There are Romney’s moments of truth

The Timing of Romney’s Remark to Santos: A Republican Reply to a Republican Congressional Black Hole Candidate

A person who witnessed the tense exchange between Romney andSantos said, “You don’t belong here.”

Sinema is seen walking in front of Romney as the Utah Republican walks by. Romney is talking whileSantos speaks to Sinema. While Sinema turned to her boss, her spokeswoman said her boss and the congressman didn’t speak.

“He should be sitting in the back row and staying quiet instead of parading in front of the president and people coming into the room,” he said, noting that Santos may have responded to his remark but he “didn’t hear.”

Multiple investigations are underway regarding his finances and he has been lying about his resume and biography. In November, he flipped a Democratic seat in a redrawn district, helping Republicans seize a narrow majority in the House.

Even though Kevin McCarthy awarded him two spots on two committees, he has not called for Santos to resign because he has stepped down from two of them.

Dem Demystifying Romney: Lying, Don’t Wanna Be! Reminiscing about the U.S. Senator Kamala Kaluza-Klein

He claims that he embellished his record. Look, embellishing is saying you got an A when you got an A-,” the senator said. Lying is saying you didn’t attend college, and he shouldn’t be in Congress.

“And they’re gonna go through the process and hopefully get him out. .. But he shouldn’t be there and if he had any shame at all, he wouldn’t be there.”

A United States senator may have caught a lie by Rep. George Rivera of New York, who has been caught lying extensively about his life story.

The House Republican claimed that he received some encouragement from the Arizona independent Sen. Sinema after his tense encounter with the GOP Sen. Romney.

The senator from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema, said something to the effect of “hang in there buddy” as she was walking by.

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Over a decade has gone by since Romney lost the presidential election on a campaign in which he boasted about having “Boris full of women” for government appointments and that 47% of Americans pay no income tax.

But his remark about Russia being America’s “number one geopolitical foe” — which was widely ridiculed at the time — now seems prescient in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s murderous invasion of Ukraine.

When President Joe Biden and the House Republicans met to discuss the issue of re-election and the fate of the southern border, or how the American spy balloon crossed the border

In the past few years, the senator from Utah has earned a reputation for being a rare, candid voice in Washington, willing to buck his party. He was the lone Republican who voted to remove President Donald Trump from office in his first impeachment trial and one of seven to do so in Trump’s second impeachment.

House Republicans, who were initially planning a resolution condemning the Biden administration for not bringing down the balloon sooner, switched the wording to condemn the government of China for sending the craft over US territory in the first place.

It passed, a small act of bipartisanship, two days after a group of House Republicans heckled President Joe Biden as he was giving a speech. There is no Romney in the ranks of the extreme Republicans who shouted their displeasure at Biden.

“Some members of the Republican caucus seemed keen to highlight the distinctions between the thoughtful, unity-emphasizing Biden and their own party’s shameful descent,” wrote Jill Filipovic. When the parents of the man who was killed by police in Memphis were introduced, she stayed seated, despite the fact that she booed and yelled throughout the speech. That perhaps says more than Biden ever could.”

McCarthyshushing was a “surprisingly admirable act of leadership from someone who has aligned himself with former President Donald Trump,” according to SE Cupp.

Will he continue to use the extremists, conspiratorial and Never Biden wing of his party as an excuse to not do what he wants, which is to move forward with his agenda, which may include working with Biden from time to time?

Geoff Duncan, a Republican who formerly served as Georgia’s lieutenant governor, wrote that “neither the southern border nor inflation received much attention from the president — despite both issues being of importance to voters. The Chinese spy balloon, which crossed the country on a coast-to-coast voyage, did not affect the talks between Biden and the Chinese President.

Biden “was feisty, full of energy, marshaled his argument effectively and even knocked back Republican catcalls with good humor”, said David Gergen. He was a boxer by the end of the evening, and couldn’t wait to get into the ring again.

He faces a sterner test now, which is: Did he move the needle? Among presidents of the recent past, a public appearance as powerful as this one could shake up politics. Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan each had the capacity to change minds when they held a microphone.”

The president’s “discussion of ‘the talk’ that Black parents give to their children about how to safely interact with police officers was the most moving part of his speech,” wrote former Rep. Mondaire Jones, a Democrat.

“Still, it was political malpractice for him not to explicitly call for Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. The family of the Black man who was beaten to death by Memphis police officers deserved to hear it.


When the President of the United States Learned to Run for the Future: A Spoken Word about the Greatness and Failure of the Republican Party

Raul Reyes noted that “Biden smartly aligned himself with populist issues, like making wealthy corporations pay their fair share of taxes and proposing that all federal infrastructure projects use American-made materials.”

Biden has a tough road ahead of him, as noted by Zelizer. While the president offered a robust vision of how federal investment has and could create jobs in key sectors such as the semi-conductor industry and infrastructure, the kinds of manufacturing jobs that were at the heart of federal investment between the 1930s and 1960s have vastly diminished and are not likely to return.”

The president turned the heckling to his advantage by getting Republicans to deny any intention of cutting Social Security or Medicare. In a Wall Street Journal article,Peggy Noonan stated that ” Mr. Biden fibbed, misled and exaggerated, but in rope-a-doping Republicans on Medicare and Social Security he showed real mastery.”

In “a scathing rebuke” to Biden’s speech that served as the GOP’s official reply, Huckabee said it was time for a new generation of Republican leadership.

He is 40 years old, the youngest governor in the country. She spoke of Biden as the oldest president in American history, and at 80-years-old, she said, he is simply ‘unfit to serve as commander in chief.’”

Patrick T. Brown spoke for a lot of Americans when he said that there should be another Biden- Trump election instead of a battle between politicians with energy and enthusiasm.


The tragedy of Gaziantep, Syria: a humanitarian humanitarian’s cry for the end of corruption and a free hand to ruin the economy

The Alomars were woken up in their sixth-floor apartment in Gaziantep by a loud noise. A devastating earthquake had struck and they hurried out of the building in their pajamas into snow-filled streets. Alomar spoke to CNN Opinion’s Sheena McKenzie about how the region is being devastated by the earthquake, and how they hid in their car.

Alomar is a pediatrician who works as a senior health adviser with the Syrian American Medical Society, providing medical assistance across the border. “In northwest Syria, we are already suffering from a shortage of supplies, and we are now using the regular inventories in our warehouses,” Alomar said.

“So we are in urgent need of additional support to compensate these supplies for regular operations — and also to be ready for aftershocks and more casualties who may come to our hospitals.”

Turkish author Orhan Pamuk wrote in the New York Times that the trucks loaded with supplies were stuck for hours on jammed roads hundreds of miles from the affected areas. The people who have lost their homes, their families, their loved ones, everything they ever had find that there is no one doing anything about the fires in their cities. And so they block the path of any official vehicle, policeman or government employee they can find and start to remonstrate. I have never seen our people so angry.”

In the week before the Russian invasion of Ukranian, former president Volodymyr Zelensky had his popularity ratings tanking as he battled allegations of unmet campaign promises to tackle endemic corruption.

“Then on February 24, Russia’s total invasion blasted these concerns into the background. The dark cloud over Zelensky vanished when he overcame critics and became a wartime president and symbol of defender of the free world.

But corruption is still pervasive in Ukraine, as recent allegations and a new crackdown have shown, and Bociurkiw argued that it’s vital to keep fighting it.

“This is an opportunity to create a nation where corruption is not tolerated, and where oligarchs no longer have a free hand to rape and pillage the economy.”


What Happens If a US Spy Balloon Gets Overboard: CNN’s Kirsten Goldynia and Mitt Romney Speaks Out About Ultraprocessed Foods

Sanner wrote that China’s protestations about the outrageousness of the US shoot down of a spy balloon over their territory seem a little rich.

Napoleon’s soldiers used balloons for surveillance in 1794, as did Union soldiers during the US Civil War. Peter Bergen’s father worked on a US Air Force program that sent balloons over the Soviet Union in the 1950s, Bergen wrote.

Satellites that can take video, use thermal imagery to detect people at night and spy on anything using a resolution of centimeters are some of the newer technology.

The overflight of the US territory by a balloon is not a national security catastrophe according to Bergen, as a group of hyperventilating Republican politicians from former President Donald Trump have implied.

Breakfast with hot dog with mustard and relish is available. Nancy Pelosi is the former House Speaker.

Lots of other lifestyle choices, plus genetics, may enable people to do just fine with such a diet. But CNN Opinion’s Kirsi Goldynia wrote, “As endearing as it is to imagine a politician scarfing down a frank with all the fixings or a bowl of chocolate ice cream, new research is exposing the health impacts of diets like Pelosi’s, high in ultraprocessed foods.”

Goldynia interviewed Marion Nestle, a nutrition expert and retired professor at New York University. People gain weight because of the Ultraprocessed Foods that encourage them to eat more calories. One way to lose weight is to eat less ultraprocessed foods. If you can’t resist that, you shouldn’t buy it.


Emerging Trends in the Digital Economy: What Has Happened in FTX and What Has It Learned About M&M’S?

There is a different feeling a year after celebrities endorsed cryptocurrencies in Super Bowl ads. “Crypto winter” set in, and one of the leading companies in the field, FTX, collapsed spectacularly.

Kara said that brands seem to not be sticking their neck out. Jack Harlow was asked about a love triangle in an ad by Doritos. The idea of being connected by six degrees of separation is the basis of Budweiser’s spot. Serena Williams takes up golf in an ad for Michelob Ultra…”

“One ad that may buck the trend of brands playing it safe this Super Bowl is M&M’S. After it was learned that the company had gotten caught up in the culture wars, it was said that it was putting its spoke scandals on hold. The company received a wave of criticism after it started wearing sneakers instead of heeled boots. … The brand would have to keep up the good work. The actress will be in a commercial. Hopefully the ad sends a message about the value of diversity and inclusiveness.”


Tom Brady, the Greatest Player, LeBron James, the GOAT Era, and the Legends of the NBA Hall of Fame

Tom Brady won’t be on the field, following a losing season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his recent re-retirement announcement. As Gene Seymour wrote, Brady has been so labeled as the greatest quarterback and the greatest football player that the GOAT acronym has become synonymous with his name.

On Tuesday, LeBron James broke the career scoring record in the NBA, surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. “The GOAT chants are building to a fervent pitch around James’s name against those who believe Michael Jordan closed off the GOAT discussion in professional basketball with his six titles with the Chicago Bulls.”

“I don’t begrudge those filling hours at a barber shop or a corner bar arguing about who is or isn’t a GOAT. I wish to leave myself out of it. I feel more connected to performers in arenas because of how they do their work, play their games and sing their songs. They’re likely not all-time greats and have been superseded by newer, younger talent. But they’re great enough for me.”

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