A spacewalk was called off after a leak was discovered on the capsule

A Russian Spacewalk for the Baikonur Cosmodrome after a Leaky Soyuz Capsule Arrives

A planned spacewalk by two Russian cosmonauts has been called off after ground teams noticed a significant leak from one of the spacecraft docked at the orbiting International Space Station.

The leaking Soyuz capsule transported the two Russian cosmonauts scheduled for the spacewalk, along with U.S. astronaut Frank Rubio, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Sept. 21.

There are ground teams at NASA in Houston and at Roscosmos in Moscow that are studying the impact of potential changes to the Soyuz spacecraft, which is also responsible for bringing them home. The capsule will carry the trio back in late March.

NASA’s Chief Flight Director Emily Nelson said that the best plan of action tonight was to focus all of our attention on what’s happening with the Soyuz and then we will regroup tomorrow.

The Russian mission controllers asked the cosmonauts on board the space station to take a picture of the leak with the best resolution possible, and instructed the crew to not open window shutters on the station. Anna had a robotic arm attached to the station to get a closer look at her craft.

Four others are currently on the station: NASA’s Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada, Japan’s Koichi Wakata, and Russia’s Anna Kikina. The four arrived on the Dragon capsule. Up to four crewmembers can beferried back home in that capsule.

A new cosmonaut vehicle delayed by a leak in the spacecraft of the Progress 82 spacecraft and a mission to the International Space Station

The decision to delay was made after NASA confirmed that a separate Russian vehicle, which was supposed to carry cargo to the space station in February, had a similar leak.

The astronauts and two cosmonauts were going to get a functional vessel to fly home in February thanks to the new plan.

“The reason for the loss of coolant in the Progress 82 spacecraft is being investigated,” NASA said in a Saturday statement on its site. The temperature and pressures at the station are all normal and the hatches between the Progress 82 and station are open. The crew, which was informed of the cooling loop leak, is in no danger and continuing with normal space station operations.”

Roscosmos also shared new images of the MS-22 vehicle, which it said was proof that the spacecraft sustained external damage that caused the coolant leak.

The International Space Station can’t have astronauts on it without a designated ship.

The spacecraft that brought the three crew members to the ISS in the fall later experienced a leak in its radiator cooling loop, and officials from both countries had to develop a new plan to get the trio back to Earth.

Following an investigation into the leak, Roscosmos engineers determined that the craft wouldn’t be viable for a normal return mission to Earth. If an emergency was to take place from the space station, it would still be available.

The order of the replacement ship to be launched in the R-Mexican Forces on board the C-1635 X-ray Prototype missile system

The Russian state news agency quoted a state commission as saying that there was a permit for the launch of the replacement ship.

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