Police say a civilian shot and wounded the suspected shooter at an El Paso mall

The Los Angeles-Cielo Vista Mall Shooting During the 2019 Spring Shooting: More Than One People Are Shocked and Running Toward the Outer Banks

A shooting at an El Paso,Texas, mall left one person dead and three others injured on Wednesday, sending patrons running or hiding in a community scarred by a shooting rampage three years ago.

Peter Pacillas said two people were in handcuffs after the gunfire at the Cielo Vista Mall. Police have not commented on possible motives.

Surveillance video from a bar inside the mall captured more than a dozen people sprinting away from the sound of gunshots and, later, paramedics wheeling in a stretcher.

The victim of the shooting was Angeles Zaragoza. Another 17-year-old and a 20-year-old who were injured have not been named publicly. The male was the third injured person.

Robert Gonzalez was at the mall Wednesday and during the 2019 shooting, he told CNN. He saw people “running to the exit” Wednesday, he said, and video he took inside the mall shows several storefronts had their security gates down. A second video shows the police at the entrance.

The sense of security Americans used to feel in public places is now shattered by gunfire.

The United States has seen dozens of people killed in mass shootings so far in 2023, most recently Monday at Michigan State University, where three students were killed and five more were wounded. Eleven people were killed in Monterey Park, Calif., in January, as they welcomed the new year at a dance hall popular with older Asian Americans.

Marie Hall was just about to start her shift at a salad shop in the food court when she heard gunshots. She ran to the back of the restaurant and hid in a walk-in fridge with another employee and two customers, she said.

She told the affiliate that nothing prepares you for that. The shooting in February of this year made me not feel safe going to work. … It is definitely going to be more difficult to be going in to work.”

After Walmart, Everyone Gets Better, Now There Will Be More: The El Paso Shooting at a Mexican Mexican-Mexican Border Station

The Texas Department of Public Safety, the US Border Patrol and El Paso police were part of a multi agency response that worked into the night clearing the scene and beginning a preliminary investigation.

Albert spoke with KFOX and stated that political leaders are not accepting the full scope of the situation when it comes to gun violence.

“We felt the same feelings come back to us as the day of the Walmart shooting. We are just wondering, what is next after everything comes back? How many people will get hurt? Hernandez said.

CieloVista Mall is still a crime scene, and will remain that way until authorities have finished investigating, according to Interim police chief Peter Pacillas.

The shooting happened in a busy shopping area and across a large parking lot from a Walmart where 23 people were killed in a racist attack targeting Hispanic people in 2019. El Paso — with a largely Latino population of about 700,000 people — sits on the U.S. border with Mexico, where residents of both countries cross frequently.

Today’s shooting at the CieloVista Mall brought back traumatic memories for many of us. Please know you are not alone,” Democratic U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar, whose district includes El Paso, said on Twitter.

The FBI, which is assisting El Paso police in the investigation, set up a website where the public can share photos or video from the shooting: https://tips.fbi.gov/digitalmedia/86c8c73469176e7.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said in a tweet Wednesday night that he had spoken to the mayor of El Paso and offered assistance from the Texas Department of Public and Safety and the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

The Shooting of a 16-Year-Old Student at the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas

The civilian who shot the suspect in the El Paso, Texas, mall shooting that killed one and injured three other people was licensed to own a gun.

El Paso police said in a statement that Emanuel Duran shot a 16-year-old who they believe carried out the Cielo Vista Mall shooting.

An off-duty police officer who was working security at a store took the suspect into custody after the shooting. The officer helped in providing aid to the 16-year-old suspect, who was in stable condition.

The suspect is a minor, police said. The handgun the suspect used was reported stolen, police Sgt. Robert Gomez told reporters Friday night.

Police describe the incident as a confrontation between two groups that got physical, and that the charges against the suspect are pending.

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