Despite a drop in PC demand, the chip maker is still making a lot of money

Intel’s Next-Generation GPUs and Game Development in China: An Nvidia Perspective on the Future of the Internet of Things

According to its earnings report, AMD earned $66 million in profits in Q3 on around $5.6 billion in revenue. The figure is not very impressive, but compare it to its Q3 performance last year, where it made $923 million on $4.3 billion in revenue, and it gets worse.

AMD is slated to announce a new generation of those processors on November 10th and is also slated to announce a new architecture for its GPUs on the 3rd. Lisa Su said on the company’s earnings call that the company is betting on a lot of people buying consoles in the holiday season.

Five billion in revenue was a new record for the company. Now it’s the status quo: the company says it’s expecting to see $6.5 billion next quarter, too.

Some chipmakers are cutting prices, while others are shipping fewer machines to retailers and partners. Lower sell-in to partners helps align channel inventory levels with current demand expectations. Covid and other issues caused the disruptions in China.

We were listening to hear if Jensen Huang was optimistic that gaming would recover, as he has stated that it is. He was hyping up the potential of the data center, because of the rise of large language models, which are used to train AI systems, like Bing, which often run on Nvidia hardware.

He also talked up Nvidia’s work with Mercedes-Benz on “software-defined vehicles,” something many other automakers and tech companies are also pursuing, saying: “You can just imagine what it looks like if the entire Mercedes fleet on the roads today were programmable, you could OTA… the whole fleet of Mercedes would represent revenue generating opportunity.” We can’t say whether every customer wants a software updatable car, but we can say it’s not a subscription nightmare, Volkswagen’s buggy software or a software update that turned one of the highest ranked EV into a garage sale bargain.

Nvidia said yesterday that Microsoft will bring its PC games to its cloud gaming service, but only after they have purchased them separately from one another. More in our interview with Nvidia’s VP of GeForce Now right here.

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