Apple, Beats, and other brands have Best Buy Black Friday deals

Cyber Week Savings: A Comparative Study of 20 Best Buy Cyber-Week Sale Deals and an Extra $5 off-Memory Subscription to WIRED

If you thought Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the only times to save on all your favorite gadgets and gifts, think again! Best Buy is currently hosting a sale that ends December 11, giving you time to grab anything you missed out on during Cyber Week. We’ve rounded up discounts on TVs, soundbars, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and headphones, some of which are seeing the same if not better price drops. These deals aren’t all exclusive to Best Buy either.

We sifted through the hundreds of markdowns in this sale and found 20 of the best, including deals on our best tested products and wish list essentials. Continue scrolling to find our picks and check out the rest of the savings for the next few weeks.

A one-year subscription to WIRED for $5 is the special offer for gear readers. If you want, you can get unlimited access to our print magazine. Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day.

The Elevate: A New Look at the Vizio M-Series in the Decay of a Super-Affordable TV

A television is often the centerpiece of your living room, so it’d make sense for it to look nice. We have seen TVs that are on sale. The Sony A90J has a beautiful OLED panel, fast processing, and a user-friendly Android TV interface. Unless you have a big TV stand, wall-mount it because it has weird legs at the end.

Do you need a TV that is super-affordable? Whether your budget is low or you want a screen in the bedroom, this one will do the trick, and it’s an even better value right now. This 2021 model has full-array local dimming for deep contrast, 4K resolution, and built-in Roku support, so you can start streaming immediately.

The Vizio M-Series Elevate 5.1.2 is the snazzier version of our favorite soundbar for under $500. The Elevate is Vizio’s version of the sleek Sonos design, with more rounded edges and a darker charcoal color. You’ll get all the benefits of Dolby Atmos surround sound at a lower price.


The Dell XPS 13 Plus (7/10, WIRED Recommended Recommendations): A High Performance, Future-Agnostic Processor

This is the same price we saw during Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Most people think that the best Apple laptop is the MacBook Air. The display is larger and better than its previous model, the design is sleek, and the charging cord is a crowd favorite. You’ll also get solid battery life, which definitely comes in handy.

I grew up in the age of computer rooms, so I tend to get nostalgic for that classic window pane design. The Dell XPS 13 Plus (7/10, WIRED Recommends) isn’t the Windows of yesteryear, though. This upgrade to our frequent favorite has a futuristic invisible trackpad, a gapless keyboard, and a high-performing processor.


The Lowest Price Ever for a Smartphone: The Samsung Tab 7 SE, the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus, and the Leptophilic Tab S8 Ultra

Apple recently updated its most basic iPad (7/10, WIRED Review) with slim bezels, Apple’s A14 chip, and a USB-C port. The Touch ID sensor is integrated into the power button, similar to the one on the iPad Air. The rear camera’s resolution has been increased to more than 10 megapixels. The center of theiPad has been moved to accommodate the 12-MP selfie camera, meaning you won’t have to stare to the side during video calls. The bad news is that Apple raised the price by $120 for previous models. This deal is better than what we saw on Cyber Monday, and it makes the slate more approachable.

The size of theSamsung Tab 7 SE is small, but it is one of the largest tablets on the market. The speakers are great and the screen is good, so it makes sense to stream your favorite show on it. Just know there’s no headphone jack, and the performance can be stuttery now and then.

This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the Tab S8 Ultra, and it’s also the lightest one we’ve seen. We have only tested the smaller Tab S8, but the Ultra model is much bigger with its 14.6-inch screen, and the AMOLED display looks nicer. It is powerful and comes with a S Pen stylus, so it can be used for video calls, and the camera is in the middle of the landscape mode so that you are centered during video calls.

The newer Fire HD 8 is a great budget tablet with nearly the same functionality as the Fire HD 10, just more portable. The 8-inch screen is great for traveling, but you will compromise on the picture quality a little bit.

TheLenovo Tab P11 Plus is one of the favorites of ours. It’s pretty fast for the money, and coupled with a decent 11-inch LCD screen, it’s great for playing games, putting on a movie, or even upping your productivity at work. If the latter is your goal, this tablet has a Productivity Mode when a Bluetooth keyboard connects for a more desktop-like interface. Just know that it won’t receive Android 12L.


The SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH5 PRO – a really, really cute Garmin smartwatch for under 12 inches in kid’s hands

This Garmin is really, really cute. The Vivomove Sport has all the functionality of other great Garmin smartwatches, including accurate fitness tracking, a handy Garmin Connect app, and up to five days’ worth of battery. It doesn’t have the GPS tracking that other Garmins have, but that’s nothing your smartphone can’t solve.

I have tiny little hands, so some smartwatches look bulky and oversized on me. The Lily Sport is perfect for wrists of under 12 inches and is our favorite small watch from the company. The big screen of the Lilly Sport displays your fitness data as well as looks cute all the time.

If you want to pair a smartwatch with your Android phone, look no further. The ability to see and respond to notifications, as well as a two-day battery life, is offered by the SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH5 PRO, and it is great if you have a SAMSUNG phone. The watch itself is attractive and comfortable too—a combination you don’t always get.


The Sony WH-1000 XM5 headphones and the Jabra Elite 7 headphones, which are all you need to run on a treadmill

What sounds even better than the Sony WH-1000XM5 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) headphones? Hearing they’re on sale. These headphones have a 30-hour battery life and are the best noise-canceling headphones around. They can even sense when you’re talking and pause what you’re playing for you. That’s useful, but it’s not hands-free. (Ba-dum-tssss.) This is the same price we saw during Black Friday.

Runners are going to love the Sony Link Buds, because they make safe listening to music easy. These buds have a unique design with a hole in the center so natural sounds can seep through, while still playing your preferred playlist. Just know there’s no wireless charging embedded into the case, so you’ll have to plug it in to juice ’em back up.

These headphones are just as good as they look. The Apple Airpods Max is a great accessory to have this season, with noise cancellation, booming bass and crisp sound. There is one of the cool features. They can track your head movement while watching on streaming apps like HBOMax, giving you a surround sound experience.

The Jabra Elite 7 are our favorite headphones to use for exercising, whether you’re on the treadmill or lifting weights. You get an IP57 rating for water and dust resistance, smooth silicone on the buds themselves, and superb sound. You can even adjust the EQ levels in the Jabra app to customize your listening experience.

Best Presidents’ Day Deals – A Deal For The Gyroscope, The Fitbit, and the Mezzanine — Or: How Good Was Lesley Gore?

It’s George Washington’s birthday, and you can save if you want to, said singer Lesley Gore when she spoke of Presidents’ Day. (We may have paraphrased.) America loves a deals holiday, and the latest has arrived. The best Presidents Day price drops can be found on this page. You can save some cash on our favorite wireless chargers, reviewer-approved headphones, and the best fitness trackers. It is exactly what George would have wanted for his birthday.

Now is a great time to shop for mattresses too. Check out our Best Presidents’ Day Mattress Deals post for discounted recommendations. Don’t like what you see? Maybe check out our Best Wireless Chargers or Best Portable Storage Drives roundups.

The Best MagSafe accessories list and the Best portable charging devices list are both in the buying guide for the MagGo 633. It’s a clever little device. The wireless charging stand acts as a good home base for charging up compatible iPhones and AirPods. When you’re on the move, you can slide the wireless charger up and out of its stand—it doubles as a portable power bank. This deal is just $5 more expensive than the best price we’ve seen for it, that’s what we track prices on.


Best-Presidents-Day Deals Sale 2023: Moft and the Galaxy Buds 2 (9/10, WIRED Recommends)

This is a match for the cheapest price we’ve seen in a phone. The Pixel 6A (8/10, WIRED Recommends) goes on sale frequently, but it delivers incredible value even at full price. It’s tough to find a better cheap phone (or a better Android phone in general).

Moft makes some of our favorite phone, tablet, and desk accessories, and select items are 15 percent off on its website through March 6. Moft’s folding solutions are compact, attractive and innovative. This desk mat is one of our favorite laptop stands, and it can balance your laptop as well as your phone. It also has two embedded NFC hot spots and the nicest wrist rest that product writer Medea Giordano has ever tried.

They’re not the latest model, but the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are still a fabulous little pair of earbuds. This isn’t unusual for people who use the operating system of their phones. They’re available in a wide array of fun colors, and the sound quality is top-notch.


The Best Smart Bulbs Deals 2019: TP-Link, Echo Show 8, and Stream Deck at a Good Price for a Robust Robot Vacuum

This goes on sale a lot, and we’ve seen it go down in price before, but we think it’s a good price for a robot vacuum. The Q5+ is reliable. It’ll even empty its own dustbin.

We haven’t yet tested many of TP-Link’s products since they arrived in the US last year, but the company makes some of our favorites. Several of its products are up to 38 percent off. For more options, check out the other picks in our Best Smart Bulbs roundup.

The Echo Show 8 is a great smart display. It’s the middle child of the lineup, size-wise, and large enough that weather updates and recipes will remain legible, but it’s not so big that it takes up more room than it deserves. You can read about it in our guides.

The Stream Deck can do more than just control your streaming setup. From running scripts to controlling smart-home gadgets, we’ve got a guide on how to be more productive with the help of this device. The deal matches a low price we’ve seen before.


The Instinct: A high performance, low price solid state drive with security and lockable keychain loop for synchronized workouts and sleep

This is the latest version of a solid state drive that we recommend. It’s now down to the lowest price we’ve tracked since it was released. The rugged exterior means your digital media will be protected from wind, rain, dust, snow, and whatever else the environment might throw at you. Security features are built in, as are the internals.

The device is highlighted in our best flash drives list because of its small footprint. You can keep the drive plugged in all the time, even if there is a problem. Don’t let the size fool you—this drive still has zippy performance. We also like the built-in keychain loop.

It dipped down to $70 during Black Friday, so there’s a chance this tracker will be cheaper in the future. If you’re in the market now, though, this is the best budget fitness tracker on the market. It’s easy to understand, and the design is attractive. This is a good option if you don’t need a lot of bells or whistles, but you have to track your exercise and sleep.

This is the original version of one of Garmin’s most popular watch lines. There have been several updates since then, but still the Instinct is a product reviewed by Adrienne So and is in our Best Fitness Trackers guide.


The Microdini Hoodie in Wish List of Patagonia at 60 percent off Sale Price ($699 le 3$) with Recycled Superconductors

February is still quite cold in a lot of places, making it a great time to buy past-season outdoor gear. A lot of deals are currently at 60 percent off or more. We featured the Microdini Hoodie in this year’s Wish List for its marriage of two of Patagonia’s most beloved fabrics, the durable Houdini nylon and recycled Micro D fleece. The kid’s version is on sale, even though the women’s version is not.

This is a good purchase for anyone that frequents the outdoors. The deal is valid on both the orange and blue colors. This simple fanny pack collapses down into a tiny package when not in use. You can receive free shipping when you register for the rewards program.

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