone’s power restored, he said.

If you’re intending to venture outside, the NWS warns that high wind speeds and low temperatures can cause frostbite in less than 10 minutes.

There was a village in Lewis County, New York that was buried in snow. Driving conditions were so difficult that even snowplows had a tough time navigating the roads, CNN affiliate WWNY reported.

A record amount of snow was recorded in the Michigan area on Sunday. The old record of 8 inches was received on December 25, 1992.

Mark Poloncarz said that this storm was more ferocious than the one in 1977. “It was just horrendous, and it was horrendous for 24 hours in a row.”

Many vehicles were abandoned in the storm, Hochul said during the Monday news conference. She said it is still dangerous to be out.

“I have a bad feeling about that. I think the death toll is going to go up,” the sheriff said. “When you have 420 EMS calls that are unanswered, it’s just gut-wrenching.”

Hochul mentioned on Monday that the state had many ready to be distributed to food banks, but noted that road conditions were preventing aid efforts.

“We have a responsibility to have all these resources on hand. But, when mother nature literally shuts down and creates a wall that you cannot see past, it is not safe, for not just emergency vehicles, but the trucks that are bringing groceries to the stores and the stores are being shutdown anyhow – that is the paralysis we’re experiencing,” Hochul said.

The governor submitted a request to President Joe Biden for a federal emergency declaration for Erie and Genesee counties, which “will be crucial to assist our recovery efforts from this historic storm,” she said.

More than 115,000 customers have no power as a strong storm system brings rain and mountain snow to much of the western United States.

According to Colin Bourgeois, an arboriculturalist in Portland, trees that have been weakened by weather extremes can be knocked down by strong winds.

It takes a lot of trees energy to fight off the pathogens in the heat, and so it has been damaged by the successive dry summers.

Los Angeles, California, the third most rainiest day on record: A snow storm that dumped snow on the west coast of California and the state of California shifted focus to southern California

Portland recorded 2.12 inches of rain, breaking the old record of 1.08 inches set on December 26, 1996. Portland has a record for the third most rainiest December day.

The Los Angeles County areas burned in the fires have been warned by the weather service about the risk of flash floods, mud slides, and other disasters overnight. The threat zone included downtown L.A., Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many suburbs.

“Say goodbye to the warmth,” the National Weather Service in Los Angeles tweeted Monday. “Big drop in temperatures on track between today and tomorrow (Tuesday). Expect 15-20 degrees of cooling thanks to the approaching storm system.”

Los Angeles. A winter storm that dumped snow and flooded the west coast shifted focus to southern California on Saturday, piling up snow and swelling rivers.

There were 103,000 homes, businesses and other power customers without power across California and Nevada as of Sunday night, down from a high of more than 300,000 outages on Saturday, according to Poweroutage. US.

The day before, rising flood waters forced evacuations in Wilton, California, as well as three communities near the city of Watsonville in Santa Cruz County.

San Francisco got 5 inches of rain on Saturday, making it the second-wettest day on record. It’s possible that the nearly three decade old record could be in danger with rain continuing.

US Highway 101 was temporarily closed in South San Francisco Saturday due to non-stop wet weather and high tides preventing the water from entering, as the California Highway Patrol reported.

Weather service meteorologist Courtney Carpenter said the storm could drop over an inch of rain in the Sacramento area before moving south. One ski resort south of Lake Tahoe closed chair lifts because of flooding and operational problems, and posted a photo on Twitter showing one lift tower and its empty chairs surrounded by water.

The map shows the totals in the area from less than an inch to more than 5 inches in the Sierra foothills.

California’s Third Dry Day: Flood Watches and Warnings in Humboldt County, California, and the Sierra’s Eastern Front

The police department posted pictures of a flooded underpass and a car that was stuck in the water.

The rain was welcomed in drought-parched California, but much more precipitation is needed to make a significant difference. The past three years have been California’s driest on record.

A flood watch was in effect through New Year’s Eve. Officials warned that rivers could be overwhelmed and called on residents to get ready for flooding.

Humboldt County, where a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck on Dec. 20, also saw roadways begin to flood, according to the National Weather Service’s Eureka office. A bridge that was temporarily closed last week due to earthquake damage may be closed again if the Eel River, which it crosses, gets too high, officials said.

The weather system is predicted to bring light to moderate rain and mountain snow to the area on Monday and Tuesday.

The weather service in Reno said gusts of wind could lead to tree damage, power outages, and capsize small vessels.

Near Reno, Nevada, minor to moderate flooding was predicted along some rivers and streams, as flood watches and warnings were issued for the Sierra’s eastern front.

Multiple Storms in Memphis and Jackson, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C., With More than 22,000 Square Degrees of Rain on Tuesday

At least two people died in the storm, including one who was found dead inside a completely submerged vehicle Saturday in Sacramento County, and a 72-year-old man who died after being struck by a fallen tree at a Santa Cruz park, according to officials.

The flood struck the area hard with emergency crews spending the weekend to rescue many flood victims and response to fallen trees and disabled vehicles.

Glanville Tract and Franklin Pond were under an order to evacuate while the Point Pleasant area was under a warning.

Cars were submerged in the floods from Highway 99 and the Dillard Street area in the KCRA video. Chris Schamber, a fire captain with the Cosumnes Fire Department, told the station “dozens upon dozens” of people had been rescued.

Atlanta, Raleigh and Norfolk could see winds and tornadoes. In Mississippi, heavy rain could cause flash flooding.

The multi-hazard storm – which headed into central and Southern US after battering California with deadly floods – has already triggered at least 120 storm reports over the past two days and left a trail of destruction as it barreled across the country, shifting to the South and Southeast.

In Tennessee, Memphis and Jackson both saw record-breaking rainfall Tuesday. Memphis set a daily record of 2.13 inches with 3.84 inches. Jackson got 2.48 inches on Tuesday, beating a previous daily record of 1.69 inches in 1951.

The severe weather outbreak was caused by warm and moist air over the East Coast and Southeast. Over 35 daily high temperature records were set on Tuesday, with the temperature in Baton Rouge hitting 81 degrees and in Washington D.C. hitting 69 degrees.

The Oklahoma Weather Service warns of heavy freeze and sleet in a storm-induced tree-level collapse in Jackson Parish, Arkansas

In Arkansas, multiple buildings of a school were damaged as trees and power lines fell, with several homes in the area.

“The school was currently in session at the time, however all students have been accounted for and reports of no injury,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a release.

I’ve got the best thing: I and my husband are alive. Sylvia and her husband were standing next to the damaged home, where Sylvia said material things can be replaced but our lives cannot.

Jackson Parish, Louisiana, residents were told to stay off the roads as the severe weather knocked out trees and powerlines and left roads covered in water.

While those expected rainfall amounts wouldn’t normally have major impacts, the state recently received a lot of rain that left soils saturated and susceptible to flooding and landslides, the Weather Service said.

The weather service issues ice storm warnings when ice accumulations of more than a quarter of an inch are possible. On Wednesday, the warning areas are expected to see up to or more than a half of an inch of freezing rain.

It could start as early as Monday morning in Austin. Icing will be possible late at night and into the morning. Dallas is also expected to see significant icing from one-tenth to a quarter of an inch.

Indeed, Tuesday is expected to be the toughest day for driving as Texas bridges and roads become icy, according to the weather service’s Fort Worth office.

The weather service office inNorman says sleet and freezing rain are expected to start Monday morning in Oklahoma.

There was excessive blowing snow and winds that kept visibility down, even when no new snow was falling in the area. Some areas along the I-80 saw a few inches of snow, while isolated areas saw more than 5 inches.

The National Weather Service warns of the potentially hazardous travel conditions and the damage that would be done to trees and power lines.

The Arkansas Emergency Management Division is Ready for the Next Stage of the Roads Resilient: Response to an Ice-Contaminated Storm

Amid such conditions, the governor has requested the state’s emergency management division to increase its resources so it can be ready to respond through Thursday.

The governor of Arkansas declared a state of emergency Monday and activated the National Guard to respond to the storm that had started to form ice on the roads of Little Rock.

Huckabee said that she encourage Arkansans who are experiencing winter weather to avoid travel.

$250,000 of the emergency order is directed to the head of the Division of Emergency Management to provide funding for program and administrative costs.

“The real enemy is going to be that ice,” said Dave Parker, a spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Transportation. This could be a dangerous situation.

“We expect sufficient generation to meet forecasted demand and are continuing to monitor forecasts, this week. We don’t have to ask for Conservation at the moment. We are informing the public that IF they are experience an outage to reach out to their local power provider,” the agency said in an email.

Shock-Induced Multiple-Car Pile-Ups in Austin, TX, Tuesday Morning: Loss of a 49-year-old Woman on an Icy Road

With icy and snowy conditions on roads across the state Tuesday morning, a number of accidents have already been reported. The Austin Fire Department said there had been a spike in multiple- car pile-ups causing significant injuries and at least one person had died in a collision.

“As we mobilize the resources Texans need to stay safe, I encourage everyone to remain weather- aware, check DriveTexas.org before traveling, and heed the guidance from local officials,” Abbott said in a statement.

According to the Associated Press, many schools in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas were preparing to switch to online learning on Tuesday.

A 49-year-old woman was killed this week when she lost control of her truck on an icy road north of Eldorado, the Texas Department of Public Safety told CNN on Wednesday.

Before we got to I-20, we helped a few other cars who were stuck on the streets. “We eventually came across the standstill on Interstate 20 and helped an additional 20 trucks.”

Everyone was very grateful for our help. Some even asked if we were going to charge them for the help, but we told them we were just there to help.”

In addition to hazardous or impossible travel conditions, the weather service in Dallas warns that you should prepare for tree limb breakage and localized power outages in this region.

The Texas National Guard is prepared to help stranded motorists, clear roadways and provide welfare checks, Gov. Greg Abbott said. And Texas Parks and Wildlife has at least 30 responders ready for search and rescue operations.

High Temperature Record Breaking in the South Dakota During the Cascade Mountains and Pacific Northwest Decays Through the Fourth of July

The Cascade Mountains could see as much as three feet of snow in the highest elevations through Tuesday, while winds in the Pacific Northwest have the potential to gust up to 60 mph. Seas just offshore will be as high as 20 feet, bringing large, breaking waves to coastal areas, causing beach erosion.

Blizzard warnings are in place for southern Wyoming, where nearly two feet of snow and winds gusting more than 70 mph will create blinding conditions. The weather service also warns of wind chills falling to 25 degrees below zero.

Whether you are buried under three feet of snow and experiencing frigid temperatures or basking in the sunshine and record warmth, this week will touch nearly all corners of the country with wild weather.

The NWS Climate Prediction Center uses a term called “anomaly” to describe the overall weather pattern, because of the unusual cold and warmth that people will experience.

“Highs Tuesday will be similarly above average for most locations, including 70s expanding northward into the Mid-Atlantic,” the NWS said, “with only the northern tier cooling off as the clipper system passes through.”

High temperatures across the region will climb well into the 70s and 80s beginning Tuesday before peaking on Thursday, and cities across the Florida peninsula could reach into the 90s. These temperatures are usually around 35 degrees above normal and are seen in May or early June.

From Tuesday to Friday, more than 130 cities could set new daily high temperature records and some could even set new monthly records, including Atlanta, Orlando, Birmingham, Charlotte and Richmond.

Gov. Tim Walz directed the state’s National Guard, the transportation department and the state patrol to be prepared to respond storm impacts, he said on Twitter.

The governor of South Dakota announced Tuesday the closing of all executive branch offices in more than half of the state, with plans for employees to work from home. Additionally, Interstates 29 and 90 partially closed Tuesday night to prepare for the expected snow.

The main campus of Eastern Wyoming College is closing. The Natrona County school district in Casper will conduct a virtual learning day Wednesday due to hazardous weather and road conditions throughout the area, the district said.

The Second Snowfall of the Western Rockies since the First Day of May 11: Minnesota Highways, Airports, and State Offices are Closed Due to the Snowfall

The search and rescue operations began in several Wyoming counties Wednesday evening to recover motorists that become trapped in heavy snow.

More than 160 vehicle crashes were reported in Minnesota on Wednesday due to the 3-7 inches of snow which was locally higher than average. Lt. In a series of tweets, Gordon Shank said.

The governor declared an energy emergency in Wisconsin on Wednesday because of the snow in the north and freezing rain in the south.

If people look in the right direction, most of California will be able to see snow later this week. It is very unlikely that snow will fall in California’s major cities.

The dueling winter storm and southern heat wave created a stark 100-degree temperature difference between the Northern Rockies and the South earlier this week.

• Wisconsin airport preemptively closed: Green Bay’s international airport canceled the remainder of its daily flights Wednesday evening and most of its flights Thursday morning.

• Maine government offices closed: Gov. Janet Mills announced that state offices would be closed Thursday as the storm “is expected to bring significant snowfall to most of the state,” her office said in a release.

Michigan Power Systems and Consumers Energy During the February Fourth Superfluid Weather Event in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Countys

Atlanta had an all-time February record of 81 degrees on Wednesday. Washington, D.C., reached 79 degrees, New Orleans reached 83 degrees and Nashville, Tenn., was 80 degrees on Wednesday.

The National Hurricane Center warned on Friday of severe thunderstorms that could produce sudden waterspouts, which are strong enough to “easily overturn boats” along the coast of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. The two counties are also at risk of seeing small tornadoes on land.

San Jose, Napa and other parts of the region have been issued a freeze warning for Friday evening through Saturday morning. Unsheltered populations, crops and outdoor plumbing will be at risk during the sub-freezing conditions.

The weather service said that flooding was no longer a threat after the rains stopped in both counties.

Utility company DTE, one of Michigan’s largest electricity providers, said 630,000 of its customers have been impacted by the storms so far. Over a half-million customers were without power by Sunday night, the utility said.

A spokesman for Consumers Energy said half an inch (1.27) of ice weighed down the power lines and was equivalent to a baby grand piano.

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, Allison Rinker had a generator that she used to keep her house warm after two nights of darkness.

A Major Winter Storm Has Provoked Blzzard and Flood Warnings Cross-California: Tim Varner, a Snowball Player, and the Highways Toward Portland, Oregon

“We were all surviving, but spirits were low on the second day,” she said. “As soon as the heat came back and we were able to have one or two lights running, it was like a complete flip in attitude.”

She said that ice falling off of the trees was hitting her car so hard she was afraid it would crack. “There’s just tree limbs everywhere, half of the trees just falling down. The destruction is insane.”

The low-pressure system was expected to bring rain and snow to southern Nevada and northwest Arizona over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Yet the cold weather blasting the North and West avoided the southern states, leading to wild temperatures differences. On Friday, the high temperature for the U.S. was 93 degrees Fahrenheit (34 degrees Celsius), while the lowest was minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1.7 Celsius) near Huntley, Montana.

In Portland, the second-heaviest snowfall on record this week, much of the city was shut down as icy roads weren’t expected to thaw until Saturday.

Tim Varner sat huddled with blankets in a Portland storefront doorway shielding him from some of the wind, ice and snow. The homeless man, who has been without a home for two decades, said it was difficult to push a shopping cart with his belongings to an overnight shelter.

Source: https://www.npr.org/2023/02/25/1159560284/a-major-winter-storm-has-prompted-blizzard-and-flood-warnings-across-california

Yosemite National Park Closed for the Break of a Multiple-Day Blizzard Warning on Sunday and Monday, and the Minnesota Department of Emergency Services

“It’s impossible,” he said. The snow builds up on the wheels of the cart and you can’t get traction. So you’re stuck.”

McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas relocated most of its aircraft to protect them from damage if need be, due to the predicted weather on Sunday and Monday.

Yosemite National Park was closed Saturday due to severe weather and will not reopen until at least Wednesday as a multi-day blizzard warning remains in effect across Yosemite Valley, the park announced. The park predicts that the valley will have 55 to 84 inches of snow by Wednesday.

A derecho is a widespread, long-lived windstorm that typically causes damage in one direction across a relatively straight path, according to the National Weather Service. To be classified as a derecho, the stretch of wind damage should extend more than 240 miles and include wind gusts of at least 58 mph along most of its length, it says.

Students on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman were told to immediately take shelter Sunday evening as the area was under a tornado warning, which was lifted later that night.

Fourteen thousand homes and businesses in Michigan are still without power after the storms, and things are going to get worse this week.

Another round of mixed precipitation is expected to move into the region Monday, with those under winter weather alerts possibly seeing between 2 to 8 inches of snowfall.

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