The return of happy returns is the result of a trip to the airport

Unlocking the world: what to buy for the frequent traveler in your life? A short guide for the best gear for the holiday season

The right gear will help make travelers journeys more enjoyable and efficient. If you’re wondering what to buy for the frequent traveler in your life this holiday season, look no further.

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Europe’s most underrated destinations, the world’s spiciest food, and airlines introducing double beds and high walls in their business and first class cabins are some of the things this week in travel.

American Airlines is moving away from first-class seats on international flights to business class suites, and high-altitude fans are on the rise.

In fact, some airlines almost seem to be encouraging their elite travelers to get down to business, with the introduction of snuggle-friendly double beds

Meanwhilen first class, a new generation of high-wall supersuites are reaching right up to the ceilings of some of the latest wide-body jets, offering unprecedented levels of privacy

The world’s tallest woman took her very first flight on Turkish Airlines, which removed several seats to make the plane more accessible.

The Kudoo Maldives is a Sustainable, Double Beds-Spicy Foods Underrated European Destination for a New Start

There are unexplored pockets galore on the vast continent of Europe, and we’ve put together a roundup of 21 of the most underrated places to whet your appetite.

If you’re looking to make your European adventure more permanent, Portugal has introduced a new temporary-stay visa geared toward remote workers, adding to several other options that make moving to the country possible.

With 1,100 miles of sunny coastline to sample, not to mention the tasty pastéis de nata and Port wine, it’s not surprising it’s become one of the hottest destinations for a brand-new start

We’re talking about the entire nine yards, from an island escape to a chteau. All the bells-and-whistles with an eye-watering price tag for a completely unforgettable vacation.

The Maldives is one of the world’s most popular choices for this kind of once-in-a-lifetime trip, but at Kudadoo Maldives Private Island Resort they’re also thinking about the future of our day-to-day existence. Here’s how they built a sustainable resort in the planet’s most low-lying country.

It would be great to use a napkin to wash your teeth, but not when you eat Hong Kong’s famous TPK-style roasted pigeon. Here’s why


Why Kolaches are Good for Texas, and Why Coffee Has a Role? A Hands on Breaking down TSA Passport Food Rules

Moving on to dessert, a Czech pastry has become one of Texas’ most popular treats. Watch here to learn why kolaches should be an essential part of any visit to the Lone Star State.

And finishing off with coffee: a caffeine connoisseur has experimented with deep-frying coffee beans. Sounds really bad? He said that you should watch the video to hear his verdict.

Sniff the air. Can you smell that gingerbread in the air? You can hear sleigh bells and laughter at Christmas.

While most of us are aware weapon-stuffed poultry is a big airport no-no, our partners at CNN Underscored, a product reviews and recommendations guide owned by CNN, have put together this handy guide breaking down TSA’s carry-on bag rules — as well as sharing some of their favorite luggage options.

A forgotten sandwich can lead to fines of thousands of dollars, so be careful on your way back. Here are the US border food rules you need to know

Fifty Years of Overtourism – Love, Friendship, and the Last Boeing 747: What Happens When a Lady’s Bag Goes Off the Assembly Line?

In travel news: A court ruling on the seat recline question, the last Boeing 747 rolls off the assembly line and the TSA finds a live dog and an array of weaponry in passengers’ luggage.

Actor Hana Sofia Lopes’ luggage went missing en route to Montreal, where she was attending an important industry event. Two people who work at an airport are friends because Azalia Claudine Becerril Angulo didSofia’s makeup and found her bags.

And after a flight was canceled between Orlando, Florida, and Knoxville, Tennessee, 13 stranded strangers went on an impromptu road trip together. Here’s what happened

Fifty years have passed since NASA astronauts took a photo known as the “Blue Marble,” which has changed the way we view Earth. The population on our planet hit eight billion for the first time last month.

There are a lot of things crowded. It’s important to note that now that travelers are back on the move, we’re seeing the return of the phenomenon known as “overtourism.”

One of Naples’ most popular streets has a one-way system for pedestrians. Taiwan, which removed entry restrictions two months ago, is being called out as a danger to visitors.


The First Video of the Titanic and the First Air New Zealand Flight: A Treat for the Holidays with a Little Some Thin’ Somethin’

If you want to know what places will be popular with tourists in the year to come, you should check out the top flight searches of 2022.

Is it permissible to recline your seat? Not if you smash the laptop screen of the person behind, a Chinese court has ruled, fining the offending train passenger $478

The passenger arrived at the airport fully prepared for all of the chaos that would come his way: He brought nunchucks, saw blades, switchblades and a folding knife with him.

Finally, a dog was accidentally sent through the X-ray machine at an airport in Wisconsin, just weeks after a live cat was found trapped inside a suitcase at New York’s JFK Airport. The cat at least was treated to a Thanksgiving spread as he recovered from his ordeal.

In the southern Puglia region, the Italian town of Presicce is offering to pay people up to $30,000 if they purchase a house in its older district.

If you’re looking for a little somethin’ somethin’ to spoil the special someones in your life, our partners at CNN Underscored, a product reviews and recommendations guide owned by CNN, have selected 29 fabulous holiday gifts priced at over $100 for luxury travelers.

This week in our travel roundup: New footage of the Titanic revealed for the first time, the medieval treasure trove found under the streets of Amsterdam and the Air New Zealand flight that went on a 16-hour round trip from Auckland to Auckland.

The first video of the wreck of the Titanic is available for the first time. The 80-minute movie, unveiled to coincide with the 25th anniversary of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie about the disaster, was captured two miles (3.2 kilometers) below the ocean’s surface and shows the ship’s famous bow section, deck and equipment as well as images of the interior.

A picture of a river dolphin popping it’s beak over the water at dusk at night was the winning image in the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition.

The New Subterranean Discoveries: Two Near-Misses at US Airports and Three Near-Collisions

From ocean depths to sunken tunnels: Amsterdam’s Rokin station contains an impressive, underground archaeological museum showcasing the subterranean discoveries made during the 15-year construction of the city’s North-South line. The train tunnels revealed a medieval treasure trove.

A Roman statue of an emperor dressed as Hercules was recently found by sewer repair workers in Italy. See video of the big lad here.

A string of recent incidents, including technical meltdowns and near-collisions, will be reviewed by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

News emerged this week that a United Airlines Boeing 777 made a scary plunge toward the ocean shortly after takeoff in Hawaii in December. The incident is going to be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board.

There were three near-misses at US airports in less than a month, the first of which happened at Honolulu’s airport on January 23.

JFK was the scene of more disruption on February 16, when the international terminal was forced to close because of a power outage. Passengers on a New York-bound flight from New Zealand spent more than 16 hours in flight and ended up right back in Auckland, after their flight was turned back from JFK.


How far can you go by train? An eco-conscious guide to Spain’s best ski resorts – the Canfranc Train Station

An abandoned train station in the Spanish Pyrenees has been renovated to become a new hotel, located next to one of Spain’s oldest ski resorts. Take a look inside Canfranc Station.

Bill Bensley designed a resort in Thailand that commemorates the country’s railway history. The InterContinental is made up of 65 suites and villas and features a number of train carriages from Thailand.

If you’re thinking of doing your next vacation by rail, our guide to Europe’s most underrated scenic railways might be of assistance. Rick Turner and Adam Long Bottom, who traveled all the way from Europe to Brazil without ever taking a flight, are proof of how far you can go.

Winter leisure activities are being hit hard by the climate crisis. The world’s largest outdoor ice rink is at risk of being closed for the season because there is not enough ice.

Most resorts are trying to reduce their environmental impact with green initiatives. From Canada to France, and the U.S., we have the best resorts for eco-conscious skiers.

CNNunderscored has put together a guide to all the ski gear you’ll need, including warming layers, goggles, helmets and more.

Time of Day, Time of Night & Night: Planning Your Vacation with Expedia and Skyscanner: Finding New Flight Prototypes for Airbus A350s and Air France

With some airfares up by as much as 50%, it’s more crucial than ever to get smart about your booking strategy. An expert at travel site Hopper tells CNN you should start tracking your May, June and July vacations now. And there’s a “Goldilocks window” for booking – not too early, not too late – says another expert from travel site Going.

Get your laptop and credit card out on a Sunday to stand the best chance of securing the best deals, says booking platform Expedia. You can refine your search with the new savings generator from Skyscanner, which was launched this month. Plug in your departure city, destination and when you would like to go and it will help you find the best time to book and the cheapest time to travel.

If you’re going to launch a 19-hour flight between Australia and New York and London, you need to make sure you deliver a good experience for your customers.

Qantas has revealed the first and business class prototypes for the Airbus A350s that will be serving its new “Project Sunrise” routes that are slated to launch in 2025. The First Suite will feel like a small boutique hotel, according to the airline.

Air France introduced a new long-haul business cabin, complete with sliding doors, last month. The first destinations it will serve are New York, Rio de Janeiro, and Senegal, which are all on a Boeing 777.


Adventures in the Desert: The Case of Anthony and Laura Massey on a First Class Ferry in the Alcatraz of the Tyrrhenian Sea

In the summer of 2011, Giulia Manca went to a former Italian prison island for a break. Twelve years later, she’s the only woman living on an island populated by convicted criminals and is loving life in the “Alcatraz of the Tyrrhenian Sea.”

Over in Mexico, one of the country’s most notorious prisons began a new chapter in December as a Pacific Ocean getaway. The former penal colony on the Islas Marías archipelago now boasts a tourism center, restaurant and cafe, as well as villas for guests to stay in before hitting the beaches.

URB is trying to get a 93- kilometer indoor, climate-controlled, cycling super highway to be built in the city of DIFC. The greenery-filled corridor “aims to make Dubai the most connected city on Earth by foot or bike.”

Middle Eastern hub could possibly be a future spot on our list of the best places to visit by bike, since destinations in North America, Sweden and Asia Pacific make the current list.

British couple Laura and Stevie Massey were the fastest cyclist to travel around the world on a tandem bicycle last year.

Barbara and Anthony met at a Greek ferry port in 1969. He was a 28-year-old American college graduate with a third-class ticket and she was a 24-year-old flight attendant for Air France, traveling in second class.

Like Jack and Rose in “Titanic,” the boat’s class divisions didn’t stand in the way of love. Here’s how Anthony jumped the barriers to the meet the woman who’d be his bride.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: An Empirical Guide to Best Budget earbuds for Low-Lying Budget Budgets

If you’re someone whose most cherished travel companion is a playlist or podcast, but also doesn’t like to break the bank on something that could end up on the floor of a foreign city’s metro system, take a look at this guide to best budget earbuds. Our partners at CNN Underscored have put together the guide.

After a brief hiatus, we’re sorry to say unruliness is back. An American Airlines flight was diverted to a North Carolina airport on February 22 due to a disruptive passenger. A charge was dismissed after the woman was arrested.

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