Where to buy the Pikachu edition and the other one: switch

A Quick Look at the Best Nintendo Switch OLED Deals of the Year: Overview of the New Nintendo Switch Off-Lattice E-Symmetry

We anticipate the SwitchOLED. Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Edition to be a hot item this holiday season, so if you’re planning on getting one for yourself or the young trainer in your life, we’d recommend acting fast.

This particular Switch unit is a bit loud for my personal tastes, but it seems like a great fit for hardcore Pokémon fans — especially since it gets you the best version of the Nintendo Switch currently available. In our review last year, we praised the Nintendo Switch OLED for its larger, more vibrant display that really makes a difference during gameplay, as well as its numerous quality of life improvements that include a better kickstand, more onboard storage and a built-in Ethernet port in the dock. If you’re getting your first Switch or upgrading from a Lite or launch model, you’ll find a lot to like here.

The Joy-Con controllers are in red and purple, and feature subtle engravings inspired by the Naraja and Uva academies.

Hey, y’all. President’s Day weekend has arrived, and with it comes a slew of phenomenal deals on everything from smart displays and robovacs to some of our favorite pairs of wireless earbuds. We’ve rounded up a smattering of the steepest discounts in our guide to the best President’s Day sales, however, today’s deal roundup will fixate on a few highlights we didn’t include — well, at least not yet.

First up is a time-sensitive discount on the Nintendo Switch OLED, which will be available through Tuesday, February 21st. Nintendo discounts are pretty rare, however, right now you can get the OLED Model in white for $303.20 ($46.79 off) on eBay when you use promo code PRESDAY20. The above-MSRP price of $379.92 for the Nationwide Distributors listing is still an above average price, but 20 percent off code brings it down to the lowest price we have seen on a premium model. Also, while this is technically flagged as the “Japanese international version” of the console, it should work fine in the US (with the same power adapter). It may just ship with some materials printed in Japanese as opposed to English.

The highest tier of the hybrid console is the Switch, with better speakers, improved kickstand and a 7-inch OLED panel that is richer in contrast and color than the standard model. It’s worth the upgrade if you play a lot of games in handheld mode, especially if you’re hyped for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — which, by the way, you can still get for as low as $49.99 if you don’t mind jumping through some hoops. We’d appreciate if you read our review.

The Magnetic Charging Station / Magnetic Charger for Macs, tablets, and all that: a review of Anker MagGo and AirPods Max

The orb-shaped Anker MagGo combines a desktop magnetic wireless charging stand for newer iPhone models with a three-outlet power strip. It also has two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, and a total of 65W of power output.

It’s great for charging laptops, tablets, and anything else that requires a port like AC, or a high-speed cable. The 8-in-1 device has a 7.5 watt max and can still be used for charging laptops, tablets, and anything else that requires a port. The Magnetic Charging Station is on sale at Amazon for $69.99, when you clip the on-page coupon for 30 percent off.

A lot of great headphones are now available, compared to a decade ago. That said, few of them look quite as refined or offer as much functionality for Apple users as the AirPods Max, which are are discounted to just $449.99 at Best Buy right now.

Although they still carry a relatively lofty price tag and come with a borderline-abysmal carrying case, there’s a lot to love about Apple’s premium pair of over-ear cans. They don’t use plastic anymore, and instead use aluminum and steel for their build, and they want you to remember the noise cancellation prowess that was once reserved for Bose and Sony. Combine that with great controls and number of Apple-friendly features — including support for Apple’s immersive Spatial Audio feature and the ability to automatically switch between devices — and you have a great pair of headphones that are tailormade for Apple ecosystem. Read our review.

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