Don Lemon apologized to CNN colleagues for their sexist comments

CNN Anchor Don Lemon Refused to Offend His Co-Anchors over “A Men’s Prime” Earlier Instance

CNN anchor Don Lemon apologized to his colleagues on Friday over sexist remarks he made on the network’s morning show about when women are “in their prime,” telling staffers during the company’s daily editorial meeting that he was sorry for offending them.

“Liberals do not like the idea of having competency tests for politicians to make certain they are able to do the job,” Haley wrote. The liberals are the most sexist.

The comments were met with pushback from co-anchors Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, but Lemon kept advancing his argument, even doubling down on it in a segment in the following hour.

During CNN’s Friday editorial meeting, Licht, the network’s chief executive, said that he had heard from a number of people inside the organization about Lemon’s remarks.

He felt it was important for Lemon to appear at the morning meeting in order to apologize because he didn’t think it was possible to foster a culture of accountability.

“The people I am closest to in this organization are women,” Lemon also reportedly said at the meeting. “The people I seek counsel from most in this organization are women.”

“The reference I made to a woman’s ‘prime’ this morning was inartful and irrelevant, as colleagues and loved ones have pointed out, and I regret it,” Lemon said. He said that a women’s age does not define her personally or professionally. Every day, I have many women in my life who demonstrate that.

We are currently in our prime in the 20s, 30s and 40s according to Rep. Mayra Flores. Men can get pregnant according to Google. Don Lemon and search don’t know anything about women and our prime.

Conversation with Don Licht on the Theoretical Issues of Classical and Quantum Communication at the CERN Super Telecommutative Center

“I sat down with Don and had a frank and meaningful conversation,” Licht wrote in a memo. “He has agreed to participate in formal training, as well as continuing to listen and learn. We are very serious about this situation.

CNN balances accountability with fostering a culture that people can learn from, and grow from, their mistakes, is what I think is important to me. “To that end, Don will return to CNN This Morning on Wednesday.”

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