New multiroom audio controls are available in Amazon’sAlexa app

Sonos Deals: Deals with Speakers, Sound Bars, and the Good Deals. The

Some of the best speakers and sound bars are offered by Sonos. That’s because Sonos makes speakers that — more often than not — boast great sound quality, support for all the major streaming platforms, and simple multi-room functionality. The perks often come at a high price. Outside of the occasional rogue discount, the products are not usually on sale. It doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save money on Sonos gear.

Both Sonos and Best Buy test and clean all of their certified refurbished products before reselling them. Sonos also includes the original accessories and cables, along with a one-year warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee. Geek Squad certified refurbished products from Best Buy come with a 90-day warranty. Best Buy Elite and Totaltech members are eligible for an extended return window, which means that you have 15 days to return or exchange them.


The Sonos One and Move versus the Sonos Five: A Top-Note Portable Speaker for Moving Around Your Home Compared to the SONO Rostrum and Play:5

However, while the Move can certainly function as a portable speaker, it’s better suited for moving about your home. That is true when compared to the newer SONO Rostrum, which is a 10 inch speaker and heavier than the older one, making it more difficult to carry around. Additionally, the fact that its battery can only last 10 hours on a single charge — which is noticeably less than many other Bluetooth speakers on the market — means this doesn’t make for the best portable speaker.

The second generation of the Sonos One has a microphone for voice control. It emits balanced, full-bodied sound that’s impressive for its size while integrating well with existing Sonos products. The process for creating a voice assistant can be difficult and the speaker supports a range of music services. Touch controls and support for AirPlay2 can be found in the One thanks to a post-launch update.

The Sonos five is expensive at $549 and is not on sale. Alternatively, you can buy a set of two in brand new condition for $1,048 instead of $1,098 at a number of stores. There’s also a Turntable set which includes Sonos Five and a Pro-Ject T1, which are available for $948).

Finally, you can also save a little if you buy the Sonos Arc SL, which lacks a microphone but is $50 cheaper when you purchase it from Costco. Be aware, though, you’ll have to be a member to buy it.

The Play:5 was an excellent-sounding music speaker that was replaced by the Sonos Five in 2020. It should provide the same high-quality sound experience as the Play:5 because it shares the same custom-designed drivers inside. There are no noticeable differences. Compared to the Play:5, Sonos says its successor offers increased memory and processing power, as well as a new wireless radio. There are also all-black or all-white options. The Sonos Five doesn’t offer a built in microphone or support for the two assistants, which is something most other speakers in the lineup do.

Given it’s cheaper, though, the soundbar obviously lacks a lot of features and qualities the Beam and Arc offer. While its sound quality is good for its size, it lacks the immersive feel they have due to the lack of support for Dolby Atmos surround sound. In addition, it lacks HDMI connectivity, so you’ll have to connect it to your TV with an optical audio cable, and works with only infrared (IR) remotes.

The Move has a similar sound to the One, but with slightly more volume. You don’t need a specific location in your home for it to sound good, since it’s better at distributing sound throughout a room. We also found that it sounds terrific no matter whether you’re in the living room or outside at the park.

Amazon has also developed a new overview screen for the Alexa app that it calls the Active Media List. You can control multiple products from a single list, if you have audio playing on your system, and see what’s playing where. The interface will look very familiar to customers of the other company.

Sonos is locked in a patents battle with Google; a trial between the two kicks off May 8th in San Francisco. Even though Sonos has accused Amazon of violating its intellectual property, it hasn’t filed any lawsuits yet. The two companies seem to have good relations, having just expanded the use of Amazon’s voice assistant, alexa, on the set top boxes. There is a way to run both of your digital assistants on the same speaker. For multiroom audio, you are not able to include both Sonos and Echo speakers in the same group.

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