Protests and calls for reform were spurred by the police beating death of Tyre NICHOLS

The Case of James Brennand, the Young Black Man at the McDonalds High School, has been Rejected by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

The Texas police officer who shot the man in the Mcdonalds parking lot last week has been named, as the teen is currently in critical condition.

San Antonio Officer James Brennand, described by the police department as a probationary officer with seven months of experience, was fired for violating the agency’s tactics, training and procedures, police said.

“While Sunday’s shooting of an unarmed teenager by a then-San Antonio Police officer remains under investigation, the facts and evidence we have received so far led us to reject the charges against Erik Cantu for further investigation,” Gonzales’ office said in a statement.

The SAPD said it is investigating the incident and will forward its findings to the Bexar County District Attorney, who said in a statement his office’s Civil Rights Division would be reviewing the police shooting and the charges against the teen.

The district attorney of Bexar County told Powers that the charges against the client would not be moving forward. A spokesperson for the DA’s office referred CNN to the county’s online court record system, which indicates both charges have been dismissed and the case closed.

It’s important for us to receive all the blessings we can. We request privacy as this is a sensitive time in our lives and we are trying to get him home.

“Let me be clear that I believe that the large majority of members of the San Antonio police department do an excellent job at protecting our community and doing the right thing,” Gonzales said during the conference.

The San Antonio Police Department said in a video statement the officer was handling an unrelated disturbance call at the McDonald’s Sunday night when he saw a car, he believed had evaded police the previous day and called for backup.

Body camera video shows an officer ordering a driver out of a car before the backup officers arrived. The startled teen, who was in the driver’s seat eating, put the car in reverse and backed up.

Brennand then opened fire five times on the car, according to the video. The video showed the officer opening fire as the car drove away, after the driver shifted the vehicle to move forward.

The District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District of Louisiana charged a police officer with negligent manslaughter after he crashed into a car carrying three teenagers while pursuing a suspect in a different vehicle.

The District Attorney’s statement says that a police officer was arrested on New Year’s Day in connection with a crash that killed two people. Maggie’s brother, Liam Dunn, was also in the vehicle and is in critical condition.

The man accused of stealing the car ran a red light and crashed into a vehicle carrying three teens.

All police dash camera and officer camera footage, communication with the officer, and interviews with witnesses will be analyzed by my office. “Sirens and police vehicles do not give an officer the authority to cut through a red light. They have to come to a complete stop if human life is in danger.

Investigation of the Memphis Police Bound that killed a Man, Brianna Nichols, III, in a Cheerleading Squad

A statement from Brusly High School says that both of them were in 10th grade. The girls were on the cheerleading squad, according to the post.

Cauthron’s bond has been set at $100,000, and he remains in jail, according to Clayton. No attorney information for Cauthron is available at this time.

The investigation into the Memphis police beating that led to the death of a man will continue, despite questions over whether there could be more charges.

Five officers have now been indicted for second-degree murder. Several other police and first-responders have been relieved of duty as the investigation progresses.

As the investigation continues, Nichols’ family attorney Ben Crump said he thinks there will be additional fallout, but “whether that’s going to lead to criminal charges, we have to see.”

Steve Mulroy can’t say whether there will be more charges brought, but he can tell you there isn’t anything we didn’t do last Thursday.

Mulroy said officials knew releasing the video without charges for the officers could be offensive. He says the best way to speed up the investigation was to consider charges first, so that the video can be released after that.

The videos show officers ignoring Nichols as he lay unconscious against the car after the beating. Videos show that the time it took for an ambulance to arrive is about 23 minutes.

An ambulance was called to the scene when the suspect complained of having a problem with his lungs, police said. He was in critical condition, police said, and died three days later.

Tyre Nichols, a Black Black Man, Revisited: The Memphis Police Department Will Shut Down the Scorpion Unit

“All of these officers failed their oath,” Crump told CNN on Sunday. “They failed their oath to protect and serve. Look at that video: Was anybody trying to protect and serve Tyre Nichols?”

The corner where he was beaten was the scene of protests in many cities, with signs bearing the name of a young black man who the country heard calling out for his mother.

Nichols’ family, now at the center of unfamiliar media attention, remembered him as a good son and father who enjoyed skateboarding, photography and sunsets. They recalled his smile and hugs and mourned the moments they’ll never have again.

The Memphis Police Department said Saturday that it will permanently disengage the unit, saying that the actions of a few taint the title of Scorpion and it’s imperative that they take proactive steps to heal.

“That reprehensible conduct we saw in that video, we think this was part of the culture of the SCORPION unit,” Crump said. “So we demanded that they disbanded immediately before we see anything like this happen again.”

I think the mayor is correct in shutting it down. These kinds of actions are not representative of the Memphis Police Department,” Colvett said.

Memphis City Councilwoman Michalyn Easter-Thomas also commended the move and said the case should give the city a chance to “dig deeper” into community and police relations.

Easter-Thomas said they saw a peaceful sense of protest in the city of Memphis, perhaps due to the fact they have faith and hope that the system will get it right this time.


Tyre Nichols, the Memphis Police Chief, and the Memphis Black Caucus: Why Do You Need to Stand Up and Don’t Forget to Do Something?

The officers are expected to be in court on February 17. They face charges of second-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping, among other counts.

The attorney for one of the officers indicted, Mills Jr., put out a statement Friday night saying that he didn’t cross lines “that others crossed” during the confrontation. The attorney, Blake Ballin, told CNN Mills was a “victim” of the system he worked within.”

Two Memphis Fire Department employees who were part of Nichols’ initial care were relieved of duty, pending the outcome of an internal investigation. Two sheriff’s office workers have been put on leave while an investigation is conducted.

Crump called on Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which passed the Democratic-controlled House in 2021 but not the evenly split Senate.

The Congressional Black Caucus is requesting a meeting with President Joe Biden this week to push for negotiations on police reform, caucus chair Steven Horsford wrote in a news release Sunday.

Gloria Sweet-Love, the Tennessee State Conference NAACP President applauded Memphis Police Chief Davis for “doing the right thing,” by not waiting six months to a year to fire the officers who beat up Tyre Nichols.

She had no applause for Congress, who she called to action saying, “by failing to craft and pass bills to stop police brutality, you’re writing another Black man’s obituary. The blood of Black America is on your hands. So stand up and do something.”


Jefferson County Sheriff’s Detention Charges: A Case Study of George Floyd, aka George Hollingsworth, during a May 10, 2019 Auto Accident

Two Democratic state lawmakers in Tennessee said Saturday that they would file police reform legislation in time for the Tuesday filing deadline. The bills would seek to address mental health care for law enforcement officers, hiring, training, discipline practices and other topics, said Rep. G.A. Hardaway, who represents a portion of Memphis and Shelby County.

Representative Joe Towns Jr. said this legislation should be passed by both sides of the legislature since it is not partisan.

If you saw the footage, you would not want to do anything about it. If a dog in this county was beaten like that, what the hell would happen?” Towns said something.

A confrontation occurred between the driver suspected of reckless driving and the officers. The suspect fled the scene on foot, and another “confrontation occurred” as officers tried to take him into custody, the statement said.

The situation is very problematic and going back to what we saw with the Chauvin case is a major concern for us. “Once again we have a huge gap between what was in the police report and the facts that later came out. This issue of believing police reports on their face as they are immediately released is something that we need to reconsider.”

According to court documents, troopers used force because of the severity of the chest trauma that caused Greene’s death, and because they were concerned about their own and the public’s safety.

But videos from police body camera and dash camera told a different story of what happened on the night of May 10, 2019, near the city of Monroe. The footage, obtained by the Associated Press in 2021, shows officers after the crash kicking, tasing and restraining Greene.

Hollingsworth died in a car crash in September 2020. In December 2022, five law enforcement officers involved in the arrest were indicted on state charges ranging from negligent homicide to malfeasance in office and obstruction of justice.

The world heard Floyd crying out in pain as Chauvin pinned him down and posted cell phone video of it on the internet.

One bystander who took video, Darnella Frazier, testified during Chauvin’s trial. George Floyd said he couldn’t breathe. Please. Get off of me. She testified that she couldn’t breathe. It was apparent that he knew that it was over for his mom.

Several other bystanders also captured video of the encounter, including another high school student, an off-duty firefighter and an employee at the Speedway across the street.

The Cause of Floyd’s Shooting and the Execution by Chicago Police Officers, Attorney General Joseph Ferguson, Prosecutors, and Witness Witnesses

The jury found Chauvin guilty of murder, manslaughter and third degree murder in the death of Floyd. His sentence will be on June 25.

After an officer was hit, a preliminary report suggests that officers violated department rules by opening fire.

Taylor was hit by gunfire six times, after her boyfriend shot at the officers. Walker later said he believed the officers to be intruders.

The officers, the investigator wrote, “took a total of thirty-two shots, when the provided circumstances made it unsafe to take a single shot. This is how the wrong person was killed.

One of the officers at the scene, Brett Hankison, is expected to stand trial in 2022 on charges of wanton endangerment for allegedly firing into an adjacent occupied apartment, according to the state attorney general. Hankison was fired in June 2020.

But cellphone video taken by a bystander captured Slager chasing Scott. The video shows him shooting at Scott from 17 feet away, and also shows he dropped his stun device on Scott’s body.

In the wake of Laquan McDonald’s 2014 fatal shooting by a police officer, 11 Chicago police officers were accused of making false statements to exaggerate the threat he posed. The report from Inspector General Joseph Ferguson states that a former lieutenant in the shooting investigation allegedly destroyed handwritten notes from witness interviews.

Police initially said McDonald was armed with a knife and refused to drop it when he was shot by Van Dieck in six seconds. In October of last year he shot McDonald 16 times.

Immediately following the court order, the dashboard police camera footage of the shooting was released. The footage showed McDonald walking away from the officers.

The convicted murderer was sentenced to 81 months in prison. A group of people were found not guilty of covering up details of the killing.

A Louisiana State Police Officer Charged with Litigation for the In-Custody Killing of a Black Man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the officer who shot and killed the Black man.

“Upon rounding a corner of the building, Officer Tyler observed Mr. Bagley and fired one shot from his service weapon, which struck Mr. Bagley in the chest,” Col. Lamar Davis, the superintendent of Louisiana State Police, said at a news conference earlier this month.

The lawsuit states that Mr. Bagley’s rights were violated and that the force used against him was excessive.

Tyler, who has been with the police department since May 2021, is currently on paid administrative leave, according to Shreveport Police Chief Wayne Smith. Smith said, to his knowledge, Tyler had been involved in one policy violation in which there was “violence to a suspect” but did not elaborate further.

In Louisiana, four state troopers and another law enforcement officer were indicted on charges last year stemming from the in-custody killing of 49-year-old Ronald Greene, a Black man violently beaten by officers during an arrest.

Following Bagley’s death, Davis asked the community to remain patient as the investigation continued. It’s a priority for our agency to be transparent in the investigation.

The family hopes to watch the video prior to Bagley’s funeral, according to Ronald Haley, the family’s attorney.

“Further information will be released in coordination with the District Attorney’s Office. State police do not have a time frame at this time, according to Nick Manale.

“Louisiana State police has the case under investigation,” Laura Fulco, the first assistant district attorney for Caddo Parish, said. It is being investigated.

Baton Rouge, La. A white Louisiana police officer was arrested Thursday for fatally shooting an unarmed Black man who was trying to flee police responding to a domestic disturbance call earlier this month, authorities said.

After reviewing evidence and footage from officers’ body-worn cameras, state troopers charged Shreveport Police Officer Alexander Tyler, 23, with negligent homicide in the death of Alonzo Bagley, 43.

Louisiana State Police on Thursday released body camera footage of the fatal encounter as well as audio from the 911 recording reporting the initial disturbance.

Shreveport police officers were called to the scene of a fight at 10:50 p.m. on February 3. In the 911 call, a person who identified herself as Bagley’s wife said her husband was “loaded on something” and threatening her and her daughter.

Tyler and another officer went to the apartment, which had a door with a bottle of brown liquid on it. Bagley said he had to put away his dog, walked to the back of the apartment and jumped to the ground outside. The officers then began chasing him.

After the shooting, Tyler made “multiple statements claiming the suspect came toward him and he could not see his hands,” according to court documents by state police. Investigators did not find any weapons in Bagley’s possession.

It was not immediately clear whether Tyler had hired an attorney who could comment on his behalf, but as of Thursday afternoon he was released on a bond of $25,000. In Louisiana, a negligent homicide charge carries a prison sentence of up to five years upon conviction.

Ronald Haley, who is from Louisiana, has represented Ronald and other high profile clients, including the family of Ronald Greene, a black driver who died in state police custody in north Louisiana.

During a Thursday afternoon press conference with some of Bagley’s relatives, Haley said the fact that Bagley fled from police should not equate to a “death sentence.”

Haley said flight doesn’t mean shoot to kill. Flight does not mean that you are the judge, jury and executioner. This is an occurrence that we see a lot in the state. It’s an incident that we see a lot around this country.

During the news conference, Xavier Sudds said he hopes his brother’s death “means something.” In Louisiana, there have been a number of fatal officer-involved shootings, among them the one in which one of the officers shot and killed one of the Black men outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge.

The Pain that I Feel: My Mom and I’m Going through a Phase of Reionization Processes, Part I. A Conversation with Microscopic Perturbation Theory

“I appreciate everybody’s condolences and prayers but none of that compares to the pain that I’m feeling, the pain that my mom is feeling. … “That’s going to be here for a long time,” he said.

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