The train tunnels in Amsterdam have surprising windows from the past

Timing Earth’s Inner Core with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Writing Tools: A Case Study on COVID-19 and the UK’s Next Chief Scientific Advisor

Patrick Vallance will be replaced by mathematical Biologist and clinical pharmacologist Mr. MacDonald. Plus, Earth’s solid iron-nickel core has two distinct layers and AI writing tools could give scientists the ‘gift of time’.

Our planet’s inner core is made up of two distinct layers made of different iron crystals, which were measured through earthquake reverberations. EARTH is like a bell after a large earthquake, according to a seismologist. The way the moos bounce back and forth through the center of the planets allowed him to figure out the core’s structure. It will help researchers understand how the core formed millions of years ago, and how it might have influenced the magnetic field.

Angela McLean, a mathematical biologist who helped to steer the country’s response to COVID-19, has been appointed as the UK government’s next chief scientific adviser. She will take over from clinical pharmacologist Patrick Vallance, who gained a high profile for his unflappable appearances in frequent televised pandemic briefings. James Wilsdon says that he needs to step back from the immediate aftermath of the crisis and look at how well our system is working.

The European Union has a series of government programmes that are designed to re-energizing the career landscape for junior scientists. In Europe, like in many places, early-career researchers are dissatisfied with widespread job insecurity, precarious funding and poor work conditions. Some of the EU’s 27 countries face unique challenges that make consensus about solutions difficult to achieve. And clumsy policies can backfire, such as a bid in Berlin to encourage permanent roles that ended up prompting hiring freezes.


Introducing Nigerian Nautilus: The Most Probable Biological Species of the Seamounts and the Candidates for the Nigerian Presidential Elections

Please welcome three newly described species of the “most mysterious, well-known animal”: the nautilus. Since the beginning of the shell-trade industry, no person has ever seen a naunoru egg in the wild and we do not even know how long they live. Researchers developed a non-lethal capture method that allowed them to identify the new species: Nautilus samoaensis (from American Samoa), Nautilus vitiensis (from Fiji) and Nautilus vanuatuensis (from Vanuatu). Gregory Barord is a marine Biologist and study co-author. There are many seamounts in the world and each of them has its own unique nautilus species.

On Saturday, Nigerians will head to the polls to pick a new president. Science could be part of the solution to the country’s chronic fuel shortages, perennial electricity outages and deficient technology infrastructure, yet it seems like it doesn’t have an advocate in the elections. She argues that now is a good time for the Nigerian Academy of Science to engage with the larger community and for scientists to step out of their laboratories. It’s important for science to be pulled out of the cold in Nigeria.

Cardiologist and evolutionary biologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz studies the biology of female animals to find potential treatments to improve women’s health. When she became a cardiovascular consultant at the Los Angeles Zoo, she was introduced to the multispecies approach. Natterson-Horowitz has since studied ovarian cancer in flamingoes and pythons, menstrual difficulties in great apes and bats, and lactation in cows. When it comes to certain aspects of her health, I may know more about other animals than my husband, brother, son or the other men in my life.


Discovery of a large exoplanet from an ancient underground museum and train tunnel system: Are scientists aware of the gift of time?

Infectious-disease researcher John Tregoning wonders whether artificial-intelligence (AI) writing tools could hand scientists the ‘gift of time’ by doing what chatbots do best: generating generic waffle. “This made me reflect: if there is a section in a grant application that can be written by an AI, does that section really serve any purpose?” asks Tregoning. “For now, while we are forced to fill in unneeded forms, it’s possible to find a way to free up their time.”

After discovering a ball of iron in Earth’s inner core, researchers now think the world has five major layers. The revelation could help experts understand the place that we call home.

There are some hidden layers of history under our feet, which were covered over and forgotten with the passage of time.

10,000 artifacts were uncovered during the 15-year operation that resulted in a subterranean train system and underground museum.

Archaeologists found a variety of objects, including ancient shells and medieval relics, during the project.

The exoplanet, called TOI 5205b, is about the size of Jupiter, Earth’s largest planetary neighbor. The unusual world was discovered orbiting a small, cool star with just a fraction of our sun’s light, size and warmth.

Researchers don’t understand how a large planet came to be around a tiny star. Scientists are questioning how planets form due to the gas giant.


Discovery of an ancient bow and arrow buried in the village of Megiddo for early modern humans – a seaside view of the early universe

The brothers, likely of high status, lived in the city of Megiddo in what’s now Israel. The remains of both men were analyzed and found to have chronic diseases.

The older sibling had an operation after the younger man died. A square-shaped hole was cut into his skull, and he died not long afterward. Now, a research team is puzzling over the ancient brain surgery and why the skull pieces were buried in the grave.

In a discovery from even further back in time, archaeologists excavating a cave in southern France found the oldest evidence of bow and arrow use by early modern humans outside Africa.

Tiny white huts springing up on the beaches of South Africa and the coastal islands are just a little small for humans, but they are just right for beach goers.

The domes have many selling points — they’re well ventilated and offer a great view of the sea. The structures provide a place of safety for penguins to breed and protect their eggs.

— The James Webb Space Telescope’s latest image includes six massive galaxies far, far away that are overturning how scientists understand the beginning of the universe.

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