The Ram electric truck concept had seats in the bed

The Ram 1500 Revolution Concept Truck Unveiled at the CEP Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, September 13 – 24: A Concept Vehicle with a Fold-away Cabin

No specifications were provided for the new electric truck, such as power, driving range or other capabilities. There was a commercial that played on the idea of electric trucks not being good at towing. Stellantis chief executive Stellantis executives have said in the past that the Ram electric truck would be available in a version with an on-board “range extender,” a gas-powered engine that would generate electricity for longer drives so the truck wouldn’t have to stop to recharge.

The company is using time to come up with features and capabilities that other companies don’t have. There may be an additional row of seats with fold-aways.

The Ram 1500 Revolution concept truck, unveiled Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, provides an early look at several features Ram’s future electric truck could have, including a rear passenger cabin wall that folds away, leaving the truck cab fully open into the cargo bed. The folding back cab wall is not a new idea, as it was done over a decade ago with the Chevrolet Avalanche gas powered truck.

The Revolution concept has a third row of jump seats that fold out from the back wall when the second row moves to make room. The Revolution can have three rows of seats because the cab is longer than a gas engine. The seats can also be removed, said Ralph Gilles, Stellantis’s head of design, allowing them to be used outside the truck or in the cargo bed for tailgating.

Space under the hood is available for storage and there’s a pass-through hole that can be opened through the cab and into the “frunk,” or front trunk. If 18 feet can be loaded into the truck, a pole or board can be put into it.

The production version of the truck will have different capabilities in terms of range, towing capability, capacity, and charging speed. The concept truck could charge 100 miles in 10 minutes, but that was not specified by Stellantis, while not making any specific claims. That is standard for vehicles that can work with fast chargers, but charging times can be different depending on a number of factors.

Since it’s a concept vehicle, it’s likely that not all the features displayed on this truck will be included in the production version. The concept truck has doors that open outward from the center with no pillar in the middle. While that’s a common design feature on concept vehicles – it makes the interior easier to see – it’s almost never used in production vehicles that need the structural strength provided by that pillar.

The Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150 Lightning are already electric trucks and others will come to market in the next year or two. The Cybertruck is expected to be in production by the end of 2023 after years of delays.

Once just a model of pickup truck produced under the Dodge brand, Ram was spun off as a separate brand in 2009. The truck line can trace its roots back to Graham Brothers Trucks, a company that began making trucks with Dodge engines and transmissions in 1921 and was later purchased by Dodge.

The Ram 1500 Rev is similar to the Ford F-150 Lightning in terms of design, except for distinctive front and rear lights. The Lightning has a patterned area on the front that resembles a grille, though, while the Ram Rev has a clear covering over RAM lettering that lights up.

The GM truck’s very different underlying engineering allows for distinctive body designs. GM’s trucks, for instance, don’t have a break between the passenger cabin and the cargo bed because there’s less need to allow for a frame to twist and flex. Their trucks have a more modern design. In profile, the back of the passenger cabins on GM’s trucks slope down to the side of the bed rather than the two parts meeting at a sharp right angle.

Some automakers make their electric cars with a different design than others. Some feel customers want the new vehicles to feel familiar and that they don’t want them to look weird. GM and others have designed their electric vehicles to have different looks than their gas models.

Ford’s, GM’s, and Ram’s electric trucks will have a “frunk,” or front trunk, for storage. The Rivian R1T pickup has a hole in the back of it that is better suited to holding things rather than being open from the front.

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